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Great case

CM Storm Trooper - Gaming Full Tower Computer Case with Handle and External 2.5" Drive Dock
CM Storm Trooper - Gaming Full Tower Computer Case with Handle and External 2.5" Drive Dock

Pros: -Spacious -Great cable routing -Rubberized feel is great, especially the handle. -HDD's are only 5C above ambient thanks to HDD bay fans! -Coupled with a H100 mounted to the top along with scythe fans, this thing can seriously cool my CPU well. Only heats up due to presumably poor thermal transfer (I don't think it's a limitation of pump speed/water temperature), it is more or less directly proportionate to the CPU usage, less CPU usage instantly cools off. Fans set to high makes no temp difference at idle compared to low speed, making me think it's a thermal transfer issue. CPU idles roughly 10 Celsius above ambient. -This DOES include perfect screws to mount the H100 with scythe fans, using two screws per fan opposite each other you can mount three just fine (See cons for why 3). -All screws are black. -All heat --> directly into your room. Hope it's winter/you have your AC cranked up ;) -Unobtrusive lighting. -HDD indicator works. -Fan controller beeps when you hit max/min

Cons: -CPU power cable can barely reach, it includes a 8-pin extension but NOT 4-pin extension. I don't believe you can use it inline with a 4-pin cable. More of a PSU issue I suppose. -Handle does not allow for 4 fan push/pull with the H100, I did however manage 3 fan push/pull, one pushing on the top back, 2 pulling inside the case. Using scythe's. -This thing feels like it doubled my rig's weight single-handedly. -This thing is enormous, won't fit in my desk's desktop area (Too wide). -Seems like you need to remove the toolbox to fit two 120mm fans on the bottom, else it'd rather severely restrict one of the fan's air flow. -Not the best air flow going to a GPU, the HDD bays are above the expansion slots for the most part, so rotating them 90 degrees wont get much flow to the GPU, and the bottom fans blow air straight up, but might sort of be sucked up by the GPU, not entirely sure. GPU temp didn't really improve with this case though. -Somewhat expensive I suppose.

Overall Review: -Newegg doesn't support enough comment character length for my comments to be in depth as I want. -More than enough screws to mount H100 with scythe fans, the motherboard, miscellaneous fans, and more. -Much more versatile than 95% of other cases out there. -Mobo form factor stand-off table imprinted on the case. -PCIe brackets uses thumb-screws. -The fan controller is 3-pin fan connectors, and only supports control of THREE fans, one of which is connected to a HDD bay fan by default, the other HDD fan is seemingly connected to a 3-pin fan socket which is powered via a peripheral adapter. -The fan controller isn't as hard to plug stuff into as other reviewers make you think, all I can see is it needs one peripheral plug, the rest are routed via cable to a easier-to-access location. -USB 3 connector is unlabeled, but is a different pinout and so big it can't be mistaken for anything else. -Has one unknown cable, 2-pin, unlabeled. Not form factor of the other mobo connections. ?!

Most Critical Review

Only one port can do multiplication

SIIG SC-SA0R11-S1 PCI-Express 2.0 x2 Low Profile Ready SATA III (6.0Gb/s) 4-Port Hybrid RAID Controller Card
SIIG SC-SA0R11-S1 PCI-Express 2.0 x2 Low Profile Ready SATA III (6.0Gb/s) 4-Port Hybrid RAID Controller Card

Pros: Seems like a decent card overall, but description is lacking some important information.

Cons: Says it support FIS-based port multiplication, which it does, but only on one esata port at any given time. This means in total, you cannot have two ports used for port multiplication. In total, you can have one port multiplied port (giving you up to 4 devices) and 3 single ports, yielding 7 devices in total. I only give it three eggs because it didn't put this in the description.

Overall Review: I haven't purchased this device, but I did my research when deciding if I should. The SIIG website clearly states you cannot use two esata ports at the same time with both using port multiplication.

Great printer for the price

Samsung SL-M2070FW Wireless Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer
Samsung SL-M2070FW Wireless Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer

Pros: - Cheapest reliable multi-function laser printer around - Multi-function, scanning with the automatic feed is convenient - The scan bed allows scanning documents too large to fit in the automatic feed - Coipying can use either the scan bed or the automatic feed, it's very fast to make copies with the automatic feed - Can apparently fax, should someone want it for that - Has WiFi, worked perfectly fine and never have an issue printing with it - Has ethernet, for where there's wifi deadzones or a hard line is desired - Print and scan quality is exceptional - Has eco print to save toner, but it seems to print it landscape and on one half of the piece of paper (Probably able to do duplex), not what I was expecting

Cons: - No native duplex printing; need to reinsert printed documents and print again for the other side - Toner cartridge is small compared to other laser printers, most are 1500+, this one seems to be 1000 (Then again that's sometimes normal for starter cartridges) - For some reason after installing the printer two printers showed up, Samsung M2070 FW and SEC30CDA72CECD4, but I can only print with SEC30CDA72CECD4 over wifi, not sure why the other is there I never plugged it in via USB or ethernet only wifi

Overall Review: Wish the fax were SIP-capable to fax over the internet, that'd be fancy

Great value, great performance

HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5" 4TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s High-Performance Hard Drive for Desktop NAS Systems Retail Packaging
HGST Deskstar NAS 3.5" 4TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s High-Performance Hard Drive for Desktop NAS Systems Retail Packaging

Pros: Quiet in my SAN Very low vibration in my 8 bay SAN enclosure Designed for a NAS (same environment as a SAN), p[erfect for my needs Relatively low heat compared to my previous consumer hard drives that were in my SAN Out of 8 drives none were DoA Out of 8 drives 0 had bad sectors after running a 4 pattern badblocks test on each drive Performance is more than adequate for personal media drives, even with RAID-Z2 (ZFS FTW; 20.2 TB's of usable space out of 32 TB's with RAID-Z2, but has 2 drive failure tolerance and can't complain about silent repairs from ZFS' robust checksum system, plus snapshots and compression are a plus and makes up for the overhead, not many linux filesystems support filesystem-level compression, you won't regret going with ZFS) Get 8 of these puppies and you'll have 28 TB's of usable storage, with redundancy about 24 TB's with RAID 6 Great reviews for HGST in general compared to other manufacturers, though they're owned by WD now so not sure if that'll effect anything

Cons: Cost I guess, but you get what you pay for! I bought all 8 of mine with a nice Newegg 10% discount, so that brought the price down to other cheaper 4 TB drives I had two Hitachi drives in the past that both developed bad sectors and started having major read errors after a few years (But they may have always had bad sectors, back then I didn't know any better and didn't test drives before using them), but those drives were manufactured almost 10 years ago, figured I'd be willing to roll the dice again

Overall Review: I've only owned these drives for 2 weeks so I can't comment on longevity, but no DoA's and no bad sectors on 8 drives is pretty impressive


SANS DIGITAL HA-DAT-4ESPCIE PCI-Express x8 SATA II (3.0Gb/s) Controller Card
SANS DIGITAL HA-DAT-4ESPCIE PCI-Express x8 SATA II (3.0Gb/s) Controller Card

Pros: - Can't tell you how much I love this card. - 4 ports that can port multiply into a total of 20 drives! - Very decent throughput, around 120 MBps per port, probably limited by my drives - Has a fan, the blades look very dinky so not sure how much it can possibly do ti cool it, but anything that has a fan must be more powerful, right? ...Right? - Picked up the JBOD disks from my RocketRaid 622 card with Gentoo, it took a couple reboots but after I entered the BIOS of the card, exited, then rebooted it found them and my system immediately mounted them after booted - PCIE x8, so it can handle full throughput on each of its ports

Cons: Found none!

Overall Review: I got a 8-bay Sans Digital eSATA enclosure, it came with a rocket raid 622 which had terrible reviews, so I bought a SiL 3132 card, but it apparently wasn't compatible with my PCIe 2.0 slot and I wasn't aware of it at the time. I thought I had a faulty card, so I bought a second one from a different manufacturer, same thing. Just wouldn't show up in my lspci -k. Unfortunately, my enclosure has 2 eSATA slots that are port multiplied into 4 drives each, so this greatly limited my selection in cards I could use with it, and I never found any that could do exactly two port multiplied eSATA ports at the same time for a reasonable price, I knew there was cards that can do more ports (like this one) but they're more expensive and I thought I'd take my chances. I put up with the terrible rr622 card for a while, but it kept dropping my drives and failing to write data for any extended period of time (I.e. more than 5 seconds). I eventually decided to just go with this card, and it is such a relief to have a working eSATA port multiplier card.

Quite a useful little device

Watts Up? Pro Electricty Meter with RealTime Logging Software
Watts Up? Pro Electricty Meter with RealTime Logging Software

Pros: Can track a bunch of useful data: Amperage, Amperage Maximum, Amperage Minimum, Cost, Cost/Month, Duty Cycle, Kilo Watt-Hours/Month, Line Frequency (Hz), Power Cycle, Power Factor, Voltage, Voltage Maximum, Voltage Minimum, Volt-Amps, Watt-Hours, Wattage, Wattage Maximum, Wattage Minimum Can record a roughly week of data if logging every minute, but this depends on how many types of data you want to save Has a LCD display and a button to cycle between data types to view the information in realtime Has a nice tool that can save data from the device, as well as change its settings or simply view the data from it Has a API that can be used via a virtual serial port, this can even provide

Cons: The included USB cable is rather short I once somehow tripped the power to the computer plugged into the Watts Up Pro by moving the unit, not sure if it has a loose connection somewhere or what Only 1500 watts supported, so I guess you can't measure all power tools =). Probably don't want to go past 1500 watts anyways, or you're approaching your breaker's limit.

Overall Review: I made a plugin to display realtime data from the Watts Up Pro to Rainmeter on your desktop, you can download it off the forum post at Rainmeter's site

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Took them 5 business days to realize my shipment was "lost in transit" and will be resent. Ok, whatever, stuff happens. Even though USPS tracking shows they never even received the item. 2 business days later they tell me the item is out of stock until the 20th, and I will be refunded due to the lack of stock. Not only did their logistics "lose" the item (I personally assume they told Newegg they had more stock than they did, and backorder) but now they cant even send a replacement. And if I did want the item I'd have to quite literally wait one month from when I initially ordered. Cool. They also speak rather broken English, pretty clearly a Chinese company.

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