Great card5/1/2021 10:35:36 AM

Pros: Runs cool, smooth as silk gameplay

Cons: Long and heavy

Overall Review: Got selected during the Newegg Shuffle and had a hard time refusing. So how does the Radeon stack up? Now as a 2080ti owner this thing is fast. Ive held the belief ray tracing is largely a gimmick to the point where a necessary amount for a game, if you didnt want everything looking like wet glass, can easily be implemented in software, and it can, it has been. DLSS is essentially upscaling and if a card is fast enough you dont really need to upscale. And this card is fast. Max out the settings fast. Will pump most games into over a hundred frames per second. It runs cool and quiet, while my one case fan does blow towards the end of the card, Ive never seen it go over 72 degrees even after long sessions maxing out demanding stuff. I can barely hear it run, no coil win to speak of. The card is long and heavy, while I didnt have any issues it may sag in some mobo/case configs but this thing would look nice vertical mounted too. I had no issues running off an 850W PSU. My config besides the XFX Merc speedster 6900xt is: EVGA FTW-K x299 mobo i9-9820x @ 4.9ghz 64gb ram WD SN730 256GB boot drive team 1TB SATA game drive Nu Audio sound card Cooler Master ML240L w/ EK Varder fans ESgaming ARGB case EVGA 850W PSU

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Decent cheap case9/15/2020 3:43:59 PM

Pros: EATX does fit pretty well, has RGB fans and controller, airflow seems good

Cons: CPU Power opening should be larger, HDD bay does not give much room for PSU cables, case overall isn’t super sturdy

Overall Review: It’s a decent enough cheap case, probably best suited to something Not needing a massive PSU. It could be sturdier. Your water cooling solution would likely be limited to 240mm top mount. The front will accommodate the radiator but only has circular cut outs for the fan. Magnetic dust filter for the top is a nice thought. Could use some tracks for cable routing. Overall it’s decent.

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Ok3/10/2019 2:48:32 PM

Pros: It is easy to build in, the fans held up for over a year

Cons: Forget cable management not enough room, design sucks in dust

Overall Review: It’s workable. It has little to no room for cable management, some of the wiring is hard to fit anywhere. I could not make the wiring clean even with a modular PSU. It was a budget right build for a backup project I had at the time. It has decent airflow and the fans are quiet and held up well. It’s OK, cheap and serviceable. That’s about it. It sucks in a lot of dust.

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