Awesome GPU1/20/2020 5:41:07 AM

Pros: Works fantastic runs very cool and quiet and looks amazing

Cons: Not a lot of RGB and it’s not the best RGB but I like it

Overall Review: Only 2060 Super that is white for my build and it works as well as any other 2060 super I’ve used from other companies. It DOES not have the second plug in and IT DOES NOT NEED it

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Awesome monitor1/20/2020 5:39:10 AM

Pros: -Beautiful design -Shipped extra safely with loads of protection in the box -No dead pixels -5min Set-up -Awesome lighting and couldn’t ask for more 1MS 144Hz

Cons: -No VESA buuuuuut TONS of aftermarket to replace the stand with a bolt in block that bolts into the stock back mount that IS VESA compatible

Overall Review: I love it, going on 3 months with it no and no issues. The lighting is on the darker/ambient side of things but there are other settings that brighten it up but I found it to be my preference. No screen tearing, compatible with G-Sync//Free Sync

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Tyler, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI Optix G27C2! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Beautiful AIO1/20/2020 5:35:51 AM

Pros: -Awesome colour -simple instructions -easy fitting parts

Cons: -USB from pump for RBG is a little wonky and loose just gotta slap it in last and not jiggle to much and your good to go -Thermal paste in my case was NOT enough. Unsure if it was misapplied before hand or if it simply needed to have more but scrubbed it off re-applies and she’s golden

Overall Review: If you have a white build like me THIS IS THE ONE. Yes more $$$ but worth every penny so far

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Best bang for your buck no discussion1/20/2020 5:18:08 AM

Pros: -Very Powerful runs AAA without hesitation -Cost effective for the power it brings to the table and all the supporting things it needs are also in a nice low price setting and you still get excellent quality regardless of price for them

Cons: -Runs on the warmer side but not as warm as I originally had it. I figured out AIO did not have a correct amount of thermal paste so it was roughly 10-15*c hotter than it needed to be at load usually runs low to high 50*c with a max of what I’ve seen at 62*c with everything being all set in

Overall Review: 100% would recommend I got the X as I wanted to over lock and push the boundaries. Ended up not even having too.. so if you want to flex on the homies go ahead grab the X otherwise save some $$$ and get the normal 3600 as it literally doesn’t need it... YET I’m sure as technology improves as usual in the future it would be wiser for the X but honestly right now If it’s just for gaming the 3600 would be enough

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Awesome Purchase1/20/2020 5:12:48 AM

Pros: -Beautiful ans customizable RGB -Pre-set RAM Profile that gets instantly picked up by MOBO

Cons: -Runs on the warmer side temp wize up to around 42*C at full load running a AAA Title with many background applications running as well. But not a concern unless you are running a mini ITX and aren’t looking for a mini oven as far as a rig

Overall Review: Would definitely recommend I mean everyone already knows Corsair makes some really nice RAM sticks with an awesome customizable RGB profile with their easy ICue software

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Awesome cost effective and performing motherboard1/20/2020 5:09:34 AM

Pros: All the plugs ins RGB! Very clear instructions manual All the online support COMES WITH GEN 3 RYZEN BIOS PRE-INSTALLED.

Cons: USB 3.0 Header placed at bottom right corner of motherboard and is the only one. May or may not be awkward for some depending on bottom or top mounted PSU and or case size and bottom fans size.

Overall Review: Works great, 0 issues. Posted up first try picked up Corsair RAM profile right away, Overclock wizard auto magically boosted my Ryzen 5 3600x. I have already recommended it to 2 friends who have since purchased and are also running the board without any issues. Only thing to worry about with this board is the fact that it won’t be as future proof as an X570 when PCIe GEN4 comes out but at the time of this review it’s still a solid purchase and will last for time to come

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Good Case1/20/2020 5:04:51 AM

Pros: Beautiful colour Good placement for everything Lots of space for cable management Comes with all required assembly hardware and more Clear instructions manual

Cons: Airflow could be an issue depending on if you use water cooling VS Air. Bottom airflow to single back exhaust with no other outtake can create a little big of a hot box. If you are buying this case with RBG in mind DO NOT GET THE CASE WITH INCLUDED FANS. Case DOES NOT come with fan controller and remote therefore leaving RGB control and Fan speed UNCONTROLLABLE unless you purchase the after market components afterwards therefore I would recommend buying with not fans and buying your own fan setup with controller and etc

Overall Review: Overall I would recommend for anyone going the water cooling or at least a hybrid (water cooling AIO for CPU and/or GPU ft. 6 fans)

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