Great deal - super product10/12/2016 5:14:13 AM

Pros: Lots of space, well made, fast transfers

Cons: None

Overall Review: I've owned a 32gb version of this one and so far it has lasted 3 years of constant use. I'm hoping this one will be of the same quality.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Amazing difference!3/22/2012 5:13:18 AM

Pros: Ease of installation, volume of air moved, very quiet in my opinion, quality built.

Cons: Made in China. Not a problem for most people since that is the reason why this is fairly cheap for the quality.

Overall Review: Although there were no instructions on how to mount this fan, anyone who has a some intelligence can figure it out. Newegg delivered this fan to me extremely quick which made me very happy.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great machine!!3/4/2010 9:26:42 AM

Pros: Very easy to set up, reading the manual is not necessary. Well constructed including the carafe which is stainless inside and out. Coffee is plenty hot although for some people who like to flood their coffee with cold milk might not get the hot coffee they'd be expecting. It's really only common sense though... the more cold liquid you put in your cup after you pour the less hotter it'll be. But I can say that I only add a little half and half after I pour and it is still plenty hot for me. I guess you could pre-heat your cup in hot water before you pour... or pre-heat the carafe with hot water before you brew... but again, for myself I don't find it necessary. The coffee taste which is most important to me is the best of 5 machines that I've owned including my last machine which was a Bunn. The Bunn was good... but after a year or so it didn't seem to put out the hot water needed to eliminate the bitter taste we were getting.

Cons: None so far, and if there were it would be so minimal that it isn't worth mentioning.

Overall Review: This machine puts out a very flavorful cup of coffee. The water seems hot enough to get that great rich taste without the bitterness and really that's most important to us. I wouldn't consider myself a coffee connoisseur, but I can tell the difference between bitter and flavorful, rich and aromatic... This pot meets all our expectations and we are very happy we chose this one. Also... the price, and quick delivery was a bonus!!

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Excellent product!!!5/22/2008 5:14:23 AM

Pros: Plenty of memory for my needs. Sturdy, rock solid construction. Great on my key chain.

Cons: None, this drive will last me a long time

Overall Review: This is a solid drive. I use it mainly to back up my files for work and it exceeds capacity for my needs. The price is great compared to other drives and Newegg, as usual ships earlier than my expectation. I've been a Newegg customer for many years and their dependability is far better than the rest of these online purchasing sites.

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Well worth the money9/9/2007 5:34:51 PM

Pros: Very fast and quiet. Can't tell it's running. Much faster than my 300gb WD.

Cons: None that I can say at this point

Overall Review: This unit is blazing fast. It loaded the OS much quicker than the 300gb WD that I had used before. Can't tell whether it will outlast on WD that I owned which only lasted 2 years. Fortunately I run 4 HD's at a time for backup. Keep in mind that the jumper to run 3 gb's needs to be removed. It's very simple, not sure why other people had a problem... and reading these reviews helped bring some light about this issue since there's no manual or instructions that come with this drive. So if you don't read the reviews, then you might not be able to figure it out. Anyway, Newegg delivered lightning fast as usual. They are my only supplier for computer parts. Very happy with them.

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Great Deal, Great Product2/22/2006 9:07:04 AM

Pros: Dependable and reliable memory. Excellent increase in speed A noticable upgrade for any system

Cons: Non that can be determined

Overall Review: I had a 1 gig stick of this memory and decided to add another. What a noticable difference. Installation was a snap, and Newegg delivered on time as usual. Very happy with this choice, thanx

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Great deal2/9/2006 9:38:16 AM

Pros: Excellent all around keyboard for typing and PC games

Cons: None that can be seen so far

Overall Review: I'm very happy with this keyboard. I use it for typing docs as well as playing PC games like BF2 and Far Cry.

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An odd occurrence1/31/2006 1:42:53 PM

Pros: None

Cons: The power adapter plug didn't fit when plugged in.

Overall Review: What more can I say? Didn't get a chance to try this one out since the adapter didn't fit. Went with a Linksys... which works very well. Quick delivery on Neweggs part as always. I will still order all my PC hardware from them.

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1/31/2006 1:38:16 PM

Pros: Never got it up running

Cons: Came DOA

Overall Review: Probably an aberation... this board came DOA. The fan never started when I fired the PC up after install, so I guess the chip fried. I'm sure it doesn't happen often... but Newegg was great and sent me a new board (an XFX 7800GT) and I received it the following day!!

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Very happy10/24/2005 9:50:33 AM

Comments: Chose this drive over many out there. This one works great in my system which I purchase from Newegg. AMD 4000 Asus A8n sli deluxe Plextor 716 AL/SW Corsair 1 gig XMS XFX 7800 GT All bought from Newegg and delivered one day early. Beware of eVGA 6800GT, came DOA, but Newegg sent me XFX in one day!!! I'm happy....

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Very Happy10/24/2005 9:46:00 AM

Comments: This ram worked great in my new system which I ordered from Newegg. Asus A8n sli deluxe AMD 4000 San diego XFX 7800GT Plextor 716 AL/SW Win XP pro Seagate Baracuda 300gb Everything seems to be happy so far and Newegg delivery is top notch, delivering one day early (of the three day promise)

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Very happy :)10/24/2005 9:35:19 AM

Comments: I built a completely new PC with this board and so far I'm very happy. Layout was fine, plenty of ports and features. The only problem I had was getting an eVGA 6800GT video card DOA. No fault of Newegg. What impressed me about Newegg was that I RMA'd the board on Thurs, ordered XFX7800GT the same day, and received the XFX on Fri!!!! Seems Newegg is committed to satisfying their customers. So thanks Newegg. My whole system is working perfectly. This board Plextor 715 Corsair 1 gig XMS XFX7800GT Windows XP pro Antec Tru power 430 watt Everything seems to be working happily.

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Very Happy10/24/2005 9:26:32 AM

Comments: I just assembled a complete new PC with this drive and am very pleased so far. I haven't tried DVD's yet, but I'm sure I'll have great success. Newegg is the tops for delivery. I ordered 5 items and it came 1 day early. Can't complain about that... thanks Newegg

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Superior quality10/23/2005 12:18:41 PM

Comments: First I want to say that there aren't many companys out there that can deliver as fast as Newegg. Their customer service is excellent as well. I ordered 5 items to build a new computer, Asus A8n sli deluxe, Plextor DVD, Corsair 1 gig XMS, AMD 4000 and eVga 6800GT(which came in DOA) on a Fri 11:00am and received all items the following Mon at 4:00pm. It took me a couple've days to figure out the eVga was DOA... I called the following Thur to get RMA, then ordered this card the same day. The card was delivered to my house the next day (Fri)!!! Can't ask for more than that. I will continue to be a devoted Newegg customer. Thanks Newegg.

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Dud10/21/2005 4:21:39 AM

Comments: Ordered this card as well as AMD4000, ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe, Plextor PX716, Seagate Baracuda 300G, Corsair 1 Gig XMS and a copy of Windows XP Pro. Newegg is fantastic with delivery. I ordered Fri 11:am and I received EVERYTHING the following Mon 4:00pm. So far I haven't been able to determine how all the hardware will work since the eVGA card was DOA. I got in touch with Newegg and received an RMA. Excellent customer service. Today I should be receiving my XFX 7800 and I will folllow up how this will go. Thanks Newegg for quick response and delivery. I don't endorse eVGA however, have seen other DOA's from other reviews.

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