great little card for htpc2/21/2012 9:35:04 PM

Pros: put in lian li pc-37b and i don't hear it running and seems to produce little heat. windows experience index gives it a 7.1 for gaming graphics and 7.1 for desktop aero performance. haven't played games through it but have run multiple blu ray movies and worked great (used an oem copy of windvd 9 that came with LG blu ray cd drive). I'm happy with it enough that i ordered a second one today to use in another build.

Cons: wish the price was a bit less than current $99, otherwise i have no complaints

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great little motherboard2/14/2012 10:07:34 AM

Pros: not a single glitch after assembly, everything booted and worked 1st time without any troubleshooting (haven't tested the parallel or serial port yet). Using athlon low power (45w) 610e processor, windows 7 64 bit, sapphire hd6670 low profile, and lian li pc-37b case. Windows experience lists as 7.1 for proc, memory, etc with the lowest rating being 6.9 for intel 80gb model 320 ssd.

Cons: I haven't come across any cons, board just works.

Overall Review: when i read other reviews it seemed to me folks were mostly dinging it for not having more features. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It is a $59 mb and though it doesn't have some of the features when mb models and prices go up to $89 - $249, i didn't need those for my htpc build. folks that complain about not having this or that when it is clearly listed in the specs and its a low cost board, well i guess these are the kind of folks that expect a free meal when gracing others with their presence.

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very nice case4/29/2011 11:36:58 PM

Pros: The layout accommodates an asus hd6870 with good clearance, on my prior antec solo i had to remove the lower drive cage (rivet removal no fun). With the 3 front fans it keeps the motherboard nice and cool (asus p67 sabertooth with i7 2600k) with fans at lowest speed. With the lights off in the room, the red leds on the fans look awesome, and it gives a nice glow inside the case. Don't let the picts on newegg discourage you if the red looks too bright, its actually a deeper and more subdued, perhaps richer looking red. The metering on the camera must have been a bit off. My wife thought i was stupid for getting a red case, when i pulled it from the box she thought it was pretty nice.

Cons: Couple of things i noticed, first the cutout to help with cpu cooler backplate doesn't allow me to remove\change it without pulling the motherboard. I suspect this has a bit to do with the asus design as there are motherboard mounting points where the cutout would need to be to work for other layouts but something might want to be aware of. also the usb ports on top of the box need the cables snaked to the back to take advantage of usb 3.0, the header adapter is usb 2.0.

Overall Review: I really like this case, i've had several antecs, a couple of prior lian li's, and a coolermaster. the taller layout and nice finish best all prior cases by a good margin, i'm very happy with it.

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