Good thing in a small package7/9/2013 11:58:02 AM

Pros: The storage capacity, 8GB SSD/NAND cache size, and 32MB cache size play nicely together presenting a single drive to the host that speeds boot and program load without sacrificing total capacity or requiring special drivers or junction point headaches in Windows.

Cons: That the 7200 RPM model is tagged as "old news" by NewEgg, pushing you to the ST1000LM014 where spindel speed is not listed and you have to do extra research to find that that 1TB drive is running at a 5400 RPM laptop spec and that there is no 750GB option that would be 7200 RPM and the 500GB option which could be 5400 or 7200 RPM is the 5400 RPM version

Overall Review: I think that these hybrid drives (SSHD) make a lot of sense in a world where MS Windows is the dominate desktop OS and yet still clings so tightly to it's DOS past with regard to paths and mount points. I have setup a number of systems that split user data and system data across two drives and it has always been a tricky process full of gotchas. Even with junction points things like the increasingly important Windows Index have trouble. If only you could "mount /dev/sdb1 /Users" or otherwise move more dynamic data off of SSD in Windows without worrying about drive root permissions or duplicate paths. It is disappointing to have such a slim selection. I look forward to more competition in this area. I would have loved to have picked up a 10K RPM WD6000HLHX that was married to an 8GB NAND pack. Perhaps something like Intel's Smart Response Technology will become ubiquitous first. I think that either of these "don't make me think, just let me bolt-on performance" technologies will be winners.

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Solid, quality, but check your tray7/9/2013 11:30:47 AM

Pros: The price was reasonable and the quality of construction seems great.

Cons: I was unable to securely mount it because my mounting trays only worked using the bottom screw positions, but this tray only provided for the edge screw positions of the 3.5" size.

Overall Review: The documentation is really not there with any suggestions, but there is not much to know or do. You just attach your 2.5" drive to the adapter using screws through the bottom of the adapter, and then you mount the adapter to your 3.5" bay or tray using side screws. I should have looked at my 3.5" trays and then more closely at the picture of this adapter before purchasing it.

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Not for an ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe7/9/2013 11:25:27 AM

Pros: I was sold on this item because of my generally positive experiences with Intel products and the positive reviews for those the device worked for

Cons: Causes kernel panics on Ubuntu 13.04 / Linux kernel 3.8.8 and crashes Windows most likely due to incompatibility with AMD and Nvidia chipsets

Overall Review: I decided to risk the purchase because I liked the design and use of PCIe 1x slots despite the cautions about AMD issues, encouraged by my faith in Intel and a review saying it would work. I had forgotten the reviews by the time I installed and found that I got a kernel panic every time the driver module was loaded. At first I thought a newer kernel could help or figured I would help with debugging but I put off both for too long. Finally I decided to try Windows 8 on the system hoping it would work. Windows would leave the driver disabled and every time I ran the "Intel® Driver Update Utility" for Wireless, Windows would crash. I contacted Intel via chat and had a good experience, but the determination was "we have seen hardware compatibility issues with AMD and Nvida" and that I could try switching PCIe ports or just get a different wireless device. The ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe only has two PCIe ports, both 1x and both on either side of the video card. The slot below the video card is unusable with any mid-level or higher performance video card due to their width so my only option was to not use this device. I had taken too long figuring out it was a hardware incompatibility to return it within NewEgg's 30 day window. I wish I could have used this wireless device. I can't say how it would work, but my expectation is that I would have really liked it if it were not for the chipset conflicts.

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