Amazing motherboard for third gen Ryzen!7/8/2020 9:46:28 AM

Pros: - Great support for 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs out of the box, no BIOS update needed. - Great fan support and surplus of internal connectors. - I/O Shield came pre-installed to the motherboard, so no hassle with installing and removing one when upgrading in the future. - Super easy-to-follow User Manual!

Cons: - Aura Sync did not work with the motherboard and the LED strip I connected at first, but once I had a fresh install of Windows, everything worked smoothly. For the time that I didn't have a fresh install of Windows, I used iCUE from Corsair and that worked flawlessly. - No 5-pin RGB header on the motherboard, but using a four pin wasn't so bad, just no good lighting for white. You could also buy an adapter if you have a 5-pin RGB strip that'll connect to a 4-pin.

Overall Review: This is the first AMD motherboard I have ever bought, and using it has been great. It is paired with my Ryzen 7 3700x, which was also my first AMD CPU. They work incredibly well together, and if paired with some pretty fast ram, you'll have no issues. Just make sure that your ram is listed on the QVL, which you can find with a quick Google search! I would 100% recommend this motherboard for somebody building a brand new system, or someone looking to upgrade their system (like I did).

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