Reasonable, but lacking2/28/2021 8:17:54 AM

Pros: - Good coverage in open space - Supports wired connectivity for improved coverage - Switching between units while roaming works seamlessly.

Cons: - Cannot turn off broadcast of SSID - iphone app-based setup is opaque and clunky - Ability to list connected devices isn't very reliable - LED power/status light cannot be dimmed/turned off. But it makes a good nightlight, if you need that sort of thing.

Overall Review: - I've got 5 of these covering a 2 story house and outbuilding. It's old stone construction so I need more units than most people would to get decent signals. The house has lots of hardwire connection points, so the fact that these can all speak to each other via the hardwired connection helps a lot for coverage and speed. - Security is only passable. I would prefer not to broadcast the SSID, but there's no way to turn this off. - I think it's a design flaw to require installation of a separate app (on a different set of devices) to get a product up and running. Workarounds can be found online but for advanced setup, it's not very good. For the average home user, it will probably suffice, but may leave you less secure than you think. Review configuration carefully via the web interface, not the app!

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Excellent, but..8/9/2020 4:02:51 PM

Pros: Good switch with reasonable flexibility in configuration. I've used a bunch of Netgear products over the years, and they're all solid little machines.

Cons: Initially wants you to setup and register the unit with an iphone app (mostly so you can take a photo of the serial # & barcode to automatically enter the info. Yet another user ID in Netgear's menagerie of baffling support programs (inSight, MyNetgear, etc.), and dizzying array of constantly changing web site portals (,,

Overall Review: Perfectly good little switch. Configure directly via your web browser, forget it, and it will probably run forever.

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Terrible units2/12/2010 6:09:49 PM

Pros: Comes in black.

Cons: Sub-woofer unit has annoying low-level hum at all levels. Midrange/high units don't sit flat on a desk, and are prone to wobble. The angle of tweeter units cannot be adjusted. I really wanted to buy another unit of a previous Altec-Lansing model (# VS4221), which is no longer available (and is an excellent unit!), and thought this would be reasonably equal. It's not! This is not a comparable model, although it's designed and priced to be so. It's the dumbed-down, cheap-end cousin. A-L should be ashamed to have inflicted this on consumers.

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