Would not POST.5/3/2021 2:15:14 PM

Pros: None

Cons: RMA process very slow. Here I am five weeks later, and all I have is several thousand dollars worth of useless parts. Customer service just keeps kicking the can down the road! Received replacement board. Almost immediately after rebuild the 1 GB Intel port failed. Seven months later the Realtek 2.5 GB port failed. Received the typical "replace cables" support, and then offered another RMA. Wireless port is working, so I have a working machine. I purchased this to work with the computer, not to build it over and over again.

Overall Review: Part did not work. Waiting a long tome for replacement. My first ASRock board (Z170) has worked flawlessly. My second (X299) required an RMA for bad memory channels. I am now faced with the choice of another rebuild or work with a hobbled machine.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Timothy, Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be more than happy to assist you if the mainboard is malfunctioned. Please contact us at https://event.asrock.com/tsd.asp Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email: https://event.asrock.com/tsd.asp
Beautiful Display4/17/2014 9:51:17 AM

Pros: Display is gorgeous. Plenty of screen real estate. Build quality is excellent. Can run Linux VMs at 2560 x 1600 in a window with plenty of room left over. No Styrofoam in packaging.

Cons: Unit was touchy at first. I had to boot and restart to get a full screen using MST for 60 Hz. Turned sleep mode off. With latest drivers it is working well.

Overall Review: My config: Titan video card Win 8.1 Update 337.61 Hotfix driver. P9X79WS i7-4930K Understood from experience that buying cutting edge tech can cause headaches. It was thus with this monitor. But such equipment has its rewards as well; in my case plenty of viewing area. Problems are fixed now. This is not a monitor for gaming. Unigine demos run at a crawl. But if screen space and color accuracy are what you seek, this is a fine display.

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Works well12/16/2011 12:31:48 AM

Pros: Price, Capability, Cores, Speed Temps reasonable; 58C loaded, 34C idle. Significant improvement over FX-51 at one third the price!!

Cons: Hard to get. I was apparently lucky.

Overall Review: Works very well. Quite capable for price. Applied mild overclock (4 GHz) easily. My setup: FX-8150, Sabertooth 990FX, 16 GB GSkill 14900/GBSR, 128 GB Plextor M2P Win 7, Seasonic X750, Solo II, Noctua NH-D14 AMD 5850 Fine performance and no earplugs required. Insert memory before installing heatsink. Passed Unigine Heaven and Prime95 tests.

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