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Don't waste your money!5/5/2012 6:47:43 PM

Pros: Easy to install. That's about it.

Cons: AC adapter did not work for amplifier. Amplifier gets VERY warm. POOR reception. Manual in Engrish.

Overall Review: Purchased to replace an analog antenna on our RV. Prior to install, could only get 7 of 12 available channels. With this, I only get ONE. 12 V power adapter did work. AC adapter did not. Harware is flimsy. RG59 Coax is of low quality. With return for replacement only policy, I wasted $ on this piece of junk.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Please contact the Rosewill support team either via phone at 800-575-9885 or via email at so that we can assist you with your issue. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Works as Advertised2/7/2012 5:27:18 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. Good for getting little fingerprints from little ones off the screen!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Don't spray direct on screen.

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Performs well12/29/2011 4:17:11 PM

Pros: Used in our business, this has worked out very well

Cons: Manual is a little confusing. Getting all of the handsets to "sync" was a little challenging, but OK now.

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Works great12/29/2011 4:15:00 PM

Pros: I bought one for myself and my wife liked it so much, she took it. Bought another one for myself. Easliy keeps our 17" HP laptops cool. Well built with no sharp edges like a lot of them out there.

Cons: Top is very slick. If your laptop doesn't have rubber feet in the right place, this can be a fit to keep still.

Overall Review: The addition of four small foam rubber pads on the corners of the cooler stopped the laptop from sliding around. This was only an issue with one of the laptops. the other had different style feet.

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Good performance12/29/2011 4:09:19 PM

Pros: Used in higher end photo and video editing and runs multiple programs and files with no hicups.

Cons: none

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Good performance with great cabling options12/29/2011 4:07:34 PM

Pros: Quiet fan. Enough power to operate all my optional equipment with room to spare. Good cabling options and it is nice to not have unused cables laying about the case. The supplied storage bag for extra cables is a plus. Keeps them all together.

Cons: none

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Works12/29/2011 4:05:12 PM

Pros: No problems!

Cons: none

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Works as it should12/29/2011 4:00:43 PM

Pros: Has played every DVD-RW and BluRay I've put through it. Haven't tried the 3-D. Records much faster than my Sony.

Cons: None

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Universal fit for Intel and AMD12/29/2011 3:58:50 PM

Pros: No problems cooling my AMD Phenom

Cons: Tall. Fits my case, but better measure yours before buying. Supplied direction sheet is a little confusing.

Overall Review: Cooling fins are SHARP. Be careful.

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LOTS of HDMI inputs. Great sound12/29/2011 3:55:56 PM

Pros: Sound great with lots of options. plenty of HDMI in and the HDMI feedthrough on input 1 is a real plus for watching SAT TV just through TV speakers. Easy to assign input tags through the menu. Set up was easy, but I have an audio background. Your mileage may vary. The Android app available to operate this over our network is neat, but needs more features added to it. It is cool to operate the receiver off of my tablet, though.

Cons: Produces a LOT of heat! Programming manual is detailed, but would be confusing for a non-techy. Remote has a steep learning curve.

Overall Review: make sure you put this in a well ventilated area as it gets quite warm when pushed. Closed up in an entertainment center would not be a good idea.

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Decent sound12/29/2011 3:48:52 PM

Pros: I like it when things work right out of the box! reproduces good lows in our surround sound setup. Standby mode is a plus as our old one did not have that feature. It is used in a 14 x 20' family room and is more than adequate. My wife hates it. For that I wish I could add an extra egg!

Cons: None

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Runs everythign I've thrown at it12/29/2011 3:46:07 PM

Pros: I am not a gamer, but needed higher end graphics for video and photo processing. This really performs well and I've had video edit running on two screens at the same time with no stuttering.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Good card for working in Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS5

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LOTS of options12/29/2011 3:43:22 PM

Pros: More options than I needed, but I DID need the extra SATA ports and USB3. Worked right off with no problems.

Cons: nore so far

Overall Review: If setting up for hot swap SATA, set the BIOS for it before you install the OS. Learned the hard way. Windows 7 did not like the change made after that install and refused to boot. A re-install fixed the problem.

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Nice case12/29/2011 3:39:49 PM

Pros: I'm not a gamer, but needed a high end case with a lot of options for a high end build and this fit the bill. The LED fans look neat, but I don't really need that feature and leave them off unless someone wants to see them on. Good cooling and I like the hot-swap bays. Cable management was a cinch. Lots of room for the cooler, which is quite tall.

Cons: The plastic used for the feet is a little brittle and will crack easily, so be careful. If the red stripe is supposed to light up on the handle it doesn't. I don't need it, just noting the minor defect and not enough to knock of an egg.

Overall Review: I shouldn't outgrow this case. But, then I said I would never outgrow my XT computer with twin 5-1/4" floppys and a 5 mb hard drive, either....

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Good performance12/29/2011 3:29:25 PM

Pros: Not recording studio quality, but for the price, a good buy. sounds good. Seems to be more rugged than many others, especially where the cord is concerned.

Cons: A little tight for my big head at first. to justify this statement, I hear a size 8 hat!

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Works like a charm12/29/2011 3:27:10 PM

Pros: Flawless operation

Cons: none

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Fast SSD. Poor rebate!12/29/2011 3:24:44 PM

Pros: Loads my OS FAST. Easy setup. Newegg shipped fast and was well packed.

Cons: None regarding the performance or operation of the SSD. However, their rebate system leaves a lot to be desired. See other thoughts.

Overall Review: I sent in the rebate after making sure it worked properly, following all the little nuances that Intel requires, including signing the form and stapling the UPC code to the form. I got an email from them today stating that everything was received except the form, so the rebate is denied. How could they know WHO to send an email to if they did not have the form? They have the UPC, and it was STAPLED to the form! No fault of Newegg, but I knocked off two eggs for Intel's stupidity and me being out the rebate.

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Heavy Duty11/19/2011 6:51:32 AM

Pros: Good protection for use in an industrial area. Adjustable "stand" is handy. Front cover easily folds all the way back to be out of the way when using the tablet while walking about.

Cons: Port door is hard to access with cover on.

Overall Review: I wanted a HEAVY DUTY cover due to the area the tablet is exposed to. Yes, it weighs about the same as the tablet, but is well made and tough enough for industry. If you are a casual user or total weight is an issue, this is probably not for you.

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Does what is expected. Rugged.11/17/2011 3:26:48 PM

Pros: Short learning curve. Easiliy accesible ports. Excellent graphics. Takes full size SD card and has full size USB. Full size HDMI. Ruggedly built, which is a plus in an industrial envionment.

Cons: Could do without some of the factory installed apps which can't be removed without rooting.

Overall Review: Not the lightest tablet, but knew that going in. Since it is to be used in an industrial envionment (as well as personal use), I wanted something built like a tank and this is. Fingerprint issues were solved with a high quality screen protector which also reduces reflections on the screen in bright light. Sound quality isn't the best, but didn't expect surreal sound from such a small unit! Added a 32g SD card and bought Toshiba's case along with a stylus. Pleased with the entire package.

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