Just say NO!12/21/2020 6:46:58 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Hard to figure out how to redeem. Super pain to find, sign in, work through, poorly planned! Then when you get it there are only low end software from 3rd parties, some of which are only 30 day trials. And then if you want them... you have to follow a bread crumb trail of instructions to go to OTHER websites/stores to download. Several photo editing suites that want to be photoshop but aren't. I'll include an image of the software apps.

Overall Review: So Super ignore this one. Don't even. Not worth it. User unfriendly. This IS NOT an Intel bundle. This is a bunch of adds for 3rd party software they are trying to pass off as a good deal.

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Console Port9/13/2011 2:05:26 PM

Pros: sniper rifle works well, and you can add a silencer to it.

Cons: This is obviously a port from a console based engine. I don't like console games, I own a PC for a reason. The game is "on rails" - much less opportunity to be creative than the original Crysis. The game has no "quick save" feature - so if you die you are bumped back to the last checkpoint. The controls are dumbed-down console friendly versions of the original. You can't customize weapons as much as the original. (There are several versions of each weapon - with there own limits. So if you have a scope in your inventory, it will only work on certain guns).

Overall Review: There is a huge opportunity to make this game more PC friendly. Why did it have to work exactly like the console versions? And why did the plot have to be so linear? And why do so many maps have only one path?

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Poor layout4/27/2011 7:35:48 AM

Pros: Specs are all here. Two PCIe x8 slots, which is the best you can get on these P67 boards. Proven to work well with two GPUs. The BIOS screen works with a mouse - which is nice.

Cons: Layout is a poor. If you install two GPUs, the second one is going to cover up all four of the SATA 3GB/s ports. leaving only the two 6GB/s ports open. So... if you want to use the second PCIe x16 lane, you have to sacrifice. I don't know why they didn't put the 90 degree SATA ports on the edge of the board. Dumb.

Overall Review: Using this with an i5-2500K, and one HD-6950 card. 8GB of mem. Very fast! too bad about the SATA ports though. I might have to get a SATA controller card or something if I ever upgrade beyond what I have now.

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Good Basic Power Distribution12/14/2010 2:08:25 PM

Pros: Real circuit breaker - not just a switch Adjustable Brackets for various mounting configurations (flush front, flush back, recessed...) Very solid build Steel chassis, dependable components.

Cons: There is another version of this unit that includes a built in current meter. I think that is a great option, not available on New Egg (yet?).

Overall Review: No picture is available (yet?), the product is black with standard beige duplex outlets, indicator light is blue. 10 standard outlets on the back side, two on the front.

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Great Game - buy the standard version9/15/2008 2:51:01 PM

Pros: Keeps you interested. Making stuff is fun - addictive even. My kids like it. Good Family game.

Cons: At times you are given different paths to choose from, but in reality the only difference between them is what animation they use for your action - not really any deep strategic value. There are several methods to take over a village in tribal stage - but they all get down to "click on the village - watch the progress bar - done". Looks like there is more to the space setting - just started that.

Overall Review: Can't say it enough times - this is a great family game. I just wish it was more of a strategy simulator.

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Bad Alien - no donut2/5/2008 2:21:53 PM

Pros: Beautiful experience - sometimes you just have to stop and look around, and enjoy the atmosphere of the game.

Cons: The hints of the aliens during the first half are very good, but the alien levels themselves are very bad. The gameplay completely changes from military first person shooter, to horible mazework. The ending is straight out of any old nintendo figting game... a big monster with highlighted vulnerable areas appears. Also, support for ATI / Crossfire very poor.

Overall Review: It is like they had two teams developing the game. The first team did a great job with all the military encounters, very rich edge of your seat type stuff. The second team fumbled the alien encounters. And the developers forgot completely about crossfire. All in all I'm glad I have the game, what a view.

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