Can't beat the value, but there are QC issues.5/19/2021 8:05:29 AM

Pros: - Price - Modular - you can remove the HD cages you don't need, for example, I've removed two cages and the long bar holding them from blocking the fan intakes which makes installation much easier.

Cons: - Fans are cheap molex, replace them with better 80mm 3pin/4pin PWM fans. - Fans are only mounted at one side of the front of the case. - Out of the three of these that I purchased, one of them had the front LED/button/USB board smushed in so the LEDs and buttons didn't line up with the holes on the front bezel. - Paint chips easily, plastic around screw holes will crack just by removing/replacing screws. - Rails are never in stock. - Sponge like air filters in the front air intakes will eventually just have to be removed entirely as they get clogged as there's no way you're going to be able to clean them, they're glued in. - If you use a PSU with a top intake fan then you're going to have to leave a U for intake space..

Overall Review: Overall you get what you pay for. All I needed were small cases to house my server nodes. I don't really care about the looks so the paint chipping off or the plastics cracking doesn't really bother me. If all you need are some 2U cases for some mATX servers then you can't beat the value of these. They go on sale often so watch for that.

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Great case!10/25/2010 6:53:40 PM

Pros: For a mid range mATX gaming case, this thing beats pretty much everything. It looks killer, the airflow is awesome, and it's got enough room to fit everything important: namely a large graphics card.

Cons: It didn't assemble itself, and it wasn't free.

Overall Review: A lot of people are complaining about cable management. All I can say is that if you're not getting a modular PSU in an mATX case you're crazy. Also the entire right side of the case, underneath the motherboard shielding, is bubbled out, run your cables there dudes! Why are you having so many problems? Cable management was a breaze with this case.

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Superb!10/25/2010 6:48:46 PM

Pros: This motherboard is completely amazing for an mATX performance gaming rig. I have an i3-560 and a GTX 460 connected to it and it's fast! Also the onboard audio, while not a full blown Creative X-fi, has got to be the first onboard audio chipset that hasn't sucked for me, and I'm pretty particular about audio.

Cons: It wasn't free.

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Amazing!10/25/2010 6:45:54 PM

Pros: Awesomely ridiculous cooler, fast, power efficient. This card is the way to go if you're going to buy a GTX 460. It idles at 31C and barely hits 50 under load. FAST FAST FAST.

Cons: It wasn't free.

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Rolls Royce of PSUs10/25/2010 6:43:12 PM

Pros: 80 plus Gold, modular, super quiet (fan has never come on as it's never needed!). The thing comes in a velvet bag, how cool is that?

Cons: None

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Fast and cool!10/25/2010 6:40:47 PM

Pros: This thing idles at lower clocks to reduce power consumption and heat, I've got it idling at 25-30C with the stock cooler!

Cons: None

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Great CPU!7/25/2010 8:55:37 AM

Pros: Low thermals and power consumption, great performance, GPU in package to make use of onboard video ports. Hyperthreading and VT-x are great for running VMWare ESXi 4.

Cons: None.

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Great Board!7/25/2010 8:52:44 AM

Pros: I installed this board in a Lian Li PC-V351B case, and it was a perfect match. It's being used as a VMWare ESXi 4 server running 2 linux VMs and 1 Windows 2008 R2 server VM.

Cons: Wish it had one more case fan header.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Amazing Case7/25/2010 8:49:25 AM

Pros: Lots of room inside, aluminum, dual fans up front, space for a full size PSU, screwless HD bays, cable channel up front for great cable management.

Cons: HD bay fan is a bit thick, get angled SATA cables!

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Does the Job5/5/2009 5:27:07 PM

Pros: Pretty cheap SATA lightscribe DVD burner, it does the job. Comes with a copy of Nero, who could want more?

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The eject button is round and not rectangular. An odd thing to complain about I know, but just so used to other drives I always have to look for the button.

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Fast and Stable!5/5/2009 5:23:46 PM

Pros: Fast and stable RAM.

Cons: SPD settings are JEDEC standard and will be slow. If you want to run it at 1066 FSB you MUST manually change the timings and voltage in your BIOS or else it will NOT be stable. Once it's done though you will have no problems!

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Fast and Cool5/5/2009 5:18:40 PM

Pros: Fast with the 6MB of L2, runs relatively cool with the stock cooler however I'm going to switch that out soon. Haven't tried overclocking yet but I hear it'll go pretty high. Very stable at stock speeds.

Cons: Doesn't clean my room and wash my dishes. I'm very torn about that.

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Fast!5/5/2009 5:16:52 PM

Pros: Fast card and keeps relatively cool under load. Lots of software extras included for overclocking and status monitoring. A free version of FRAPS on the driver disc was a bonus. Can't beat it coming with COD5 either. Works wonderfully in Windows 7.

Cons: The stock fan is audible under heavier loads, but it's not terrible, just turn up the sound a bit more. :)

Overall Review: EVGA is a class act, this card rocks!

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Silent Beast5/5/2009 5:11:57 PM

Pros: This is a beast of a PSU, it's quiet and reliable. All cables are sheathed for easy cable and airflow management.

Cons: Wasn't free?

Overall Review: Lots of connectors, almost too many.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Fast and Reliable5/5/2009 5:09:21 PM

Pros: Fast, stable, lots of BIOS options, huge amounts of connectors, heat pipe system for the northbridge and MOSFETS, easy case connector headers.

Cons: Front audio port header is under the first PCIe slot and depending on your video card you might have trouble getting it to fit. Larger CPU coolers might have problems clearing the rather large NB heatsink.

Overall Review: Awesome board, don't regret the purchase.

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