The case i have been waiting for!6/13/2018 9:47:29 AM

Pros: excelent air filtration, customization, style, and tempered glass. the 5.25 front slot! I use my 4k Blu-ray drive to put movies on my server and the drive slots are getting hard to find. this one has it! finally! solid build quality. no flex at all in the frame. very good construction and great paint finish

Cons: I had to wait 6 months for it to be available in white at any online realitor. had it pre-ordered but didn't come for months... sad.

Overall Review: I was very pleased with this case. it held up to every expectation and was priced Right for the quality.

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im sure its just me4/18/2017 1:32:41 PM

Pros: looks great I wanted yellow and black for my theme and this is the option and I only paid $122! the other kits for ryzen were $185! I saved a ton! CL is only 2 slower!

Cons: my crosshair Vi hero only clocks to 2400 with them. no clue why. I think its the board. I pushed the voltage really high and cant get 2666 to post even.

Overall Review: gskill ram has never failed me before I have faith that a bios patch will fix my problem.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Ben Thank you for your G.Skill purchase and review. Glad to hear you got the RAM at a great price and they fit your theme. At this time, DDR4-3200 C16 kits are not fully supported by the AMD chip sets and CPUs. This is the cause of limitation at DDR4-2400. BIOS updates will be available shortly, so you can wait and see if an update can solve the problem. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us directly. We will make sure G.Skill RAM is running fast and smooth in your computer. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
disapointed4/18/2017 1:30:34 PM

Pros: looks good. leds are rgb so I can chose my theme for the build and match the board to the theme. decent connectivity good overclocking support for ryzen cpu's

Cons: the ram will not post above 2400 mhz. I bought a 3200 MHz kit.... that's disappointing. I contacted asus forums, looked online for other solutions, read manual for the thing. nobody knows why this OC board cant OC ram at all. I expect that if I push 40% more voltage to the ram that I can get at least 2666 out of my ram. even if the board dosent like high clocks only has one usb 2 port. if you have an AIO cooler with usb connection then you cant plug any USB options to the board without a 3.0 to 2.0 converter. major oversight. only has one m.2 drive slot. I know 370x has some issues with pcie lanes and only allowing one m.2 to be pcie 3x4 but almost every other board put a pcie 2 slot on there.. come on. the bios revision updates have been slower than other mobo manufactures. asrock was pusing out almost a new bios a day around release time... asus despite the ram issues has only released one bios. only one. I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs if I can get a software patch so I can clock my ram above 2400 and we got crickets. the AI suite 3 program dosent work right and Turbo v evo makes windows 10 crash upon opening. price was too much for this board. if it was sorted software wise and bios then maybe more worth it.

Overall Review: has m.2 wifi slot under the top plastic cover without any documentation as to what its for ( I assume wifi ) the manuals don't mention it at all, rear io has a wifi symbol for the area but theres no wifi card and asus has no mention as to where to get one for it. what key it is where to get antennas etc... why? I'm disappointed with this board. I came from the crosshair V formula I bought 5 years ago and was expecting the same quality of board that I bought then. this one has been nothing but issues for me. I spent 8 hours getting windows 10 to load for a fresh install and it wouldn't work so I had to clone my old OS to get it to run. I spent another 2 hours trying to get a ram overclock of 3200 (my xmp profile) to work. nothing above 2400 will post. I gave up. I had to use a backplate from an old AM2 board to use my am3 cooler despite how they said I can just pop one on... no backplate is an issue guys. throw one in. its like $0.50. and on top of that had to make custom spacers for that backplate to have the gap fit right. I expect the issues I had with this board to get fixed with time as they have been mostly software related. HOWEVER if they don't get it done quickly I'm going to stop recommending asus boards in general. ive used them for years! this is the first one ive ever used with such blatant problems

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We appreciate you providing your ASUS product experience. It's unfortunate to hear about the RAM compatibility errors and the troubles you've experienced. What is the part number to RAM you have installed. Please provide me with the exact part number for further analysis of QVL parts. I'll be sure to forward your input to the research department for ongoing improvements to memory profiling. If your memory is not in our QVL, you can try manual change memory timing, frequency, voltages in BIOS and check it will POST.  Check memory module with MemTest86. Install 2 DIMM memory for 4 DIMM memory. For optimal system compatibility, flash BIOS to UEFI 1002 located at our support site: The BIOS can be updated by the following methods: EZ Flash II, USB BIOS Flashback, and ASUS Updater Tool. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for assistance at Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, Nestor ASUS Customer Loyalty - US Support
what a beast4/18/2017 1:13:31 PM

Pros: I know the 1700 is the best deal right now price to perf but I wanted the fastest and this chip is the fastest. I have a GTX 100i cooler that I used with my 8350 and it works with this cpu as well. overclocks to 4.0 easy I haven't tried much beyond that yet, but I assume it can as I only set the voltage to 1.4 stock temps were never above 50C using ryzen master

Cons: under stock clocks its a cold cpu, after an OC, its a HOT cpu. my 240mm rad cant keep up with a heavy render at 1.4volts and 4 ghz. the chip reaches 90C and shuts down. I had to set voltage to 1.39 and then change clock speed to 3.9 to maintain a 1 hour handbrake 1080p encode without overheat shutdown. after I made those changes, it runs at 75 to 80, during the 1 hr render, but I was supprised how hot this thing gets. the Water temp of the cooler is also surprisingly low compared to the cpu temp. I have the cooler running 100% and water temp gets up to 37.5C while cpu is setting at 75C the 8350 would get the water to reach 42C when cpu was 75C. no clue why this is.

Overall Review: Even at stock clocks, this cpu is a absolute monster. in games I'm seeing 10 to 20 fps gains with my rx 480 over my old 8350 clocked at 4.8 and my ram is still clocked at 2400 MHz! ryzen 7 is incredible product and I am building several other systems with it in the near future for friends and family. cant wait for ryzen based apu's to release! if your on the fence with this or a intel 6 core look no more. this is the choice to make.

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coolest cooler i own3/28/2017 9:05:18 PM

Pros: keeps cpu under 36C during stress test and OC to 2.3 ghz

Cons: mounting system only allows for one orientation. toward top I think idk I put it in weeks ago. it would be east to drill and tap 2 more holes guys...

Overall Review: I replaced the stock thermal paste with my stuff Artic silver 5 also fan on silent setting within bios wont spin up and the pc wont boot then. had to put on turbo or normal mode and then it goes. guess it needed more voltage to move.

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better than the asrock board i bought at first3/28/2017 9:02:31 PM

Pros: more IO more PCIE more goodies onboard OC support is better than my asrock board colors are cool USB 3.0 works now!

Cons: only 2 sata ports. I know kabini only has 2 on die but come on asus. put a controller on there and at least 2 more ports. I had to get a sata card in one of my pcie slots to run enough drives for my server

Overall Review: its not ECC supporting. doesn't matter anyway. my asrock board would not OC past 2.1 ghz no matter what I did. would not post. this thing was the same at first. installed the AIsuite 3 from the disk and bam. got it to 2.3 from within the OS stable. id bet it would do 2.5 easy if I poped up the voltage some. these systems are so cheap. I paid around $200 for my entire PC and another $300 for hard drives! its fast enough for a home server and can stream to multiple devices at once without any issues. I don't know how well it could do things like encoding, but at low resolution I bet it would work. aka dvd quality. my asrock board USB3.0 never worked this one does! put the alpine M1 active cooler on it as well and the thing never got past 36C for me lol. this cooler will fail to spin up the fan on silent mode and wont boot to cpu fan failure but turbo or normal mode works fine. came with latest bios version pre installed for the 5750 support. (5750 is a 5350 but with the multiplier max set to 22 instead of 21) allows for better OC.

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plesantly supprised3/10/2017 1:26:34 PM

Pros: it is not a bottleneck for my server to desktop transfers 8 ports so I can also hook it to my other wired computers/consoles etc... power on opposite side of network ports. I have it on a shelf mounted a certain way this works way better I paid $18 after tax and shipping for this.

Cons: lol

Overall Review: I got one of those newegg emails for buster deals or something on this and I saw the price and thought I could use a few more ports because my old 5 port one is maxed out. click buy here it is. works fine. expected it to not be able to actually put out 110mb/s like the old tplink could because I paid $45 for that one but this one matches it...

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its the best RX 480 of all RX 480's8/26/2016 6:06:00 PM

Pros: amazing looking cooler, back plate, fans, lighting, and colors astatically this card is beautiful. I pulled it out of the box and just looked at it for 5 mins. flipping it over and over to see how amazing the craftsmanship is on it. This card has the best air cooler of any RX 480 card on the market. quieter than the STRIX and cooler than the MSI. I have not touched the fan curve or temp limits upon purchasing the card and was unable to reach 70C at the stock speeds. upon overclocking the card to 1360mhz I still only saw the card at 70C and could not hear it at all. (granted my corsair H100i GTX is loud). Card is between 50% and 90% faster than my old 7970 and WAY better looking. has the 8 pin PCIe power connector but seems to not be needed, still more power for overclocks. I haven't even began to test the OC potential of this card just popped it to 1360GPU and 2200MEM and went for a quick benchmark.

Cons: the packaging was much less than my old xfx cards. I had a 7870 and a 6850 which came with more "swag". the newer boxes are thinner and while my card arrived perfect, feels like it could be damaged more than the old box would allow. this is the most expensive of all RX 480's. you get what you pay for. nuff said.

Overall Review: included a molex to PCIe 8 pin adapter. this card at the time of purchasing was $50 more than the reference RX 480. for that extra $50 you get, backplate, the GTR cooler, which has amazingly low thermals and acoustics, memory and VRM cooling, hard swap fans for cleaning dust easy, the best looking card physically on the market with white XFX logo. best customer support of any amd partner (I have had experience with XFX in the past RMAing a 6850. very pleasant) ability to overclock higher than any other RX 480 AND the swag that comes with owning the highest benchmark on the futuremark website. I will most likely be buying another one when my zen build is under way for a good crossfire build as 8gb wont be a problem for the power two cards can give. in the past AMD cards that were initially slower than their NVIDIA cousins were found to be faster after a year or two of optimizations. this is especially true in cards like the 290x or 7870. on launch NVidia 780ti and 670 were faster respectively, but now are 10 to 20% slower than AMD cards. I am taking this knowledge that AMD continually improves drivers to boost performance above NVidia cards and the fact that the 480 is already benchmarking way above the 1060 in any new API games to justify the card which is now listed as slower than the 1060. I keep my graphics cards for years. we will see what was the better buy in 2018 and if history is worth anything, this card is the right choice

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. XFX Support Mark at XFX
I dont know what happened11/19/2015 3:45:20 PM

Pros: I have 2 of these now and a 850W corsair AX series from 2011. they all still work. this psu is quiet and looks nice fan only kicks on high gear when really loading it. The physical PSU is great my problem is with the cables.

Cons: I had major issues connecting the wires to the motherboard and getting them to actually connect. The 24 pin required me to push each wire into its plastic housing in order to make them go down enough to start the computer. it took about 5 attempts doing this before it finally worked and booted the computer. I have never before seen a computer do something so strange, but if the pins don't connect then I guess some functions wont post and bios will halt post process. The whole connector is very fragile now and I cant wiggle it at all. any move to the wire and pop system shuts off.

Overall Review: my other cx600 I got only 1 year ago had no such problems. and the ax850 was great as well. I will keep using it for now but beware there may be a better set of cables out there for your money.

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what is love?8/20/2015 8:22:42 AM

Pros: in the past 2 years this card has been my baby she is even today with the release of the r9 300 series relavent as the r9 370x is simply a rebrand of this gpu. it can play every game I have pushed at it so far and does it great

Cons: the top bar is orange! THE FUKE XFX I thought it was red! orange doesn't match shift!

Overall Review: I cant believe I paid $230 for this card :\ but I guess it was worth it

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the review, we really appreciate you taking the time to write it. If you have any questions, please let us know. And also, i have some Black XFX side logos if you prefer that... says 270x i think though. Mark at XFX XFX Support
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Ownership: more than 1 year
still working8/20/2015 8:19:02 AM

Pros: got it because it was cheap kept it because it worked

Cons: box was crumpled when it came in

Overall Review: do you unwrap the muffin before you eat it or do you eat the muffin top off first?

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so far so great8/20/2015 8:14:22 AM

Pros: good power software voltage reads as it should across the entire board. runs kabini apu 3 hard drives and some ram just fine. plugged a spare 6670 ive got and it ran that great too

Cons: its green! who the heck thought green was a good idea?

Overall Review: put it into a server pc I built that only used 100W under load but allows for upgrades I guess

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real flimsy8/20/2015 8:11:27 AM

Pros: used it for my server pc all holes line up great screws are good quality included fan is great. fan mounting spot on front to cool hard drives is great hard drive mounts are good and plastic removable panel allows big cards to be installed. psu mounting is sturdy all said and done it has everything I needed a case to do and looks good enough from the outside

Cons: inside isn't painted. I threw a coat of gloss black on that baby when I got it in. looks nice now thin steel and flimsy is just the word to describe it. the side panel pops in and out easy and the entire construction sways and bends if you push it or twist it.

Overall Review: WHO BENDS AND TWISTS CASES REGULARLY? nobody does! they sit and collect dust as the components inside to work. this case is strong enough to hold dual titans so why not!

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works great but i expected more8/20/2015 8:05:13 AM

Pros: I have it in my server/ htpc and it does exactly what it was intended to do, store data and stream games and videos. I never have lag with it while streaming and even when browsing still operates like any other computer I've ever used

Cons: it benchmarks much slower than I expected. I know it was only $50 and it only uses 25W but it even looses out to some of the slower i3 haswell u series. price to performance is right on par here but I was hoping for something that would have better core performance. for example, what took 25 mins to decode on my 8350 took almost 8 hours on this little thing when it was clocked at 2.1. that is a little sad

Overall Review: like I said price to performance is the whole picture here. I paid less than $500 for a 8 tb server that has a passmark score over 2500. you cant buy that for that cheap.

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I messed up8/20/2015 7:58:06 AM

Pros: what isn't to love gigabit lan, lots of usb, 2 pcie lanes, that great amd apu, I mean I love it for how cheap it was

Cons: why only have vga out? I know this is the cheap version here but come on who uses vga for a cheap htpc motherboard. its also a kind of ugly color but it sits on a shelf who cares

Overall Review: so I was building a server and recording computer with this kabini apu and just thought throw the cheapest motherboard you can find in that thing and then plug all the components into it. that's when I realized that it didn't have hdmi. or 3 sata ports I needed. but raid cards are cheap and so are converters.

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works8/20/2015 7:50:23 AM

Pros: I mean what else do you want from cheap ram

Cons: none typical gskill quality

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Great drives!8/16/2015 4:41:28 PM

Pros: working strong 3 months after installing into the home server and they run fast and quiet so what else can you ask for?

Cons: it was $230 for 8 tb of storage. ouch

Overall Review: I know Seagate dosent have as good of a track record as wd does but I have NEVER had a segate drive fail out of the over 15 drives ive bought from them. I have a drive from 2004 that I still have running! it is super slow and only holds 320 gb but that's a track record I just cant throw away. when it comes to buying a new hard drive I always go seagate and they have yet to disappoint.

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good in the server so far8/16/2015 4:36:50 PM

Pros: threw it into a cheap kabini server I got a few months ago because kabini only has 2 onboard sata ports and poor raid from what I understand and I needed 3 sata ports. threw this in the pci slot and pluged in Seagate nas drives ran raid 0 for 8 tb data and bam its still working. pushes a good 300 or so mb\s sequential for hdd's so im happy with it so far.

Cons: none its still working and isn't bottlenecking

Overall Review: none really it works for 2 drives great

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
its in a server8/16/2015 4:33:41 PM

Pros: little speed switch isn't much use as its on the wire in the case of my server so I set it to low and left it there it is still spinning so there is that. pushes good air and is fairly cheap also matches the one that came with the antec case I got for the server so does it all I guess

Cons: none that I have met yet

Overall Review: fans are fans people a $20 fan will cool just as well as a $5 one will they just spin slower or last longer.

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not bad5/26/2015 10:33:46 AM

Pros: fast as I expected it and totally plug and play sleek almost brushed aluminum look to it with a smooth bump out for the eject button. blue led for activity is not too bright as this is just a drive I must give it 5 stars as it is exactly as it is listed as BUT....

Cons: no free bd playing software:( this drive was almost $70 why cant LG get some software to go with this drive. I have to use MKV file converter and then rip the MKV file with handbrake to view BD movies. it takes a good 2 hours for the whole process to complete before you can watch the movie! plus side I can then store the BD on my NAS but some free software is needed.

Overall Review: I cant believe that 3 years after blu ray really took off it is still hard to watch them for free. the drive is expensive, the disks are expensive and now the software as well? come on guys this is a money pit it seems to watch blu ray on PC. I REFUSE to buy cyberlinks software to watch these movies on top of the money I already have sunk into this.

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works well9/16/2014 10:42:52 AM

Pros: its good brand psu and it works like this brand always does

Cons: could have an all black main 24 pin cable but its black covered so im not going to be that picky.

Overall Review: get a good psu guys this is the thing that makes all of your other components work! corsair, seasonic, etc... big names usually good if you have doubts look on tomshardware.

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for the money go for it9/16/2014 10:38:27 AM

Pros: I had a ocz vertex 4 in my desktop for a year and was tired of moving files into other drives and waiting for installs over and over, but this fixed that problem. 1 TB of ssd storage is very nice indeed. holds all my games and music when a 256 failed

Cons: ITS SLOWER THAN THE OLDER DRIVE! sorry for the caps lock but this was really disappointing! I knew the 4k's were less but still went for it because of the $400 price tag and 1000GB storage, a win for my want scenario. still it brought about a 5% performance drop to my ssd performance out of a newer drive. while this may be an incredible deal, if you want more speed than this (entry level speed) ssd you will need to open up the pocket book.

Overall Review: for the $ it cannot be bargained with, just like the 8350. while its slower than the i5 in single threaded tasks it is just as fast as a 4770K in gaming and at the end of the day that's what im doing here, so save the $150+ if you know what I mean...

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Look no further9/16/2014 10:32:21 AM

Pros: this flash drive may seem pricy, but it is by far the best investment ive ever made as an OS installer compared to cd installers this drive as about 100% faster and compared to usb 2.0 drives it still installs about 20% faster. (using a usb 2.0 port to install windows from on both, as you cannot install windows 7 on a usb 3.0 port without special driver work arounds which end up taking longer than simply installing over 2.0 in the first place) I have it partitioned into 3 drives 2 8 gb's and one 44 gb and have osx 10.9 on one with tonymac's bootloader on it and another for windows 7. the drive actually hits advertised speeds and the write speed is where the sandisk usb really shines. there is a review on tomshardware I believe where usb 3.0 drives are benchmarked and for the 64 gb you get I don't think $50 I paid is too out of hand considering it gets near ssd performance in an incredibly small form factor the drive physically is very nice looking and feels like a quality device with an incredibly nice locking slider and dim blue led behind the slider. it is no so bright that its annoying, but not so dim that you cannot tell when its being accessed. I could not have been more satisfied about this purchase and do not regret spending a little extra on a usb drive as it will continue to be my OS installer for years to come.

Cons: like all usb's it is easier to lose. please be carefull! these are not you every day throw away usb drive!

Overall Review: if you see this usb on sale for under 1$ per gb pick one up. while 64 gb may seem over kill now and the 200+ mb/s seems overkill, they will be mainstream in a few years and you will have benefited from that performance for years

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dont listen to the other guy.7/6/2014 7:39:06 PM

Pros: ive had this drive for about 1 year now found it in another public computer haha! but it has been extremely reliable and works great.

Cons: slow like typical usb 2.0 drives are. about 20 mb/s tops read

Overall Review: typical sandisk quality

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slower than i hoped but it is faster than last one4/19/2014 8:40:29 PM

Pros: if a 1 TB Seagate hdd at 5400 MHz was a 2 then this is a 2.5 not much faster but it is a little bit faster than my old 500 gb momentous

Cons: not as fast as I hoped but has the storage I need. YOU HAVE TO DO A FRESH INSTALL FOR IT TO WORK. If you don't do it you will have good experience for about a week then it will crash and freeze randomly. fresh install and it works awesomely and consistently.

Overall Review: please don't think you will be lucky and not have to reinstall. that's what I thought. I was wrong. don't waste the time transferring the data just do it from the start.

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