Solid Case12/25/2011 6:53:36 PM

Pros: - Sound dampening material - Hard drive mounts reduce vibration noise - Finish is superb - No sharp corners/edges

Cons: - Heavy - 5" Drive Mounts were not in hardware box and were freely floating around in the case resulting in finding them in multiple places

Overall Review: I have been a builder for around 10 years now and have always respected Antec as one of the best case and power supply manufacturers. The level of quality put into their cases is top-notch. There is never any fit issues that you find with cheaper manufacturers. For the cost you can't find a better no frills case.

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It's OK11/19/2008 8:30:23 AM

Pros: Graphics are superb, on-par with those of COD4, thought the lighting seems a bit better. The single player mode is quite fun, the campaigns are fairly smooth and move at your momentum. Different weapons from what we have seen in the past.

Cons: I think it is about time that there is an auto-update or some other option of getting patches. At the very least the should be hosted on the games own website and not require you to goto fileshack or some other source that requires you to register on their site. The multiplayer weapon choices seem to make little sense, though it is probably a difficult tradeoff between realism and pleasing the fan base. Just seems odd for Japanese soldiers to be running around with Springfields. Perhaps I am just a purist.

Overall Review: So far I think that the flame thrower is just about the most enjoyable thing in the game, though the range is extremely limited (more so than it's real life counter part). It is pretty cool that you can actually arc the flame for a little more range though. TDM, FFA, or any continous spawn MP mode is about annoying. The spawn points flip so frequently that many times you are spawning on top of the enemy. If you like(d) COD4 MW, you will probably appreciate this follow-up. I give this title 4 eggs as it delivers just not all the way.

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Still ticking2/2/2008 10:23:19 AM

Pros: I have had this case for quite sometime. I have since had 3 upgrades and even moved 3 times since owning this case. I know some were concerned that the slot bracket would wear over time but it is still as sturdy as the day I got it, even after multiple times pulling cards out for new ones. This truly is the longest I have owned a case and I usually replace because of stripping and other wear and tear issues. I have yet to have even a dent in this thing. A lot of people have commented about the side grate. The good thing is that you are able to constantly see in your case so you know when to get in and remove the dust bunnies. I also used the grate to mount a 90mm fan positioned to blow onto my videocard, I thought it was very usefull having the grate there! The last plus is the removable mobo tray, it has enough of a gap in it that you can run front pannel wiring as well as other cables. This makes my computer appear completely uncluttered which is aesthetically and thermally pleasing.

Cons: The front pannel LED is a tad on the annoying side, it sits on top of my desk and is about eye level to my right. Opening the door or covering it with tape will solve that issue.

Overall Review: If you are looking to build your own computer then buy this case with out a single worry in your head. It is easily the best built case I have ever used. While I have replaced everything in my computer three times since owning this case I have never even once considered replacing this little gem.

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About the KO series HSF's2/16/2007 3:00:16 PM

Pros: doesnt get any better.

Cons: none

Overall Review: If you own a P5n32 SLI board you might want to consider getting a new mobo or finding low profile molex and sata cables, this HSF will interfere with the additional molex power connector below the first pci-e slot and the sata cables will interfere if running in SLI mode. just some food for thought.

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About the OEM scare1/31/2007 8:33:48 PM

Pros: Hmm, DX10...

Cons: There does seem to be an issue with some faulty drivers that cause the dreaded BSOD when finalizing install after a restart. Simply allow the dump, restart in safe mode and restart and it will be fine. After the restart make sure you update the problem children.

Overall Review: OK there has been a lot of speculating that you can not upgrade with an OEM version. This is just rampant scare tactics. What type of Vista do you think is going to be in every Dell/gateway/hp etc. Not to mention, in windows itself under the system performance section it states that, "you can increase your base score by upgrading individual compnents." Stop scaring people off, Vista is going to push the market into a Vista only world for PC users. Whether or not you want to get Vista doesnt matter, eventually you will either have it or be quaint with your current config for the next 10 years.

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1/26/2007 4:35:21 PM

Pros: Smart design lack of GDI promises graphics performance boost increased security less buggy than original XP launch

Cons: A bit ram and video intensvie. Was running on a PD 3.4/ 2gb ddr2 800/ SLI config'd 7800gtx's / raid-0 10k 74gb Raptors. With my config I woudl suggest more ram and better video performace and possibly a Core2Duo to truly experience Vista properly.

Overall Review: I have been on the beta since last April. over the updates to the Beta I can tell that it is comign together better. The MC feature is much better than previous version, just nice added features to the original. Driver signing is an issue for the 64 bit versions so be aware if your using hardware that requires 3rd party drivers. While the improvement to XP by removing the GDI in Vista had been made, only games made for Vista will use this feature. This is done through emulation which translates into a decrease in performance of pre-Vista titles. All in all moving to Vista is not going to be a choice when hardware and software releases become available for Vista only. Though that probably wont be for a year or so.

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Awesome with MacBook Pro8/11/2006 8:00:34 PM

Pros: Worked flawlessly with my MacBook Pro, 15" 2.16ghz. I noticed right away a significant speed boost in start-up from stock 1ghz.

Cons: Maybe the price but you get what you pay for.

Overall Review: If only I can get a 10k rpm for my laptop I would be completely happy :D

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Really cool...6/21/2006 5:42:13 PM

Pros: I must say I was a bit worried when I replaced my 650 for this processor, worried that it wouldnt be enough of a bump to justify the upgrade. I was reassured when I saw that my 3dmark05 score increased by over 1k points.

Cons: HT tech would be a great bonus but is only on the PDEE cpus.

Overall Review: When installed with generic heat paste I was getting temps around 24-30 celsius, I recently appled some AS Ceramique, also from newegg ;), and I am running below 20 degrees now. Great combination putting the two together.

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Works really well6/21/2006 5:31:24 PM

Pros: Works really well, within first monitoring of it my temps have gone down 10 degrees on my PD950. I would expect that number to improve as it makes it's full bond. Used a business card to spread this on my processor and worked wonderfully, just a little dab covered the whole processor surface.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Running dual-core 3.4ghz @ 15 degrees cel. Who says P's run too hot? I agree with the other guy too, this stuff doesnt taste good at all >:o

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Very Good for the Buck6/16/2006 7:35:29 AM

Pros: Cheaper than the CL3. Fast and stays relatively cool. Is SLI certified RAM. Matched pair. It's Corsair!!

Cons: Timeings are not the greatest but they are still good and almost half the cost of Corsiars other DDR2 800.

Overall Review: When can we get 4gb sticks?

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Check Asus SUpport First6/16/2006 7:08:10 AM

Pros: Make sure you guys check the asus support site before popping in your Pentium D's. Most of them require at least BIOS rev 308 or higher. The 950 requires 310 so make sure you use ASUSUpdate to flash from the ROM file that you can download of their website. It takes about 10 secconds and will ensure that you wont have any problems.

Cons: Just that Legacy 4-pin Molex power positioned right below the top PCIE 16 slot. Gets in the way of mounting a Vid card with a large HSF.

Overall Review: If you are buying this to build your own and you dont know what your doing take it to a shop or someone who does know. Writting bad reviews about something that is your fault not productive.

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Not sure what the fuss is about6/3/2006 2:02:42 PM

Pros: Aparently some people have just had some really bad luck or user error is involved. I am running this in my system: P4 3.4 2mb LGA 2gb's DDR2 800mhz 2-7800GTX's 256mb per P5n32 SLI Deluxe 2ZS Sound ATI 550 Theater tv tuner 2-74gb RAID-0 10krpm SATA 250gb SATA2 DVD ROM DVD-r/w Works just fine and much smoother than my previous PSU, no hiccups of any sort.

Cons: Could use more input jacks, as it stands I had to use a Molex to SATA adaptor for my third HD.

Overall Review: I am not exactly sure what previous persons problems were but rest assured that these do work and run SLI just fine.

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Better Than Liquid Cooling4/26/2006 10:24:47 PM

Pros: Ok, this running on my P4 3.4/2mb L2/775 I am getting temps that are 24-26 cel idle and 29-32 running full load. I even OC'd my processor to 4.0ghz and saw no increase in temps. Simply amazing. This is probably the most cost effective way of cooling your system. I remember a time when playing games for too long of a time would cause my system (previous system) to bog down. This has never happened.

Cons: The LGA clips that the instructions said to use didn't work, too long. The short clips worked but there is the slightest movement, a slight wiggle.

Overall Review: get a shark case, my previous case was about 5 degrees warmer.

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READ THIS FIRST!!!4/18/2006 12:20:32 PM

Pros: Ok people, before you go off and reformat your harddrives and put this OS on make sure you do somethings first. Ensure that you have drivers for all your hardware that is either Windows MCE specific or WHQL certified stored on either removable media or on another harddrive. you CAN NOT INSTALL DRIVERS THAT ARE NOT WHQL CERTIFIED MCE WONT LET YOU. Which is why some of you have been having issues getting ethernet drivers and such to work.

Cons: the WHQL does cause some issues but does help ensure better stability and compatibility between hardware.

Overall Review: I have a P5N32-SLI Deluxe Mobo and while the manufacturer says that it doesn't support MCE it does work with it. Once again aslong as you can get WHQL drivers you will be ok. Do what I did, search manufacturers of Media Center PC's and see if you can get a configuration with your hardware. THis is the easiest way to reassure yourself as there really isnt much literature about it on the net as M$oft wants you to buy 4 grand systems from their trusted partners. Good Luck!!

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