BE VERY CAREFUL3/6/2013 3:47:28 PM

Pros: Beautiful Screen

Cons: This monitor has had 2 revisions to fix problems. it's a crapshoot if you get rev 1.25. some games dont fully support this resolution. dont buy it just to game because I dont feel like this resolution is 100% ready for prime time.

Overall Review: I purchased this monitor at a b@m 3 weeks ago and ended up taking it back. they sold me rev 00 which was manufactured in dec 2012. it seems like lg made a pre release run and is trying to offload the old rev. if the egg cant guarantee that these are rev 1.25 then I would not gamble with your 700 bucks.

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Manufacturer Response:
1. The older version is neither defective nor low quality. It was just a running change to update the firmware to newer versions (like is done with other electronics). 2. Currently, there hasn’t been any game resolution support issues reported for this model. Please contact us with any issues you find so we can test. Our previous internal testing did not find any resolution support issues for any games. Also, Software version is not related to resolution support and different versions do not effect ability to support full 2560 x 1080 resolution. 3. All of models sold to are firmware version 1.25. Please call us with any more questions. 800-243-0000.
Coming From A GTX 4808/11/2010 2:11:01 AM

Pros: Heat sink and fan assembly is what made me pick this card. The two 6pin powers are on the side of the card instead of the front. It gives me a cleaner look with cables when I look in the side window of my case. Price for performance, this new fermi is hands down the king. Up to 90%(yes thats 90%) scailibility in SLI mode. Thats something only ATI can dream of! If your undecided and are getting a single 480, take it from me that this is an upgrade even from a 480! I forgot to mention that 2 of these cards that have 4 fans are quieter than 1 480.

Cons: Wish I was patient and didnt dive head first into a GTX 480 when they first dropped. Can only run 2 in SLI. Of course Nvidia isnt stupid, why would they want you to spend $687 on a tri-SLI setup that would kill any card they bring out in the future? They have already put a dent in the sales of the 480 if you run these in SLI.

Overall Review: After reading all the reviews on this new 460 I was sold. I put my 480 up on CL, and purchased 2 of these for SLI. Take a look at the performance of these in SLI mode, they absolutly kill a single 480 and use the same power and are COOLER! Im driving one 1080p 24inch monitor so these cards are more than enough fast for any game out and games coming out in the future. Also one card is strong enough for games at ultra settings which was a concern of mine. OC these with ease and ran 3dmark. On my i7 clocked up to 4.0ghz, Im scoring a 31000! Im getting about 3000 more points from a single 480. But who cares about synthetics? Its about how it runs the games. Metro im getting 38 more fps with settings on highest. Honestly this card is great by itself but in SLI its just behind a 5970 which is a $700 card! So for $458 your getting a card thats 33%(SLI of course) faster than a 480 and just a hair behind a 5970. Nvidia just dropped the 480 when these are ran in SLI. Maybe it was on purpose...

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I agree with previous post5/26/2010 6:24:41 PM

Pros: Beautiful story. Sony pictures classic always puts out the best most vivid movies IMHO.

Cons: I thought I was the only one that thought this was the absolute worst transfer ive ever seen. I have the DVD version also and on popped both in on the ps3 to compare. Honestly the upconverted DVD looked far better than the BD version. Im very disgusted at this. I bought Crouching Tiger on BD thats still in the wrapper and I will be heartbroken if the took the same "I dont care" attitude they showed with this title.

Overall Review: Buy the DVD but you should already own the DVD version.

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Stay away from coolmax!3/2/2010 6:01:22 PM

Pros: Very cheap. Got it for 79 bucks on promo code. Modular. Supposed 1000 watts.

Cons: Very cheap. In electronics you get what you pay for. I was in the market for a high power modular psu and got the email with the promo code for this psu. I saw a kilowatt psu that was modular for 50 bucks off and I didnt even think about it I just hit the add to cart. But that was my fault for the impulse and heres why. I usually research all my cpu purchases very extensively but didnt on this one. Heres the problems; When I googled this product, there was not ONE review for it so I became worried. People have reviewed the other models and its filled with nothing but fan failures and all out psu failures. Even to the point that when the psu pops, its takes mobos and procs with them. One guy even had his blu ray burner fried from a bad modular cable. The other psu's in this family have not got over 3 eggs and most of the reviews are negetive. Look for yourself. Another thing is that it only weighs 4 pounds. Anybody that knows about psu's knows the hevier they are it means quality.

Overall Review: There was no way I was gonna hook this psu up to my 2,000 dollar rig after reading all the horror stories from other people about frying components and shutdowns. This psu hasnt even got to my house yet but I ordered a real psu. It was alot more money but it weighs 7 pounds with a single rail is modular and is 1000 watts. After researching more this is a Taiwanese company selling cheap stuff in America. These psu arent even lasting 6 months. Before you buy I urge you to do you homework before you buy this or any coolmax psu's. Its ugly trust me. I feel stupid for buying it. Its getting nowhere near my rig. I already have the refund rma in place so when this coolmax comes on the 3rd, Im printing the lable and Its going back on the truck with the ups dude. Do not overlook the psu. Your stability,overclocks,games and just daily usuage needs a GOOD psu not a psu thats posing as good but is garbage. My real psu comes on the 4th so just one more day doesnt hurt the piece of mind im getting.

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Oh My Goodness!!1/27/2010 3:56:01 PM

Pros: My goodness. This is the best upgrade you can ever do to your computer. Please dont let the 40gigs and the 35 write speeds turn you off to this drive. 40 gigs is plenty for my win7 ultimate,drivers,office 2007, zune and alot of other programs and I still have 18.1gigs left! Also has TRIM! Heres the numbers according to hd tune. I tested my SSD,WD Black 750gig and my Seagate 7200.12 1t. SSD Read-181.5MB/sec 0.1ms WD Black Read-108.6MB/sec Access time-11.8sec Seagate 1tb-120.9MB/sec Access time-15.4ms So you see that 180MB reads and pretty much no access time, this is a huge perfomance increase.

Cons: The only con you may see is the 40 write speeds. But honestly I dont see this as a con because if you think about it, your reading way more than your writing so please dont let the speed detour you.

Overall Review: This is a great boot drive for the speed and price! I really hope someone figures out how to run SSD's in raid and have TRIM. Its coming and when it does I will purchase another!

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What more would you want1/27/2010 3:29:37 PM

Pros: Worked out the box. Of course trashed the box cooler but who doesnt? This thing is smoking fast without overclocking. With the intel SSD and win7 and turbo mode, I personally dont feel the need to overclock.

Cons: Price maybe but its what I wanted so price wasnt an issue to me. Intel needs to stop selling these expensive processors with cheap fans! I didnt even wanna deal with the push pins so I bought a screw in cooler.

Overall Review: Great proc but I dont really know how fast it is due to the fact that I have and Intel SSD so dont know who excatly is responsible for the speed ya know?

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Fantastic1/27/2010 3:17:34 PM

Pros: Great layout. Plenty of onboard usb for my haf 932. Looks very sexy with the red E glowing! Fired up after the new build! What more could you want?

Cons: Not cons but gripes. The pci-e x1 slot is right in front of the glowing E. I have a Fatal1ty sound card and it covers the E a little bit. Also it will double boot! Theres a bios update that fixes this but it was kinda troubling the the flash utilities dont work. I figured out that you have to turn the UAC OFF and right click on the bios flash and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR! There is no instructions on this and if you dont do this in win 7, it wont flash at all.

Overall Review: Dispite the bios flash, this was a great buy and couldnt be happier as this being my mainboard for at least 2 years.

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Oh Boy!1/27/2010 3:10:35 PM

Pros: Worked when I installed it. Unfortunatly thats all we can ask for when you buy ram. Changed to xmp profile and hit the ground running at 1600mhz. The leds are fantastic and add that extra voodoo to your build. Leds are not too bright so its not distracting at night. I purposely got the rosewill 92mm cpu cooler with a clear fan so the leds reflect off of it and its amazing.

Cons: No cons but maybe price. Whats up with ram prices lately??

Overall Review: If you have a side window case this ram is a must have. I thought the leds would give my new build a dorky feel but not the case. Also the ram works as advertised with no extra funny hoops you gotta jump through to get it to run at rated speeds Installed on... EVGA P55 SLI F.T.W. I7 860 Along with alot of other stuff but theres no need to brag.

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Great Product6/26/2009 2:10:19 PM

Pros: Replaced the stock Intel fan cause my Q9400 was idiling between 40 to 51c. Once installed it now idles at 21c. Used prime95 and the cpu never went over 30c. I couldnt believe it cause its not a 60 dollar cooler but performs like one. Havent OCed yet but I know I have alot of head room with this fan to do so. Also I didnt wanna take out my whole setup just to upgrade my fan and this was perfect with the clippy things. Very quiet also.

Cons: The clippy things! This thing didnt wanna go on correctly for the life of me. Was scared to apply too much pressure but for some reason I had to dig in to this one to get it to seat properly. Fan is bigger than i thought so people with the air duct on the side, it gots to go. Just run another fan in its place with is probably better anyways.

Overall Review: For easier install, clean the default stuff off the bottom of the heatsink with nail pollish remover and a lint free cloth. Take off fan for easier access to the clips. Apply arctic silver 5 along the middle of the proc covering the cores(just a thin line of it!). Seat, put back on fan, connect it up and enjoy cooler temps. Everyone has their own way but this helped me.

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Very Fast6/5/2009 12:37:24 AM

Pros: Easy install. Very fast. Plugged right in and I hit the ground running. Purchased for my first cpu build. Im coming from a 16x DVD drive that would take 6 minutes to burn 4.5gigs of a movie. Now with this drive im burning things in less that half of that time.

Cons: Nothing at all.

Overall Review: Great buy. To the guy that below me, this is an OEM drive! That means you get no fancy cables or colorful instructions. So dont dock an egg if you dont understand what your buying. But hey their your eggs, you can do what you want with them.

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My goodness!!6/5/2009 12:30:12 AM

Pros: Its a beast. Im upgraded from a 8600GT. I purchased this card for my first cpu build and my first "real" graphics card. The 275 is a best bang for your buck as its been proven to perform just slightly behind the 280 and even the 285. IMO if you can get the 285 by all means go for it but if your looking for value and a card thats a monster go with the 275 and youll also save yourself 60 bucks in the process. Theres no need now but when the price comes down a little, I will purchase another to sli. This card can and will run anything at high settings. Installed fast and painless.

Cons: Its a huge card! Make sure you have at least 11 inches of clearance before you buy or youll be doin some case mods cause I know you wont send this back. I had to move my HD to the bottom rack cause the card wouldnt clear the sata ports on the HD. Requires alot of power(at least 575watt and 680 for sli) so make sure your good in that area.

Overall Review: I will buy another in 2 to 3 months to sli if needed but right now this card is doin big things! And if your not in a rush i will suggest that you wait for this and other cards to come down in price on the egg. I paid 232 for this card on the egg less than 2 weeks ago and its back up 35 bucks. Be patient cause I saved over 400 bucks with this new cpu build by being patient.

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Fantastic!!6/5/2009 12:11:59 AM

Pros: Purchased for my first cpu build. This power supply is one of the nicest ive seen or used. All the cables are sleeved with a nice black material. Cables are long enough for any application! Very happy with this purchase!!

Cons: It wasnt free...

Overall Review: I paid 69 bucks for this and at that price ud be stupid not to buy. I would actually pay more if I had to but im glad i didnt have to! Ull spend alot of time in fourms with little kids telling you that u need a 1000watt power supply. I got this thing powering a GTX 275 and I plan to add another to my sli board in a couple of months with plenty of power to spare. So buy a power supply that fits your needs not get one just to say "I have a 1000watt power supply".

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