Great Monitor10/12/2019 8:44:05 AM

Pros: Compared to other monitors that sells for less, this monitor is great! Its also my first gaming monitor so I will definitely be buying this or from MSI again like I have done for other parts for my PC.

Cons: None for now.

Overall Review: If you're doing gaming, then I suggest you buy this gaming monitor instead of the other cheaper one's for better experience.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Steven, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI Optix monitor! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Five star so far!6/16/2016 8:06:00 AM

Pros: See other

Cons: See other

Overall Review: OS: Win 7 and Win 10 CPU+M/B: N3700-ITX Mem: W3N1600Q-L4G (DDR3-SODIMM PC3-12800 CL11 4GBx2=8GB) SSD: TS128GSSD370S (Transcend SSD 128GB 2.5インチ SATA3 6Gb/s MLC) PSU/PC Case: Generic Bought this as a change from GA-C1037UN-EU Rev 1.0 for home and media center use. Caution/Notes: 1. Out of the Box, the heatsink comes separated from the CPU so use caution when using it. I've bought 3 of this M/B and all three came separated from all different supply routes/shops. 2. USB 3.0 sometimes will not work after installation due to hardware glitches which are been seen over the internet websites. 3. I think some users here complains as they don't read the manual when installing Windows 7 on this M/B. You need to slipstream the USB 3.0 drivers to the Windows 7 ISO disk first before trying to install it or else, on the first screen, your Keyboard and Mouse will not function. Windows 8 and up will not be affected by this USB 3.0 stuff. Overall: I like this M/B and would buy another one if I need to, but I hope the manufacturer fixes these hardware bugs and heat sink not sticking on the CPU by using a better method. New one J3710-ITX with 5 degree higher TDP and a bit better hardware version coming out. But not on newegg yet.

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As advertised here by the reviewers2/24/2012 12:23:17 PM

Pros: As advertised and works great, for now.

Cons: not at the moment.

Overall Review: The previous DVD burner "HP 24X Multiformat DVD Writer Black SATA Model 1260i" that is decommissioned now was bought last MAR2011 and refused to function by DEC2011 with very light usage = less than 100 DVD's burned so I've bought this one. Let's see if this one will last longer.

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Stops recognizing2/15/2012 3:10:20 PM

Pros: A great buy for the money.

Cons: Its not good when it needs to restart the system every time to let it recognize your media.

Overall Review: I have bought this at $19.99 on 3/23/2011. WinXP system sees this drive as, "HP DVD Writer 1260t". After about 9 months of very light usage, it denies to read the DVD media of any sort. As all things are, its a good product for the money if it works, and "you get what you pay for" or "cheap and nasty" if it stops working. Chinese quality inside? BTW, my plextor PX-708A DVD drive from years ago 2003 or 2004 is still working in excellent condition. Just the rubber damper for the drive is getting bad but everything else is as new even with heavy usage. It costed ten times more than this drive though back then.

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cracked and dirty but usable9/30/2011 6:30:26 PM

Pros: TWO USB sockets, one more extra socket, cheap price

Cons: cheap price = looks and feel is very cheap

Overall Review: The shipping is NOT from the reputable newegg, but having it from the newegg website, I thought that everything was ok. The shipping was in a thin plastic envelope with no cushions of any sort. One of the item was cracked due to it or maybe from the beginning, which this cracked one had finger prints and dirtish brown matter on the surface even when it was in a clear packaging. So, "THEWIRELESS" has sold me a USED ONE or one that was cracked but just sold it anyways maybe thinking that the end-buyer won't complain because of this pricing. NewEgg should take care of this "THEWIRELESS" as its using your name to sell stuffs which will make a bad reputation if something just goes wrong. Although to sum it up, if everything was ok, it would've been a five egg, but three eggs off because of bad packaging, cracks, and dirtish matter.

Did you find this review helpful? 10:39:29 AM

Pros: Ok Quality

Cons: None Yet.

Overall Review: I bought it with the coupon stuff. After you receive this HDD, you're supposed to send the HDD packing and the receipt and you get your money back. Even after 7months, nothing at all. Its not HDD, but netgear had promised me my check back. This company, no, nothing.

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Good HDD, But Never a rebate6/19/2008 8:00:35 AM

Pros: Good HDD, low noise, low heat emission.

Cons: Mailed the rebate on time, enough for the postmark date, but gets rejected for the reason of invalid postmark date. I had bought four of them, each $15, equaling $60. Add a little more and you get to buy a new hdd from newegg. I hate rebates.

Overall Review: Buy with what you think of the product and don't get caught like me for the rebates...or you'll not be a happy person like me. For the rebates, you've to open the static bags cause you have to get those stickers on the bag which has all the information of the HDD, so in a way, if you just want to leave the hdd for future use, the hdd will not be in a good condition at all. Think before you buy.

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Great!3/12/2008 9:15:50 PM

Pros: Low heat emission. Quiet. Very light. 7.5 hours of battery life(haven't tested it though).

Cons: I bought mine in Japan, which didn't have Vista Business, but instead had Home Premium. Well, I don't like vista anyway. Maybe that's about all to complain about.

Overall Review: I should've bought it at newegg as it was cheaper and has Vista Business. I personnaly like the Fujitsu laptops as they haven't let me down like HP notebooks which gets lots of heat, low battery life, and very heavy.

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2/15/2008 3:13:31 PM

Pros: As of right now, it can do RAID 0 and RAID1.

Cons: The fan just gets loud all the sudden, like when you start windows and goes on loud and then it just won't do anything more. Drive gets very hot even in the Winter times.

Overall Review: I won't buy another one. I have many external drives and th one's that gets hot are the one that breaks down all the sudden. A Japanese maker "IO DATA" which I have two of 'em never have let e down even after 5 years of usage and is still working.

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Good burner.1/20/2008 4:34:20 PM

Pros: Nice and fast. Quiet compared to others i have.

Cons: no cables included. But that's what OEM's are anyway.

Overall Review: Many ppl does not understand the difference of Retail and OEM products. Retail prods include all the goodies. OEM's only include the barebone Bulk item only. I had to say it because somebody else nagged about it.

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Nice Rig.10/28/2007 3:49:08 PM

Pros: Great, nice and quiet and fast for many things.

Cons: Low HDD space compared to home PC's. This makes a degrade in one star.

Overall Review: I run a test server on this machine but its working perfectly.

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Nice and Quiet5/8/2007 8:36:05 PM

Pros: Nice and quiet PS.

Cons: Maybe next time, i'll buy the detachable PS ones. 'cause cables are cluttering my system.

Overall Review: Overall, its a good PS(power supply) and does the job that it should do. It also has a good rating in the Japanese market.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
LED not working....5/8/2007 8:33:41 PM

Pros: Great M/B for over clocker and for many people.

Cons: LED not working somehow for HDD and Power. I tested it out with several LEDs but none work. But its no prob. as everyother thing works. One thing is that when I look into the device drivers inside the system, a PCI with an exclamation mark appreas... I haven't enabled the VIIV stuff but if I enable it, one more, total two exclamation mark appears.

Overall Review: It works, thats what I should be happy about anyway.

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Good HDD5/8/2007 8:28:25 PM

Pros: Good HDD, not that noisy.

Cons: none for now.

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After all its only a MUI plating over a engish windows5/8/2007 8:27:34 PM

Pros: Great for people who wants a lot of languages in one simple cheap package.

Cons: Some Japanese programs refuse to work under this Japanese MUI. I guess it wants the real Japanese WinXP instead of the English WinXP with MUI plating over it.

Overall Review: worth the price.

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ok mouse for the price.5/8/2007 8:23:35 PM

Pros: Good Design

Cons: sometimes the mouse just goes in the top right hand corner of the screen and would not try to move out of there until I unplug it and plug it back in.

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Good NIC5/8/2007 8:22:14 PM

Pros: Great NIC card fro Intel.

Cons: Little pricy for the similar thing out in the market.

Overall Review: n/a

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Good Case5/8/2007 8:21:24 PM

Pros: Many fans for air in and out.

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: The LED in the top is supposed to work but does not work. M/B prob. or case prob.

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Good1/25/2007 8:18:04 PM

Pros: Its a good switch.

Cons: As for now, no problems to complain about.

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Great for the price1/25/2007 8:16:41 PM

Pros: You cannot get the same system for the amount like this.

Cons: You must uninstall/delete tremendous amounts of games, utilities, e.t.c. It take quite amount of time.

Overall Review: Over all, its a very good system for the price.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Good for the money1/25/2007 6:50:48 PM

Pros: Good and Cheap. Leather kind of case.

Cons: Have to tear off the V-shaped vinil so that you can stick your CD in for each CD place.

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Looking Nice!1/22/2007 8:01:20 PM

Pros: Good and works nice!

Cons: AC Adapter is very bulky and big. The gigabit 8 port version of this brand has a smaller, half size AC Adapter. Maybe This AC Adapter is old.

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Somewhat satisfied1/11/2007 9:17:04 PM

Pros: Look below

Cons: Look Below

Overall Review: I think this product is a little weak in signal compared to WRT54GL. And the pricing is about the same w/ the WRT54GL so if buying this for a repeater or somesort, then it might be better to buy WRT54GL and flash it w/ DD-WRT which I read as can do the repeater thing. But overall, better than nothing!

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Not that good1/6/2007 5:23:06 PM

Pros: This cooling unit just doesn't use up your USB connection but has an extension so that another USB can be connected and used together.

Cons: Better than nothing but does not cool your notebook that much. BTW, i use HP/Compaq nw8240. Using aluminum doesn't mean that it cools.

Overall Review: The last one that I had was plastic w/ three fans but it was better.

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