Incompatible with i5-4590S8/15/2014 8:40:58 AM

Pros: This board has all the pros of the thin mini-ITX form-factor with all the features needed for an HTPC or desktop PC. It's priced in the same range as other mini-ITX motherboards which means in the end it comes out cheaper because all that's needed for a power supply is an AC adapter (19V 7.4mm * 5.0mm tip).

Cons: Even after updating the BIOS to 0602 this motherboard will not boot to the BIOS with an i5-4590S installed. I tried two different CPUs and two different H81T/CSM motherboards with the same results. I also tried earlier versions of the BIOS. The i5-4590S is on the QVL as of version 0503. This has become a very expensive project as a result of having to buy two CPUs and two motherboards to figure out the issue and it definitely the motherboard. Inserting an i3-4130 and G3220 it boots up no problem.

Overall Review: Don't try to run a Haswell Refresh CPU on this motherboard. Despite being advertised to work with the newer CPUs if you update the BIOS, it doesn't work and you will be out your money unless you're actually able to get a refund. It works great with the i3-4130 and G3220 though.

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Works great3/26/2014 10:06:14 AM

Pros: Worked with intended motherboard

Cons: None

Overall Review: I purchased these to use with the Giada MI-D2550GT-M motherboard. They work perfectly. Both sticks passed Memtest 86+ and I was able to install OpenELEC no problem. Specs: Iwill S197-H80 case Giada MI-D2550GT-M motherboard 12V 5A AC adapter 16GB USB stick

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Perfect for OpenELEC with a little tweaking1/29/2014 6:29:23 AM

Pros: - Built-in DC-DC power-supply so only AC adapter is needed (12V 2.5x5.5mm like picoPSU) - Quiet fan with great fan control in BIOS - Very low power (30W max measured with Kill-a-Watt) - Built-in Nvidia GT610 well supported in Linux/OpenELEC - Awesome for low-profile cases, especially with side-venting - mSATA slot

Cons: - LVDS is default video so when installing OpenELEC it can be a little tricky to get HDMI output (see below for fix) - No power to USB header when turned off which for certain IR receivers means it cannot be turned on from off - Lousy self-service support via Giada website; no documentation, drivers or BIOS updates available; site VERY SLOW

Overall Review: First thought: ignore the comment in the other review about Linux and the GPU. This motherboard mates the Nvidia GT610 to the Atom D2550. The PowerVR GPU is not used. It works perfectly for Linux and with a little tweaking, OpenELEC. Other thoughts: I've built several systems for clients using this motherboard. Almost all are for OpenELEC or XBMCbuntu though a few are for Windows. This version has an mSATA and one regular SATA slot presumably for an ODD. The fan is very quiet and the fan speed can be fine tuned in the BIOS which is great. It runs OpenELEC very well since the NVIDIA GT610 has very good driver support. With OpenELEC it's a bit tricky to setup at first because the HDMI is not the default output. You'll see the OpenELEC splash screen and then all is dark. To fix this first be sure to install OpenELEC with SSH and then do the following: 1. Plug in either an HDMI or VGA cable to the display and connect a network cable. 2. Boot OpenELEC and let it go from the splashscreen to the blank screen. 3. SSH into your OpenELEC system (usually called ‘openelec’ on the network) 4. Find the device ID for the monitor output (usually for HDMI it is DFP-1) cat /var/log/Xorg.0.0.log | grep DFP 5. Copy the NVidia config to where it's read from cp /etc/X11/xorg-nvidia.conf /storage/.config/ 6. Change to that dir and then edit the file cd /storage/.config nano xorg.nvidia.conf 7. Add this line in the Device section (with the right number for your device): Option "UseDisplayDevice" "DFP-1" 8. Exit and save 9. Reboot There is additional information on this process on the XBMC site. Besides this bit of tweaking, the only other real downside to this motherboard is the poor Giada website. There are no BIOS updates, no driver updates, no downloadable documentation. Support has been pretty responsive though. Overall, I would not hesitate to purchase this motherboard for OpenELEC/Linux. It's quiet, low-power, doesn't need an external DC-DC PSU (just the AC adapter) and runs really well.

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Excellent for media center HTPC DVR drive6/20/2013 3:06:57 PM

Pros: - Quiet for HTPC - Small enough for mini-ITX - Large capacity for many hours of HD recording - Runs cool - Suited for DVR applications, which is what I am using it for.

Cons: - None so far

Overall Review: I am using this a my bedroom HTPC which is a mini-ITX HTPC that uses Windows Media Center and a networked SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime to DVR TV. For the longest time I was using a 128GB SSD for both the OS and recordings but research made me paranoid enough to realize I was better off off-loading the recordings and live TV buffer to a regular drive and saving the write-cycles on my SSD. My mini-ITX case, a Realan E-K3 can fit 2 x 2.5" HDDs so I moved my OS to a 64GB SSD and my recordings/buffer to this 1TB drive. My biggest worry with adding a regular drive to a mini-ITX HTPC were heat and noise. This drive has neither. You cannot hear it at all and temperatures in this small case have remained the same. Despite being 1TB, this HDD is the standard height for 2.5" devices so it fit perfect. This then should have no problem fitting in a notebook. This in combination with an mSATA SSD in a notebook would be an excellent combination -- have the OS on the SSD and media on the 1TB drive. As for performance, I am not doing much to tax the drive but I don't notice (and don't expect to notice) a difference with the live TV buffer on the hard drive now. I do have what seems like some crazy number of hours of recording space now which is great in case I am not able to sweep the programs to my home server before space runs out. I can also keep copy-once recordings on this drive instead of moving them to the server which means they now won't show up on my other HTPCs that cannot see them. Overall, this is a great drive. I make a HTPCs for other people and if they want space for media or live TV buffer/recordings, this is definitely the drive I will use.

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Good thin mini-ITX motherboard with some quirks5/15/2013 9:19:25 AM

Pros: - Excellent price point - Very good fan control via eSF utility - On-board 19V DC power - Many features for mini-ITX PC - Intel-compatible CIR header - Works with easy to find Dell 19.5V 4.74A AC adapters from old/dead laptops making reuse possible

Cons: - Geared very much towards AIO so many useless headers for regular PC - GUI BIOS has no mouse control, some features like fan control cannot be changed - Hangs on boot with card reader plugged into USB3 - Only one display output for regular desktop use - mSATA standoffs not compatible with mSATA SSD screws - BIOS documentation does not match the shipped BIOS - Website hosted in Taiwan and very slow

Overall Review: I bought this motherboard to make a small office PC in the Realan E-Q6i case. I installed a G530 CPU, 4GB of DDR3-1333 SO-DIMM, a Crucial m4 64GB mSATA SSD and a Dynatron K199 CPU cooler. This motherboard is dead simple to work with, especially with these components. The only install issues I had were first with the mSATA SSD. The motherboard standoffs did not take the screws that came with the SSD. No screw I could find would fit and none were in the box. I ended up having to use electrical tape to hold the SSD down. The second was installing the CPU cooler. There are some components on the back that interfere with the install of the backplate. I had to add some spacers to the backplate brackets so the components would not be crushed. Once assembled on boot, the BIOS came up and was surprisingly a GUI BIOS. However, there is no mouse support. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the fan control from normal to silent. I ended up having to do this with the eSF utility. I'd rather not run the utility but change it in the BIOS. Form rules over function here and the documentation shows a different BIOS so it's of no help. The website is of no help either and is very slow. A nice thing I discovered is that this motherboard is compatible with older Dell 19.5V 4.74A AC adapters that I have from some old dead laptops so I was able to reuse those and save money. These can easily be found all over making a cheap build even cheaper. This motherboard also appears to have an Intel-compatible CIR header. I have not tried it yet but I have a Intel CIR receiver on the way to see if it'll work. The only other place to find an Intel CIR header is on much more expensive Intel motherboards. The included CD has some decent utilities and all the usual bloatware. It will try to install some even if you think you are just installing the drivers so beware. The eSF utility is worth installing for fan control. The custom setting works well for keeping the PC quiet. It works very well for fine-grained control. One issue I've been having is if our card reader is plugged into the USB3 port, boot hangs until it's unplugged. This might be due to a BIOS setting -- perhaps it's trying to boot from USB and hanging. I need to check this. Overall though, I will buy this motherboard again for mini-ITX builds especially given the price point. It can fit in the smallest of cases and without the need for any cables. It's a very good value especially considering the on-board DC power supply and the ability to use a laptop adapter that's very inexpensive and easy to find -- maybe even for free. It has its quirks but they can be lived with. The one I'd like to solve the most though is the BIOS fan control selection.

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Crazy power draw in BIOS11/28/2012 3:41:03 PM

Pros: Only mini-ITX motherboard available for FM2

Cons: Power draw is over 120W with an A10-5700K just sitting in the BIOS In open air with heatsink installed correctly, temperatures climb up and up over 60C just sitting in the BIOS Power draw and heat is a big issue with this motherboard

Overall Review: I've built many, many AMD APU machines with the A6-3500 and A8-3800 using a 120W power supply. The maximum draw I'd see with the A8-3800 was under 80W. Boy was I surprised when I switched on the A10-5700 and the Kill-a-watt meter spiked to 125W in the BIOS and the 120W power board in the machine completely died. The board would no longer register even with the PSU tester. I swapped the power board and managed to get into the BIOS, turn off Turbo, reduce the frequency and voltage and get it stable in the BIOS around 90W. The BIOS behavior of maxing out power and heat was not a huge surprise because the FM1 A75M-ITX does the same thing (and the cause of a few RMAs by my customers) but I didn't expect it to croak my power board. With the A6-5400K power draw is more like 80W (still too high for this APU) in the BIOS so no harm there. There's nothing I can do about it though. It's the only FM2 mini-ITX motherboard available. It's either use this or stop selling Trinity barebones PCs. There should not be this kind of power draw and heat just sitting in the BIOS. I suspect some busy wait going on maxing out one or more cores. It acts like I am running Prime95.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear AsRock Customer We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please check the CPU cooler has fully contacted and applied thermal compound as well. Download and update the latest BIOS at “ “ to check if the symptom still occurs. If you have any technical questions please contact us at We can assist you shortly. Thank you AsRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
Excellent HTPC board!10/27/2012 8:21:52 PM

Pros: - Very low power usage - Smooth 1080p HD playback - Plays Netflix HD (high CPU usage but it plays!) - HDMI - 4 x SATA - CPU fan is replaceable - Intel 2000 HD GPU (as reported by HWInfo)

Cons: - Noisy CPU fan - Some applications slow to install or load - Windows install takes a long time (unzip speeds seem slow)

Overall Review: I bought this recently to test as a HTPC board for use in the Iwill S197-H80 mini-itx HTPC case. This is a very tight 197mmx197mmx80mm case with little room or ventilation that needs a low power board. The problem is neither the Atom nor Zacate support Netflix HD streaming. I had high hope for this board with a Celeron mobile CPU and Intel 2000 HD GPU (the same as in the i3-2100 but underclocked). So far it's been brilliant in testing. 1080p MKVs play smoothly with hardly any CPU usage. Netflix HD video will play though with high CPU usage which ramps up the fan but at least they play! The board has HDMI which is required for HTPC. Generally it runs cool, around 50C when watching videos and maxed out around 70C with Prime95 large FFTs. Power draw numbers were very good as measured with a Kill-a-Watt (using a picoPSU 90, 60W AC adapter under Win7 Ultimate x64): Desktop: 15W 1080p MKV (using WMP): 17.7W Prime95 large FFTs torture test: 26.2W The downside is first the noisy CPU fan. It's a small 40x10 high-speed fan that can get loud when doing CPU intensive tasks. Most tasks are CPU intensive except watching video so it's ramping up and down a lot. Unzipping archives for install and Windows extraction for install seemed very slow. Some apps take a little while longer than with a desktop CPU to load. Overall, for the price, the form-factor, the power usage and everything else this is a fantastic HTPC board. I am definitely going to use these in HTPC barebones builds in the aforementioned case and I am ecstatic about it. This is a leap-of-faith having always avoided Biostar due to reputation so hopefully these hold up. If they do I hope to be buying a lot of them for these very small form factor HTPC builds.

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Read the fineprint10/12/2012 11:10:03 AM

Pros: It was cheap. I can probably replace the fan?

Cons: 3 PIN FAN! Cannot be controlled via CPU FAN header

Overall Review: I should have noticed when the specs said 2600RPM +/- 10% that this was a 3-pin fan on top of the heatsink. It just never occurred to me someone would actually make a HSF without fan control. I've never had a HSF without it. Unbelieveable. What a waste of time and money -- not have CPU fan control is a complete non-starter, especially for something meant to go into a small HTPC system that is going to be highly variable in temperature.

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Great RAM for Llano9/26/2012 6:01:30 AM

Pros: Good price, usually on sale the same as DDR3-1600 Great for FM1/Llano builds which can take advantage of the speed Blue :)

Cons: None

Overall Review: I've used several of these kits in barebones builds that I sell through my website. I use them with the ASRock A75M-ITX motherboard and the A6-3500 processor in the Realan E-i5 case with the Silverstone NT07-AM2 cooler. They've been very reliable, 100%, and all it takes is to go into the BIOS and set them to DDR3-1866. The integrated GPU can take full advantage of the 1866 speed. I keep seeing them on-sale for the same price as DDR3-1600 so why not (DDR3-1600 is really the sweet spot for Llano). These would not make sense for Intel however which maxes out at DDR3-1333.

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Power on issue with 1 of 3 motherboards9/20/2012 9:00:44 PM

Pros: Nice when it works (2 outta 3 ain't bad?) Well laid out and easy to work with I actually think the manual is fine

Cons: Won't power on without removing CMOS battery in 1 of 3 bought just last week. I/O shield is a royal pain. It gets caught up between the DVI and VGA outputs. SATA port orientation

Overall Review: I bought 3 of these for customer builds. 1 of them would not power on. I tried a different PSU and power button thinking the PSU or motherboard was bad. Then I came looking for issues in the reviews and found that I too have the issue where you need to unplug, remove/reseat the CMOS battery and then power on will work. It won't even reset from the BIOS. Everytime the battery has to be yanked. The really bad part about this is the builds are for a customer. I've already had a bad P8H61-I with this same customer that I had to exchange and pay for all the shipping back and forth. They are not happy and now I can only deliver 2 of the 3 machines they've already paid for. I don't have time to go through however many weeks/months a manufacturer RMA takes and these were part of a combination that I cannot lose the money on so hopefully Newegg will just do a straight-up exchange. I've always picked ASUS first and now I am not sure what I am going to do now for my business.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issue you had with the motherboard. We recommend RMA the motherboard so that our technicians can identify the source of the problem. If the motherboard is repairable, we will gladly do so. If not, we will provide you a replacement. Regards, Benson ASUS Customer Loyalty
Excellent6/10/2012 7:15:00 PM

Pros: - eSATA - Price - Doesn't blink the LED in S3 sleep

Cons: - Only 2 x SATA - Not as nice a BIOS as ASUS - CPU fan control

Overall Review: I am using this motherboard for my office PC in a Realan E-I7 mini-ITX case. If you know Gigabyte you know this board. It's nice and cheap, works well right out of the box and is nice and stable so far. On the plus side, it has eSATA which I needed. I love that Gigabyte has figured out no one needs the power LED to blink in S3 sleep making this a good HTPC board. On the minus side, it only has 2 x SATA so if you need more than a ODD and HDD you're out of luck. The BIOS is not the new graphical BIOS. The CPU fan tends to speed up and slow down constantly which can get annoying at all but the lowest settings. There does not seem to be BIOS control for a chassis fan -- it just runs at full speed. Overall I am very please with this board. It was cheap, does the basic things I need and works.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Worked well while it lasted4/18/2012 9:34:48 AM

Pros: Easy to install Protects hardware from sudden power loss Comes with software for power monitoring

Cons: Lasted only a little over a year

Overall Review: I've had this UPS since December 2011. It's been quitely doing its thing next to my server, network tuners a router and a couple of switches in the basement. A few weeks ago I hear this loud pitch alarm and the LCD shows 'overload' and everything is down. It's been running the same devices for over a year: a low power server (30W max), a couple of network tuners, a router and a couple of switches so I chalk it up to a surge, reset it and recover everything. This morning the same. Now though it keeps switching wildly back and forth between power and battery, clicking away, bringing all the equipment up and down, up and down. Even plugged in without anything attached it keeps doing it. I guess my $130 piece of equipment is now toast -- the ony piece that's supposed to be reliable and protect the rest. I am so angry right now.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your review on the CyberPower CP850AVRLCD. The problem you describe appears to be a unique situation. We would appreciate the opportunity to trouble shoot the problem and resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Please contact CyberPower Technical Support at 877-297-6937, M-F /8am-5pm CST. One of our concerns is the server may have an Active PFC power supply, which would require a UPS that has pure sinewave. The CP850AVRLCD has a simulated sinewave output. For Active PFC power supplies we recommend our Adaptive Sinewave products which offer pure sinewave at an affordable price. The CP850PFCLCD is one of our recommended models. For more information on Active PFC power supplies and the CyberPower Adaptive Sinewave UPS products check out our banner at our Newegg CyberPower Store page, which can be found under the Power Protection subcategory.
Perfect for Iwill HT80 (or any SFF) mini ITX HTPC case4/9/2012 2:45:25 PM

Pros: Lives up to the "silence" in its name Cools very well in a tight space Hefty, high quality Copper bottom with paste pre-applied 1U height without being a blower style (aka loud) Fits perfectly in Iwill HT80 mini ITX HTPC case

Cons: More expensive than competitors like the NT07-1156 or the new Titan 30mm HSF A bit of a pain to install with the four piece pins Can only be found at Newegg (re: scared of it going out of stock)

Overall Review: I needed a 1U (28mm) HSF for my new Iwill HT80 mini ITX HTPC case so that I could fit a G620 but still have the SSD mounted under the ODD tray. Most of the HSFs I looked at were either too tall or were server HSFs which reviews said were loud. I decided to give this Gelid a try and I am thrilled. Everything fits great in the case now. It's very quiet and even in the tight space while running Prime95 I never saw temps go over 125F. The system to install is a bit of a pain with these little black stick on rings that need to go on each side of the mounting holes and then each pin is four pieces so there's a lot of flipping the motherboard back-and-forth. It was worth it though because it completed my little Iwill HT80 bedroom HTPC. For these kind of SFF HTPC builds this will be my go-to HSF. Newegg please keep stocking these!!

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Awesome4/8/2012 6:57:55 AM

Pros: Super fast Easy to install WEI 7.8 (and that's on a SATA II port) Enough space for Live TV buffer and recordings before they can be offloaded to the server (unlike 64GB)

Cons: Hard to catch on sale

Overall Review: Oh, how I missed having an SSD when my 64GB from another brand died. I waited and waited for this one to go back on sale and grabbed it. I am not disappointed. It's super fast. W7 boots up in a matter of seconds and then the desktop is another few seconds. With the HDD it was minutes. This SSD has completely resurrected my office machine. Now I can only hope the longevity lives up to reputation. If it does, I'll be replacing my two other 64GB SSDs in my HTPCs with these, no doubt.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Good low profile HSF3/31/2012 11:37:49 AM

Pros: Price Cooling performance Solid metal mounting screws instead of plastic pins

Cons: No better than stock for noise Need to remove motherboard to install No copper bottom

Overall Review: I rebuilt my reference SFF HTPC into a small 9.4" x 8" x 3" enclosure so I needed a very low profile HSF. The Titan is 7mm shorter than the Silverstone NT07-1156 coming in at only 30mm. To me the noise characteristics are pretty much the same as the stock Intel heatsink but not as quiet as the NT07-1156. Still, you have to be within 3 feet to hear it. In the new enclosure, the G620/H61 with picoPSU, 64GB SSD, 250GB 2.5" HDD running with Prime95, climbed to only around 130F (54C). The Titan did a good job of keeping everything cool. The Titan's just a little bit shorter than I/O shield -- perfect for a SFF HTPC and it's cheap.

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Probably jinxing myself12/14/2011 1:00:09 PM

Pros: Fast, reliable and quiet.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: I've had this in my home server for nearly two years now and it's still going strong. Hopefully, posting this won't change that.

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DOA12/14/2011 12:58:00 PM

Pros: I now know what the "click of death" sounds like.

Cons: Arrived DOA.

Overall Review: I added this to my server but it could not see it. I then tried it in my HDD dock -- no luck there. I tried SeaTools and SeaTools told me to RMA it.

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WD5000AAKX11/15/2011 6:47:12 PM

Pros: It's a WD5000AAKX

Cons: None

Overall Review: I recently bought two of these. This is the WD5000AAKX but in a blue box. If you look at the pictures and expand the one of the drive itself you'll see. So far, so good with these drives.

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Very good, basic motherboard8/17/2011 7:10:36 AM

Pros: No issues with install. UEFI bios is nice. Board is simple and well laid out. I've had no problems with it at all. Excellent price. No frills.

Cons: Only two USB headers. No way to disable blinking power LED in sleep ASUS driver CD wants to install Norton and some other bloatware (just use InstallAll and then it'll let you unselect them)

Overall Review: I purchased this board open box last month here at Newegg. It looked like it was never installed and all the original packaging was there. The board worked like a charm. It was easy to setup, even more so since I also own the very good mini-ITX version. I am using it in my living room HTPC where I don't need things like USB3.0 and SATA III so it's been perfect. The downside is there are only 2 USB headers so I have front USB ports that I cannot hook up now. Also, like the mini-ITX, there is no way to keep the power LED from blinking when in S3 sleep. That's not so great for an HTPC. Overall though, for the money and performance I cannot complain. It's not perfect or "WOW!" but is very good hence the four star rating. ASUS H61 mobo / i3-2100 CPU / Kingston 64GB V100 SSD & 2GB x 1 DDR3 1333 RAM / WD 320GB HDD / Lite-On Bluray ODD / Antec EA380D PSU / nMediaPC 1000b case w/ LED / Happauge Win-TV 1250 tuner card

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Very Good Budget SandyBridge Board6/9/2011 7:56:17 PM

Pros: - Price / Value - Ease of use - Very stable and reliable so far - UEFI works with USB wifi keyboard/mouse

Cons: - No way to control blinking LED in sleep - Very very tight fit between RAM and picoPSU

Overall Review: I bought this motherboard to pair with a i3-2100 for a bedroom HTPC. I am using it in a Lian-Li PC-Q07 case with a Kingston 64GB SSD, Samsung DVD-RW, 4GB Kingston ValueRAM and a 120W picoPSU. The picoPSU is a very tight fit against the RAM. If the RAM had heatsinks it would not fit. The power LED blinks in sleep and there is no way to control it in the UEFI (new BIOS) so I had to unhook the LED. Other than that, this is a great deal for an Intel motherboard. It was very easy to install and works with no problems at all. The HDMI output connected right up to my Panasonic 50" plasma and everything was good to go. This is my go-to budget board now. I am thinking of getting another one with the G620 to replace an aging and power hungry AMD system.

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Poor Quality; Difficult Install5/11/2011 11:12:25 AM

Pros: - Can hold 2 x 2.5" in one 3.5" slot - Inexpensive - Made of metal

Cons: - Poor quality control; could only use 4 of 6 holes to attach in 3.5" drive space - Difficult to install 2.5" device without magnetic screwdriver (not what I want next to my 2.5" HDD) or very small fingers / tweezers.

Overall Review: I am using this in a Lian-Li PC-Q07 case for an SSD boot drive and 2.5" storage HDD. 2 of the 6 holes that the 3.5" screws go into are not usable including 1 of the 4 needed to fit into the PC-Q07's 3.5" bracket. One hole was not finished all the way through and one is crooked so no screw will go into them. I've kind of jerry-rigged it with the 4 holes. Installing the 2.5" devices into it was really hard since the screws are so small and the space is so small to hold them while holding the bracket and the drive in place. Some long thumbscrews would have been better. There are also no grommets to isolate the HDD casing from the metal bracket so it transmits vibrations to the bracket which cannot be secured properly due to the poor quality of the holes so it reverberates to the case. At least it was cheap and now I can plugged an angled SATA cable into my SSD!

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Nice but Difficult; PSU Cables Too Short!2/27/2011 8:45:44 PM

Pros: Lian-Li quality and good looks Included power supply enough for i3 / H55; made by FSP HDD and ODD under motherboard design means great ventilation and plenty of room above CPU Toolless HDD mount with anti-vibration rubber mounts Front USB and audio ports Slim ODD adapter and screws included Plenty of room for cable management

Cons: PSU cables too short for H55 motherboard and to reach undermounted HDD. 24-pin extender and molex to molex / SATA splitter needed (-1 egg for this) USB cables too long if you don't want to use them externally No expansion slot even though there is room Again with the 12 tiny little screws to open the case (just like the PC-Q07)!

Overall Review: I actually have the silver version but it's been discontinued so I am writing this here (same except color). I've been looking forward to building with this case since I first saw it. Everything was easy (even though you need to unscrew TWELVE tiny screws to get it open) until it came time to connect the mobo power on the GA-H55N-USB3. The 20+4 cable didn't reach. I had to use a 24-pin extender. Then, the SATA power wouldn't reach under to the 2.5" mount so I had to use a molex-to-molex+SATA power splitter to reach that and still supply power to the slim ODD adapter (ODD not yet installed - still waiting on sale). Building it requires a lot of turning it over and over to get things routed. Once built though it's GORGEOUS. I love Lian-Li's minimalist aesthetic. I love it. 84W Prime95, 31W idle, 5.5W S3 sleep. Core i3-540 Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 Kingston V100 64GB SSD 4GB GSkill Ripjaws DDR3 1333

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Died in under 3 months2/12/2011 8:18:00 PM

Pros: Showed the time when it worked

Cons: Died - most pixels no longer show and backlight is slowly getting dimmer. Pain to program when it did work. I recommend their products in forums that help people to build HTPCs.

Overall Review: Well, it died tonight almost three months to the day. Going to the nMediaPC site is useless. The link to the support/FAQ page goes nowhere. There's no information on warranty or RMA anywhere on their site. I am going to try the customer support email and request a replacement. What happens with that will decide if I continue to recommend their products in the forums I participate in to help others build HTPCs.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good Value, Better than Stock1/23/2011 6:20:52 PM

Pros: Easy to install; Comes with thermal pad already installed; Better noise profile than stock heatsink; Copper and aluminum; Fits mini-ITX board and Lian-Li PC-Q07 case Cheap!

Cons: Sometimes there can be a whistling noise at high speeds

Overall Review: Overall, this is a really good heatsink/fan, especially for the price. It installs the same as the stock heatsink though it seems to be a little easier to insert the pins into the motherboard. For the most part, it's pretty quiet. The noise profile is mostly air wooshing from the fan. Once it gets going it can make a high-pitched whistling noise. It's still much better than the stock heatsink noise. I like that it has a copper bottom and comes with the thermal pad already installed so no need to pay extra for thermal paste. It fits just fine with my Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3 mini-ITX board, i3-540 and Lian-Li PC-Q07 case. You definitely can't beat it for the price.

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Last build with this case12/28/2010 10:18:01 AM

Pros: Small case that takes standard parts; Decent price; All metal - no plastic; room enough inside for cable management and decent airflow.

Cons: 6 tiny black screws on each side need to be unscrewed to take apart. Any changes and you get to take at least 6 off to get back inside the case. Quality seems to be lacking because case rear panel showed up bent (I was able to bend it back thanks to it being metal). Worst of all front USB ports were installed upside down with one port missing the black insert and all the pins bent back. See below for the reply on the RMA request.

Overall Review: I guess I won't be getting an RMA any time soon. This is the reply I got back: "Failed to deliver to '<>'LOCAL module(account reports:account is full (quota exceeded)". Sounds like there's a lot of RMA requests going unanswered if the mailbox is full of them. I did find the front USB cable/assembly for sale at one website for $13 + $5 shipping so nearly 1/3 the price of the whole case. I am not happy. This is definitely my last build with this case. My clients love it but I am tired of the screws. I guess it's a good thing this particular disaster is my personal build. No more PC-Q07 for me. i3-540 / GA-H55N-USB3 / Mushkin 4GB / IPSG 64GB SSD / ASUS DVD / TP-Link PCI-e Wireless N / Antec EA-380D.

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