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Cons: NONE. It's and OS. If you give it a bad rating then shame on you and I hope you have a bad day.

Overall Review: It's Windows 7. It works. I like it.

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It's Not Rocket Science.6/25/2015 8:56:55 AM

Pros: They work. I've used them for three different PC builds and haven't had a broken on yet.

Cons: - NO CONS.

Overall Review: They're cheap and they work so BUY AWAY!!!!!!!!

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worth the price of admission6/25/2015 8:53:07 AM

Pros: - Simple to assemble. - Feels sturdy enough to hold TWO muslin cloths! - It's really freakin' tall!!!....if you want it to be...due to being able to raise or lower it. :D

Cons: NADA!!!

Overall Review: This is the perfect stand if you don't want to pay a lot or build a stand yourself. Buy it. Put your muslin cloth on it. STREAM ALL DAY AND MAKE DAT MONEY!!

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The Green Mile6/25/2015 8:46:45 AM

Pros: -It's Green -It's the size they advertised. -It's Green. -It has a pre-stitched loop. -It's Green.

Cons: -Didn't come with a copy of Con-Air staring Nicholas Cage.

Overall Review: It came folded up so it had some stubborn creases in it. My dryer took it out back and smacked it around a little and now it's straightened up. Overall it's Green and it's the right size so it does what I need.

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FX 8320 GAMMAXXIMUM COOLING!!!6/25/2015 8:34:53 AM

Pros: This cooler is super quiet. I had to look in my case to make sure the fan was running the first time I turned it on. It keeps my FX 8320 at 15c idle and around 25-30c while gaming with the pre-applied thermal paste. It was easily mounted inside an NZXT Guardian case without taking the Biostar TA970 mobo out. I have not tried OC'ing yet.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: If you're on the fence about buying this then go ahead and jump off and get in the neighbors pool because this thing is definitely worth it. DEEPCOOL scored with this cooler!

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Exactly What I Expected4/14/2015 10:54:42 AM

Pros: I bought this for a build for my step dad who mostly watches videos and plays the occasional Flight Simulator. I played some Minecraft on it at max settings and it rocked it like it was no problem. I watched a lot of videos of game play on this card before I bought it and saw that it would play some new games like Battlefield and Far Cry 4 on Medium to High settings. Don't mind the guy who gave it one egg because of a Mail-In-Rebate. That has nothing to do with the performance of the card.

Cons: None. Does exactly what I expected after watching youtube videos of it paired with my processor.

Overall Review: CASE: Rosewill FBM-02 Dual Fan MB: BIOSTAR H81MHV3 CPU: Intel Pentium G3258 RAM: Team Vulcan 8GB DDR3 1600 GPU: PowerColor R7 260X HDD: Western Digital 1TB 7200RPM PSU: Corsair CX430 80 Plus Bronze CD/DVD: Asus CD/DVD Burner OS: Windows 7 64 Bit Price: $525

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