I have made a mistake11/1/2010 12:58:47 PM

Pros: Nice buttons layout Several shooting mode available

Cons: Take extremely bad photo (OK at daylight, bad at indoor and worse at night) No manual control

Overall Review: I purchased this camera for my mother, a very simple camera so it's easy to teach her how to use it. However, the quality of the photos it taken were really bad. 9 out of 10 of the photos taken indoor or at night were blurry and lack of focus, much worse than my old Canon Powershot SD400. I tried all the shooting mode available but it didn't help much. Most of the pictures taken at night had the weird "snowing" effect. This is a really awful camera. Unacceptable!

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A piece of junk4/1/2010 6:19:58 AM

Pros: They worked

Cons: The speakers suck, worse than my monitor's speaker The mouse works but the led is still on even if you turn off the computer, which is kinda annoying The keyboard is not comfortable when typing

Overall Review: This speakers really suck, I would rather spend my money on keyboard and mouse only. I personally won't recommend it!

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Great monitor for the price12/3/2009 9:45:44 AM

Pros: -Very bright, everything looks sharp and clear -Monitor itself looks great -All cables included -HDMI supported -1080p

Cons: -Speakers sound poor, but it is expected -Very hard to plug in the cables -Takes time to get use to the menu selection

Overall Review: -If this monitor has audio out it will be perfect. Using it with my PS3 and I cannot use my PC speaker or headphone

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great game11/28/2009 4:23:27 PM

Pros: -Great gameplay, very realistic -Online experience is fun, I enjoyed the online be a pro mode the most

Cons: -Many players' faces don't look real -Really tough to beat the Goalie

Overall Review: -The last Hockey game I owned was NHL 08 PC, which looked garbage compares to this game

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9/18/2009 7:48:33 AM

Pros: -Small -Newegg shipping is very fast

Cons: -Freezed my computer on XP?

Overall Review: I purchased it a month ago and it will freeze my computer within a minute. (The driver has installed properly) Have to RMA it and got a new one yesterday. I upgraded my computer to Windows 7 and so far my computer has only freezed one time My router is Buffalo WHR-G300N flashed with DD-WRT, this adapter can only recognize 150 Mbps although the DD-WRT stated that my transmission rate is 300 Mbps. Anyone knows how to solve this? (Both router and adapter has changed to 40 Mhz mode) Also my adapter will get disconnected randomly and after it reconnected my wireless network will become very slow (like 15 Mbps)

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
9/18/2009 7:38:19 AM

Pros: -Small -Can flash DD-WRT -Stable as far as web surfing

Cons: -Smell Bad -Along with my Buffalo WLI-UC-GN, There are random and frequent disconnections on my PC when I use BT, watch Live stream or play online. Upgraded from XP to Win 7 it still happens sometimes (but less frequent)

Overall Review: Flashed DD-WRT right away as soon as I connected it to my computer. Took me some time to figure out how to flash it. Although DD-WRT setting showed me that I have 300Mps transmitting rate, my wireless adapter (Buffalo WLI-UC-GN) only recognized 150 Mbps at max. (Both router and adapter has changed to 40 mhz mode) Anyone know how to fix it? Thank you

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, To get the 300Mbps from a N Client adapter, you will need at least 2 antennas. The WLI-UC-GN has one antenna so max speed is 150Mbps. please email me if you have any other concerns or questions thanks Marco marcor@buffalotech.com
I like it8/15/2009 12:06:57 PM

Pros: -The buttons are very responsive -The stick moves smoothly with click sound -Nice product design -Two types of turbo

Cons: -Expensive price ($116 after live cashback) -Not wireless -No marco function

Overall Review: I never used a fight stick before so I can't really tell the difference between the expensive and cheap one. But I am satisfied with this fight stick overall. I still sucked at SF4 though but it's definitely not because of the stick. I can no longer blame my controller for making me suck anymore, lol

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