Works, Wireless, Cheap2/5/2015 10:16:19 AM

Pros: : - Price is right - Clear Output - Laser, so no dry inkjet cartridges - Small - Wireless Setting up the wireless with the included CD is fairly straight forward. You'll need to install the software with the printer attached via USB at each PC. Then in Printers and Faxes you'll have multiple printers installed, the Series 0000 is your wireless printer.

Cons: : - Bit noisy - Curls the paper, this is more annoying than it would seem

Overall Review: Got this because my color Laserjet refused to print black because one of the color cartridges was low, even though I had it set to print black only. This Pantum was half the cost of one color cartridge.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing Pantum printer and your valuable understanding. --Pantum After-sales team
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Like it more each day.6/2/2014 8:30:00 AM

Pros: : - Awesome OIS - EVF for most sunny shooting - Zoom Range 24-720mm equivalent - Fast Turn On (~1-sec) - Pocketable (polo chest pocket) - Two Control Rings (Lens & 4-way) - 35mm focal length displayed when control ring set to zoom - Leaf type lens cover - RAW, but I've yet to use - Variable ISO with max setting - Amazing battery life with GPS - GPS On LED - GPS Logging (15 or 60 sec interval) - GPS lock indicator - AVCHD video - Level indicator, surprisingly useful - 4-Level Info display (nothing to more than you want)

Cons: : - Slow Turn Off/Lens retract (~3-sec) - No User sharpness or saturation settings for JPEGs - Slow lens - Panasonic JPEG's are watercolor soft - No maps like previous ZS models - AVCHD past 30-min only at 1280x720 - On/Off button right where you grip to remove from pocket/case - Long lag on zoom set ring, tend to overshoot - Non-standard USB cable for charging (supplied)

Overall Review: Most of my cons were design compromises Panasonic had to make to create this amazing camera, for sure the slow lens. I have a FZ47 which allowed AVCHD at 1920x1080 until the battery was dead (more than 2 hrs), the ZS40 restricts all high end AVCHD to 30-mins. The FZ47 beside being huge had a lens cap, grew to hate both. The control ring function floats depending on mode unless you lock via the menu. This is my first Panasonic travel zoom, from past reviews was expecting horrible GPS battery life, the ZS40 beats any Garmin handheld I've used. Bought two spare batteries, haven't needed either. This complex camera keeps growing on me as I learn its vast feature set.

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Kitchen TV5/18/2014 2:55:05 PM

Pros: : - 16:9 Format - Price $75 on Shell Shocker - Nice OoB picture - No more HDCP notice from my Dish DVR - Low power: 13 watts - Ample volume - Nice small 12V wall wart - Many useful buttons on the top edge so remote not needed - Flashlight worked

Cons: : - Tinny sound - Wide glossy bezel - Ugly large SIGMAC logo - Imperfect formatting via the Zoom button

Overall Review: Got this to replace my 9" CCFL TV that used twice the power. I kept getting HDCP messages on some channels from my DVR if I had my prime TV on before using the old kitchen TV. It would refuse to display that channel. I have this hooked up from the single HDMI out of my DVR via a powered splitter then a 40' HDMI cable, works. Those two added $30 to the install. Tried a passive splitter first, didn't work. I used the top two 75mm VESA holes and a custom bracket to hang the TV to one of my logs. It weighs so little, my thin steel bracket is more than adequate. The Zoom button on the remote formats the picture to the screen, needed when going from 4:3 to 16:9 content and back, gives imperfect results. Not a great TV but given the price, I'm pleased.

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Oooh Sooo Soooft1/3/2013 5:58:24 AM

Pros: : - Soft Leather - Much warmer than non-insulated gloves - Price, perhaps half of comparable gloves - Quality construction, no defects

Cons: : - Bit Tight, slightly undersized

Overall Review: I got the size Large which would normally be a bit loose. These were very snug fitting. So if in doubt, go a size larger.

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2 Hour Video Record2/3/2012 2:18:09 PM

Pros: : - Records 2 Hours of uninterrupted AVCHD video - Price

Cons: : - None so far

Overall Review: Used on a Panasonic FZ47 and the AVCHD video is recorded to sequential 4GB files until either the memory or battery run out.

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Serrated Blades, Lightweight Feel4/21/2011 6:14:46 PM

Pros: : - Serrated Blades, all the blades, not just the steak knives, I hope this is good - Scissors and holder in block, I use a scissors more than anything else - Dishwasher safe, even a note in the box to that effect - Nice wood block, light color and well finished - Overall, well made and finished

Cons: : - Serrated Blades, wasn't expecting this, no mention in the feature list - Lightweight Feel, this is very subjective, but the knives lack heft unlike others I've handled - In your face Ginsu nameplate on wood block, lighten up Ginsu, I'll probably remove it

Overall Review: Before ordering this set I did some basic research regarding rust spots from going through the dishwasher, no comments other than the black Bakelite will dull. I hand wash as few things as possible, I'm much more geek than chef. So I'm hoping in a year I'll be convinced. I've used one steak knife and the scissors to date, both were up to their task.

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18 Watts4/21/2011 11:26:39 AM

Pros: : - Power, Low power LED compared to CCFL back light - LED should last longer, my CCFL back light failed twice in 4-years - Crisp display, very sharp and detailed, noticeably crisper than my 4YO LCD, both have near identical pixel size. - Lots of adjustments: Brightness, Contrast, Color, Volume - VESA mount, 100mm - Lighter than my 22" LCD by about a pound, I swivel the display 180 degrees several dozen times a day. Less load on the swivel bearing. - Loud speakers, 100% is too loud, 50% (default) too quiet. YMMV

Cons: : - No instruction on how to remove the stand, it does not use the VESA mount. You need to remove the plastic back of the stand, that was apparent, but how? I inserted a mini-crowbar (~6") and it snapped off, to access the three screws. - Not fond of the gloss black bezel - The tiny menu text is unreadable on the glossy bezel under most lighting conditions - Not sure why the display needs a blue power LED, it has a 23" "on light" - The "manual" printed on a single sheet of paper in two-dozen languages, was unreadable w/o a microscope. Fortunately, an LCD display is pretty basic to set up.

Overall Review: My main interest were a larger display (more pixels) and lower power, I live off-the-grid. Did some measurements with a Kill-A-Watt. Brightness 100%=22W; 50%=17W; 0%=13W. I'm currently at 60% for 18 watts. Surprisingly, 0% is useable, but dim. By comparison, my 22" CCFL used 31W dimmed down, 40+W when cranked up. When you live OTG, you become quite paranoid about power consumption. I rejected most of the brands of LED displays because they do not publish power numbers. Kudos Asus!!!

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Good Product, Good Price12/20/2010 6:44:52 PM

Pros: : Burn Fast Print with Bright Colors No Coasters DVD's are now cheaper than CD's (printable)

Cons: : Won't read in a CD-ROM drive ;) Had a customer order the DVD and he emailed me it wouldn't work in his PC. I asked if he had a DVD drive, he didn't know. I ended up selling him a used IDE DVD-RW drive too. :)

Overall Review: : I'm using a Samsung SATA burner and I print the surface with one of two HP inkjets, all from Newegg. I ship a low volume software product on these DVD's, the 4-color inkjet image gives me a professional appearance. I got 100 from Newegg 11-months ago, have burned and shipped over two-dozen and not a single coaster or customer complaint. As soon as I run out of CD's, I'm going to switch exclusively to these HP printable DVD's.

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SOHO Wonder8/22/2010 8:16:02 AM

Pros: : • Amazing value • Single sheet feeder • Brain dead easy setup • Large finger recesses, bottom center, for lifting the big fella • Sharp text • ToolboxFX Utility • Compact footprint • USB & Ethernet • Nice organic shape I run my SOHO business using two HP printers, both from NewEgg. I print color CD's with a PhotoSmart AIO and DVD inserts, invoices, adhesive labels, etc with a laser printer. The high consumables cost is more than made up by the low purchase price. I got this to replace my 16-YO HP LasetJet 4P (Parallel Interface) which was still performing like new. The 1518 was a re-certified unit from Newegg $125 delivered, amazing value!

Cons: : • Dreadful case color choices, gray & black • Small paper tray, ~100 sheets • No custom paper size The black and gray case colors make the 1518 look like death warmed over. My LJ 4P held 1/2 ream of paper, so surprised at such a small tray on the 1518, particularly for a network printer. The good news, the paper tray is a breeze to remove and add paper. I print my bank deposit slips on a 3.5 x 8.5" sheet of paper from an Excel spreadsheet. The 1518 does not have a custom paper size option and because it center feeds odd sizes, I could not just print on the left side of a letter sheet like I did on the LJ 4P. I ended up selecting a #10 envelope and marking the case for the position of the centering wings of the single sheet slot.

Overall Review: The 1518 is a little faster than the 4P for the first page, much faster for all subsequent pages. The ToolboxFX utility easily adjusts CMYK colors, but knowing which way to adjust is a work in progress for me. I ended up at M +1, Y -1 for the maps I print. The high cost per page for toner is a non-issue for me, but the priority Single Sheet Feeder was a must, I print ~100 UPS adhesive labels per year. The SSF of the 1518 is a bit easier to use than one on the LJ 4P, less fiddling to input a page.

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Excellent Shaver, Budget Price5/13/2010 6:08:28 AM

Pros: : Very close and comfortable shave Excellent sideburn trimmer Good battery life, consistently 12-14 days of shaves Charge completed flashing LED's Charges in 2-4 hours

Cons: : No battery status indication, none expected Tacky colors, please all black, reminds me of a fifties police car

Overall Review: I've been using this exact model for the last six months, I'm buying another so I can have one in my RV. This is as good an electric shaver as any I've owned in the last forty years, mostly Norelco. I've tried foils, their reciprocating action doesn't hold all the hair particles and they get in my eyes. Tried a Remington, their cutters are inferior to Norelco's. It's quite remarkable that Norelco can deliver 10+ days of close shaves on a single AA battery. You can tell when the battery is low by the sound of the motor. I discharge the battery fully before charging by flipping open the cutter and running it until it stops. I no longer clean the cutters under the tap. Doing so clogged the trap and that's a real pain to clean. If you want to see a photo of a 7310 disassembled, go to the website that reminds you of a large South American river. I would have posted a photo, but videos only on Newegg

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Work Well4/4/2010 7:48:22 AM

Pros: : No memory problems

Cons: :

Overall Review: : I have these in a Gigabyte H55 MB and a i3-530. The Gigabyte MB did not recognize the 1.35V rating nor did it have a manual setting of 1.35V. I set them to 1.3V and in BIOS the "measured" value was ~1.32V. No problems at the 1.3V setting. I've had single files well in excess of 1GB loaded in RAM w/o problems. Color me pleased.

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Feature Rich, Sophisticated Design2/28/2010 9:38:14 AM

Pros: : Full length, full height PCI slots Both the ODD and card reader/floppy hide behind cosmetic doors, this may be a con? Ample length for all the front panel wires, will reach any MB Huge collection of extra screws and misc hardware, including rubber feet Front is attached via 4 friction pins and is easily removed Two removable 3.5" HDD Trays The ODD/Floppy bay is easily removed from the case, I used Position 3 for the ODD and 2 for the card reader

Cons: : Terrible PSU efficiency, 9W just to run itself (short green to black) No SATA power connectors, only 4-pin Molex The 10" power on light bar is a bit much, however easy to disconnect The vertical bar power switch has no click to it, only the power bar light to confirm press The extra MB standoffs used a different screw than the attached standoffs, duh? Poor cooling options for a high power rig, 2-60mm fans included, room for 1-80mm fan, however the 80mm fan location has almost no external vent holes.

Overall Review: : I got the silver version of this case (wish Newegg offered the silver case) to go on the bottom shelf of a coffee table. Not many cases in this class accept full height PCI cards. Because I'm doing a low power Clarkdale build, the lack of cooling was not a problem for me. I gave blood once while checking out the 80mm fan housing, so not totally free of sharp edges. The Athenatech website has some excellent product photos to help understand all the features. While the product photo shows this case on end, I'm at a loss how you could use a tray load ODD in that position. Theirs a weird spring loaded "door" on the left side of the front, not clear its exact purpose? I mounted a 3.5 to 2 X 2.5-Inch Bay Converter into one of the HDD trays so I could use a notebook HDD. I'd paid $20 more for this case if it would of included a 200W, 80+ PSU. I hooked up a 380W 80+ Earth Watts PSU as an experiment. It drew 34W at idle whereas the included 200W OEM PSU needed 45W.

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Flaky eSATA1/31/2010 1:30:16 PM

Pros: : _ Both USB & eSATA _ Power Switch _ Worked on USB _ Didn't tip over, may be related to big and clunky

Cons: : _ eSATA was flaky, sometimes recognized, other times not, would also disappear after being recognized _ Power brick, another brick, why can't the power be built inside? _ Power switch on the back, inaccessible for my installation _ Big and clunky _ Numerous read errors when using USB with Win Explorer saying it couldn't read a file, a check of the file: nothing wrong. This happened ~10 times in an hour.

Overall Review: : I have this hooked up to my new Clarkdale build to transfer the old files to the new HDD. Running WinXP SP2. First time I tried the eSata, I opened Device Mgr > Rescan and it found the HDD. cool. Later I rebooted and was surprised the BIOS also saw the HDD, maybe bootable? I can't absolutely say that the flaky eSata is not from my Gigabyte MB eSata port, nothing to compare. Also read another review pointing out WD HDD being a problem. Yes my HDD was a WD 250GB. Not having eSata working is second best since eSata is 3-4 times faster than USB 2.0.

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Pivots Over Recliner 180º12/6/2009 6:52:54 AM

Pros: : Fits standard VESA mounts on monitors High Quality Fit & Finish Pivots 180º Effortlessly Low price considering overall package. When I first removed the assembled arm from the box, my first impression was wow this is heavy and very well made. The more I've used it that impression is only reinforced.

Cons: : Would have liked a better/cleaner cable management solution. The plastic clips are tacky and they pop out to easily. Needs Maintenance: After pivoting the arm 180º several dozen times a day for 2-years it got so it would barely move. I downloaded the PDF from the Ergotron website, then disassembled the pivot, bone dry. I cleaned the steel pin and aluminum socket, applied stem grease and viola, like new again.

Overall Review: : I have this mounted on the corner of a coffee table, it then swings the monitor in a 90º, 135º or 180º arc depending on where I have my recliner positioned. I swing it back to its 0º rest position each time I get out of the chair. The arms are all at maximum extension to center the monitor over the chair. I have a 22" Acer LCD on the arm which I selected to be under the maximum permitted weight. In order to clamp on the coffee table, I drilled two holes in the bottom L-bracket and flipped it over. This increased the clamp opening to ~3", necessary for the stiffener which goes around the perimeter of the table.

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Disappointed10/20/2009 9:07:43 AM

Pros: Price Close shave, surprisingly given my other comments. Nose hair trimmer, uses a single AA battery and works too.

Cons: High pitched whine Under-powered Marginal Sideburn Trimmer Low Run Time, last less than a week. Twin button head release: The head release latch is a pain, theirs no spring to pop open the head and pushing both buttons and hooking a fingernail under the head all at the same time is difficult at best. Small and Difficult On/Off button, you actually have to visually search for the on/off button. No charge indicator to indicate charge completed. Feels like sandpaper while shaving, another example of the inferior technology of Remington.

Overall Review: I've been a Norelco user most of the last forty years, I've watched as they progressed from solid functional razors to expensive gimmicky razors. Those expensive gimmicks caused me to try this Remington knockoff of a basic Norelco design. Two things struck me about the R450 from the get-go, 1) the sharp whine of the motor vs the purr I'm accustomed to, and 2) the motor was under-powered, it would noticeably slow when all three cutters were engaged on the side of my face. Then I came home from a backpack with a 3-day growth and the motor literally stopped while shaving under my chin, ouch! So if a close shave at a bargain price is all you need and you can live without an elegant product, go for the R450.

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Works in Atom 3305/12/2009 8:45:36 AM

Pros: Works in a Foxconn Atom 330 barebone.

Cons: -

Overall Review: If only the USPS could be a fast as Newegg. Took them 2-weekdays to deliver the last 100-miles to my PO Box.

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Size, Price, mini-ITX5/11/2009 7:20:30 AM

Pros: - mini-ITX case for future upgrade path - 5.25 front bay - PCI slot - Internal 150W PSU, less power is better for efficiency - Dual core Atom, seems snappy enough - 6 USB ports, 4 back, 2 front - Loading WinXP SP2 and the Foxconn drivers were a breeze. - Barely more $$ than Atom 330 MB alone - Instructions w/ color photos - 2 custom length SATA cables w/ locks

Cons: - No feet on bottom for when set flat - No IDE connector, prefer SATA but have lots of old IDE components for this budget build. - No Gb Ethernet - Parallel port in instructions deleted on this MB - Atom soldered to MB, so no upgrade w/o a new MB - The power switch and CD eject buttons are very close if you use braille to select, I accidentally shut down the PC once. - Power consumption is ~20W more than my laptop connected to the same network. The 3.5" HDD would account for half and the relatively inefficient PSU the rest.

Overall Review: This thing is small and light if you’re used to ATX cases. Because its mini-ITX, I have an upgrade path to 32nm Clarkdale if needed. I also considered an MSI Wind, but it uses a power brick and its proprietary MB was a dead end, no way to upgrade. I’m mystified why the product photos show the case on edge, how could one load a CD into a tray load drive? Would have helped if the Newegg photographer had removed the power cable from the 5.25 bay before shooting, some things are obscured. I reversed the case fan to blow in across the CPU as suggested in the Foxconn case [N82E16811153099] reviews. The fans, while quiet, are clearly audible. The optical drive is directly above the DIMM and MB power connector, some mashing of the leads is required. My card reader was too long, the 3.5” bay had two perfectly aligned holes for the reader, except it would have been 0.5” inside the PSU. So I drilled a hole in the bay frame and mounted the reader sticking out the front of the case ~1”.

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Cat's Meow !!!2/17/2009 1:48:32 PM

Pros: Reads SDHC cards Prints on CD/DVD's Slot to store CD tray Customizable Software Install Economy/High Capacity Ink Cartridges

Cons: Bit noisy

Overall Review: I bought this to replace a HP D5160 CD printer which I used to print CD's and DVD inserts for a low volume software product I sell. Within a hour of starting setup and with no changes to my CorelDraw files I had printed a CD and a DVD insert. The results were better than the best from the D5160. During the custom install, unchecked a half-dozen bloat wares, it asked me to insert the included 4x6" photo paper. I had a choice of my photo or HP's. I got my camera and inserted an 8GB SDHC card into the printer's SD slot. No problem. The resulting print was awesome if a bit slow, maybe 5 minutes? Sweet box, no wonder HP is the market leader!

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Not Worth the Effort - PITA4/2/2008 8:05:09 AM

Pros: Works, maybe even well, but the Drivers, see Cons.

Cons: Be prepared to spend hours figuring out why you're getting PCI Bus errors and driver won't install correctly. Were it not for aslong80's previous post, I'd never figured it out. Save yourself the hassle and buy a true P-n-P card, money well spent. To not install seamlessly on WinXP is unforgiveable.

Overall Review: As others have stated I wanted to keep my aging Laserjet 4P around a few more years and my new P35 MB had no parallel port. Unlike aslong80, I had a NetMos 9805 chip and needed its XP driver. aslong80 correctly stated to scroll far right on the last dialog and select the XP driver, it defaulted to Vista for me and their was NO XP driver. I selected the NT driver and it finally installed correctly. When I connected the LJ 4P, XP immediately through up a balloon and installed the printer, printed a test page, at last!!!

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Painless11/14/2007 7:45:25 AM

Pros: Worked with another brand 1GB SO-DIMM. Price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Installed it in my E1505, removed the old 512MB, and inserted this SO-DIMM and turned it on. The Dell BIOS spent ~5min digesting the change and good to go. Problem free since. Thanks NewEgg.

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BIG Disappointment11/14/2007 7:31:54 AM

Pros: Fits s939. Price = 1/3 of my 3-year old single core.

Cons: Almost no performance boost over my 3000+ single core. Although not a knock on this CPU, upgrading my MSI MB's BIOS from single to dual was a day long adventure.

Overall Review: I bought this s939 X2 to upgrade my aging 3000+ Winchester 1.8GHz. I'll use it 90% of of the time compiling small text to binary files using an application that's even multi-threaded for dual cores. Running the exact same benchmark on both I went from 19min to 18min. Just from the 2.2GHz to 1.8GHz I would have expected at 20% improvement. It was suggested I was I/O limited, I moved all the text and binary files from my NAS to C: in 10sec, don't think so. BTW, in POST it did show up as a Athlon 64 X2 4200+ so I didn't get the wrong chip.

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What'a Deal, a Cheap SDHC Reader!!!8/6/2007 7:35:18 AM

Pros: It works for CF, SD, AND SDHC!!! Easy install, plugged onto the MB USB header. Win XP mounted the card reader as four unique devices w/o a problem.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Previous comments suggested the cards are inserted upside down, not so with CF or SD. Also I found the insertion depth of CF to be more than enough to avoid pin bending. One doesn't use a sledge hammer to insert a CF. I used device manager to assign new drive letters and disable the two unused devices.

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Awesome Value7/16/2007 2:23:24 PM

Pros: Quiet, Clean Interior, Easy to work on. Since it has a 775 socket I'm hoping to upgrade to a E4400 soon.

Cons: Vista, Black, Really cheap keyboard and mouse - both PS2. I'm now using my old Zippy USB keyboard.

Overall Review: This is my first turnkey PC since my 1992 Gateway 486, which IIRC I paid ~$1700. By comparison this $200 box will run circles around that ancient 486. Thank you Gordon Moore!!! It no longer makes any economic sense to assemble a PC from parts. It's just amazing how much PC you can get for your money these days. Except for loading software, when the DVD drive is spinning very fast, this PC is near silent. I've burned a dozen CD's at 40X, no rattle. When I first opened the case and saw those three fans, my thoughts were this is going to be a howler. Not so, very quiet. The specs say it has a 120GB HD, its actually a 160GB with a 40GB logical D: which has all the backup files. I tried to love Vista, I was very fond of one of the Sidebar Gadgets, but in the end using Vista was like typing with one arm tied behind your back. So now its a Win XP PC. Getting all the XP drivers working was an adventure in itself. The HP PC forums were a big help.

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Buyer Beware, Short Lifespan!!!7/7/2007 2:16:37 PM

Pros: Great while it worked.

Cons: My little blue Rosewill SDHC reader died today. Plugged it into a USB port, the green LED briefly lit, then nothing. I then plugged my camera into the same USB port and WinXP found it and D/L the files. One month of life is a little too short for me. Bummer.

Overall Review: I think NewEgg needs to have the manufaturer of these do a little stress testing. Reflects badly on Newegg's Rosewill brand.

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SDHC YES!!!6/25/2007 6:08:29 AM

Pros: I plugged in a 8GB SDHC and then into a USB port and it read the files. Great price.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Would make a nice SD based flash drive with both end caps, the SD card hides under the cap.

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