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Works flawlessly6/17/2013 11:41:34 AM

Pros: Great connectivity, easy to configure with the disc. Small and plenty of mounting options. This with the POE injector I was up and running within 15minutes of taking it out the box.

Cons: None that I could think of or ran into.

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Works flawlessly6/17/2013 11:36:44 AM

Pros: Matching POE injector to a trend net access point I bought. I would have went with the GIG version but was uncertain if it would cause a conflict, but I can say this one worked flawlessly. Small quiet and easily wall mounted.

Cons: None that I could find.

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don't count on software4/9/2010 9:01:58 PM

Pros: The player does work and will play Bluray discs with a catch. The cover shiny, it does come with all the hardware to install. Was well packaged and came with apparently unsupported software.

Cons: I had to use other software to get the player to play BD discs. The software bundled would not install on my Vista PC despite all the compatibility badges and statements on the retail box. When I contacted LG they gave me the run around 1st telling me its a commercial product that doesn't come with software despite it having a LG disc with software that attempted to load. The second contact I had with LG stated that only trial software is supplied and that I would have to contact Cyberlink, again even though the description says it comes with software. I definitely would say you are out of luck if you don't already have Bluray player software. I have to say I would hate to encounter a hardware issue with this drive because i feel i would get the runaround for a solution on that too.

Overall Review: I can honestly say I am very disappointed with the Customer service with this LG product. My advice is pass on this product unless you are willing to get your own Software solution for playing discs. I would recommend you buy the OEM at BEST if you have to get your own software anyway. Thumbs down on LG support, I wouldn't count on it. Next time I think i will just buy the cheapest drive and get my own software, that is the better option when buying a LG retail drive.

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Best Budget Monitor Around!11/23/2009 9:32:43 AM

Pros: 1st thing to keep in mind is that this is a Budget monitor! If you are looking for a professional series monitor, common sense should tell you sub - $300 isn't going to get it!! This is a basic gaming monitor at best. It is very Bright (which is great because u can't turn up a dim screen but can turn down brightness). I played several FPS games (TF2, Crysis Warhead, L4d2 DEMO and WOW- ALL Had absolutely no Ghosting! Sharp text, lots of color adjustments and presets, has BASIC hidden speakers for those wanting to reclaim desktop Real estate. Lots of inputs so you can use it as a TV (intended for your desk not living room hence no Remote - DUH!). Shiny black housing provided you aren't the type to constantly grab and adjust creating fingerprint smudges. The monitor I received had no issues or Stuck/Dead Pixels. In fact the packaging was very secure. I love that even though this is a sub-$300 25.5" monitor they included all the cables necessary to hook it up to your PC!

Cons: I think ASUS could have went with a better stand design since it is a bit flimsy. Yes its sufficient to hold this Large monitor but if you don't have a solid secured desk the monitor will wiggle when bumped. While it is a budget monitor, it would have been nice if they offered a optional remote. I think the control adjustment interface is not very well layed out and even though I have seen it before on other monitors it is definitely the biggest weakness.

Overall Review: Mine didn't have any of this bleeding or light dark conditions some of the other reviews are talking about. So perhaps theirs were defective. Both ASUS and NEWEGG have guidelines for defective parts as well as a 3year WARRANTY. What more can you ask for! Vista Buisness SP1 (32bit) Q6600 GO 2.4 @3.44ghz (430X8) P35-DS3P v2.0 @1740 fsb 4gb OCZ PC8500 GTX285 SC 1gb 66c under load WD Black 1Tb Antec 900 / Tuniq 120

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Great value7/22/2009 9:17:35 AM

Pros: Looks great, compact, FANTASTIC price for a SATA DVD rom. Typically quiet.

Cons: Wish it would have came with a alternate faceplate like I have seen other OEMs come with.

Overall Review: You can't go wrong with a inexpensive drive like this from a reputable vendor like NEWEGG. No other trust worthy vendor had a better price.

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RockSolid performance14months and going3/26/2009 12:43:46 PM

Pros: Bought this model drive November 07. Fired right up formatted with no problem and has been a solid silent performer for 14months and growing. I have 4 other PCs with smaller WD 60g and WD 120g versions that are at least 8 years old and to this day run flawlessly. WD 4 Life. My experiences have been nothing but positive with WD. Currently bought a WD1001FALS 1tb drive that is loud by comparison but how can I resist for $119.00 after such a great experience with this last drive. This drive is worth every penny (especially since it was 149.00 when I bought mine). Those with bad experiences most likely received a drive that was damaged in transit or some other fluke because this drive is a Solid silent dependable performer. You WILL NOT BE SORRY.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Vista Business SP1 (32bit) Q6600 2.4 @ 3.44ghz (430X8) P35-DS3P v2.0 @1740fsb 4gb OCZ DDR2 1066 GTX285 SC 1gb WD 16mb 750g/WD Black 32mb 1TB CoolerMaster Pro 750 Antec900/Tuniq120

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Great Upgrade from GTX260 2163/26/2009 12:03:54 PM

Pros: In December I bought a GTX260 216 SC and it would play Crysis with most settings on very high but not all. I sold my GTX260 and bought this CARD and Bingo, I can play Crysis with ALL settings on VERY HIGH at a 1600X1200 resolution and still keep above 32fps. So glad I didn't have to go to the GTX295. Came with a COD-World at WAR!! Free $50 GAME plus a $20.00 rebate! I think the Black card looks better too.

Cons: Wish the Card would say it is a SC edition to stand out from the vanilla version. Didn't come with the SP-DIF Digital cable or backing plate like the GTX260 did.

Overall Review: Vista Buisness SP1 (32bit) Q6600 GO 2.4 @3.44ghz (430X8) P35-DS3P v2.0 @1740 fsb 4gb OCZ PC8500 GTX285 SC 1gb 66c under load WD Black 1Tb Antec 900 / Tuniq 120

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Nice looking game3/26/2009 11:32:59 AM

Pros: Very fun FPS. Nice explosions and detail . Was able to run with all quality settings maxed out on the GTX285 SC I got it with. Physics seem real noticeable too.

Cons: Don't think it's DX10, which isn't necessarily a CON but it did come with a DX10 capable card.

Overall Review: Nice game and absolutely cannot complain since it was free but wish Nvidia would include DX10 games with the TOP video cards. Admittedly, getting the game helped me decide to get the GTX280 SC. $50 game adds value to the purchase.

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Great appreciation3/26/2009 11:25:20 AM

Pros: Wow, I think I got this cap for filling out a online survey on newegg. Very nice looking hat, matches my Cannon printer and camera.

Cons: Didn't get 2 ..just kidding

Overall Review: Never saw this coming. Just filled out the survey to let others know what good service I always get from NEWEGG. Just when you think they can't do any better they kick it up a notch! Thanks NEWEGG.

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Bad Headset3/19/2009 5:34:08 AM

Pros: Its lightweight, nice looking, liked the Led concept (had it worked). I think the boom feature would have kept battery life up significantly.

Cons: After a week of trying to get it to work and even checking various other forums it was clear the one I received was defective. It wasn't damage in shipping and appears to have been defective from the factory. Would not go into pairing mode. The ear piece hook doesn't feel like it would hold on to your head very well.

Overall Review: I could have tried to get a replacement but I am of the mind that if the manufacturer couldn't take the time to supply a verified good unit with today's manufacturing practices I might end up with another bad one from the same batch. NEWEGG made the RMA process painless and effortless as usual, so if your willing to gamble I am confident Newegg will resolve your problem if you have one.

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Best recommended Media3/9/2009 6:00:21 AM

Pros: I have been using this very type media for over a year and can say without a doubt , have never had a unsuccessful burn. Currently have a samsung SH-S182D/BEBE burner that burns this media at 18X flawlessly. This is my 3rd 100 pack in 2 years, will continue to buy till they quit making it.

Cons: None to date that I have found.

Overall Review: I am confident this media will burn at 22X on the newer drives.

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Pros: This powersupply has plenty of connections and futureproofed my build. At the time of purchase I was running a EVGA 8800GTS SSC 640 and have since upgraded to a GTX260 216 superclocked and O/C my CPU and ram. Even with all that , this Powersupply is silent and runs flawlessly.

Cons: Wish it had a 2nd 8pin to work with the GTX280 but there are extra 6pins to use with adapters.

Overall Review: Word to the Wise I have been building PCs for 15years and one thing i have seen a lot of is individuals not watching specific requirements on hardware and buying "close enough" then posting negative reviews because their hardware didn't work. So please take negative comments on this PSU not working with certain motherboads with a grain of salt. Some people just don't read the details before purchasing and try to blame the hardware. Q6600 @ 2.8Ghz, 4gb OCZ PC8500 @ 800mhz, GA-P35-DS3P version2.0, 750gb WD, double SAmsung 18X DVD writers, Antec 900case

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Great Ram vs Price1/5/2009 6:47:01 AM

Pros: Very nice looking ram. Works great out the package and overclocks to 1666 @ 2.4v without any errors.

Cons: none that I can tell

Overall Review: Bought this ram to trouble shoot some other ram I had. Turned out I was just not supplying enough voltage. Gigabyte P35 chipset, Q6600 @ 2.8ghz, OCZ pc8500 @ 800 2.3v stock cooling.

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Great Value vs performance1/5/2009 6:41:33 AM

Pros: My personal experience with this card is that it performs very well out of the box without O/Cing. My previous card was a 8800GTS SSC 640mb card. I could never even play Crysis on VERY HIGH. This card out of the box did @ 30fps...... This card is not loud by any means, so if others claim that its because they rampedfan speed up over 50%.

Cons: VERY LONG CARD, bearly fit in my Antec 900 case. Also wish it would say its a superclocked card because you would never know unless you had the box.

Overall Review: I have a gigabyte P35 motherboard and a Q6600 @ 2.80ghz stock cooling, 4gb of OCZ SLI ready PC8500 running at 800 1/1

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Man I really like this card12/19/2007 8:54:59 AM

Pros: This card replaced my 7800 and man can I tell the difference. I haven't committed to Vista yet so I am only running XPSP2 DX9 but I love the awsome framerates. The card isn't as loud as I thought it was going to be. The free 50 dollar game really made this a great purchase as well.

Cons: The card is really large. While I could play Crysis at very High it did suffer some noticeable framerate loss during multiple explosion and gun fight scenes. A little online research shows the game may not be fully optimized yet (might not be cards fault). HEllgate London, Jericho, C&C3 all at highest settings play flawlessly. I play at 1600X1200 resolution (samsung 204b)

Overall Review: All the games I have with the exception of Crysis play at max settings while maintaining 30+ framerates @ 1600 X 1200. I don't think there is a better card for the money.

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Gigabyte Delivers as usual12/19/2007 8:44:56 AM

Pros: This board has just about every feature you could ever need as a gamer or music enthusiast. Aside from the great P35 chipset it overclocks great either using the software or directly in the bios. I took my Q6600 from 2.4 to 3.0GHZ just using a Zalman CPU cooler in a antec900 case with no Blue sceeens. I don't personally see the need to go higher yet but it is rock solid so far. Great looking board with all the extras you could need. I have only ever once had a gigabyte board fail and that was with a P875 chipset during a power outage. (May have just been the power flicking on and off)

Cons: The only thing I wish this board had was both the 1394a and 1394b instead of just the 1394a.

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ANTEC900 Great CASE12/19/2007 8:35:12 AM

Pros: The case is very roomy inside and is almost dead silent at lowest speed. I run it at medium and find my 8800 card louder than the case fans. The front connections are perfect if the case is placed at floor level. Since heat rises, the PWR supply & CPU location is in a great position, the 200mm fan sucks it all out the top. The light show is modest and more of an accent as it should be. Very nice design.

Cons: I think since this is marketed as a gamer case it should have came with a temp display and sensor. All of the fan speeds should have been incorporated under one control. I think the instructions on mounting the Floppy needed a bit more detail(but those will be gone soon enough). Lastly it really needs a filter of some type for the front fan intakes for this to have been a perfect case.

Overall Review: I honestly don't think there is a better case for the money. It comes with all the peripherals you could want at a perfect accessible location. I particularly like how there are no doors to open that can break later on. The case looks classy enough you could almost use it in a business office.

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Doesn't burn as advertised9/6/2006 5:45:48 PM

Pros: It looks nice and is a short drive. Burns CDs ok if thats what you want this drive for.

Cons: The problem with this drive is that not only does it advertise it will burn 8X discs at 16X but that it will burn 16X DVDR+ discs at 16X. Well guess what, it doesn't. Have the latest firmware (1.24) nERO 7, and XP ProSP2 and it will only burn the three 16X DVD media I had at 12X MAX (Memorex,Ritada and TDK).

Overall Review: I also find it sad that the very issue is posted on the ASUS Website and none of there representatives have responded for 2 months now.

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Just a bad drive?8/31/2006 12:56:16 PM

Pros: Updating the Firmware was a snap and this OEM bundle came with Nero which is very Good. Very Short length drive so fits nice in a case with limited room.

Cons: While the drive claims to be able to burn at 18X I was only able to burn at 8X. I used NeroTool to run Diagnostic on it and it said the the drive could only burn at 8X. I upgraded the firmware and tried burning a movie and it took 14minutes but reported burning at 16X!!! This using MEMOREX DVDR+ 16X discs. Maybe I just got a defective one (it happens), but I think I will just try another drive just the same.

Overall Review: I hate to rate a drive based off one experience but that was what happened to me. I really liked how easy it was to upgrade firmware and the NERO bundle was nice too but I can't handle it burning at 8X while its suppose to burn at 18X.

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