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Philips Performance SHP9500 Over-Ear Open-Air Headphones - EXCLUSIVE - Black
Philips Performance SHP9500 Over-Ear Open-Air Headphones - EXCLUSIVE - Black

Pros: - Price, you probably won't find another decently priced pair of open-backs that sound as good as these. - Most comfortable pair of headphones you'll ever try, never too tight on your head and stay comfortably unless you move too much. - Accurate if your genre is heavy on mid's or high's (classical, pop, rock, alternative, etc). - Sound stage is fine for use with video games, classical music. - I've found myself falling asleep with these on listening to podcasts or music late at night, they're just soo comfortable - They look great

Cons: - Open back, so just expect everyone to hear what you're listening to, still fine to listen to at full volume in the car, though, as the road noise usually drowns everything else out. - Lacks the low bass from genres like EDM but these are so enjoyable and the clarity is that good in some EDM songs that you might not care to take notice.

Overall Review: - A good pair to keep around if you already own a pair of closed-back cans or wireless bluetooth headphones, which I assume are already efficient in bass as you'll be using these mostly at home. - Fun contrast to compare the clarity on these against other closed-back cans with songs where you might find those heavy bass to muddle out highs/mids. - Probably a choice of preference if you want to listen to these with movies (I prefer hearing the lower deep bass on other cans). - Work surprisingly well as ear muffs during the winter or cold to keep your ears from freezing, if you don't mind people hearing what you're listening to, or for taking lonely walks outside.

30 Pin Docking Male to 8 Pin Female Data Adapter For iPhone 4 4S i Pad 2 3
30 Pin Docking Male to 8 Pin Female Data Adapter For iPhone 4 4S i Pad 2 3

Pros: - Works well with any lightning cable, I use this to charge my iPhone 4 with the same cable for my iPhone 7. (good music player to keep on hand inside the car) - Way cheaper than other solutions (I know how fragile those 30 pin cables are), durable so far during the couple months I've had it now. - Syncs with my computer

Cons: - The whole design lifts up towards you just slightly in a curve, doesn't lay flat, but I don't mind it as it works for what I need it to.

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STAY AWAY if you want your packaged shipped on time. I have YET to receive my package. Seems like most items get shipped to some remote island in VAVA'U ,TONGA first, until they eventually get stuck in Customs for FIFTEEN DAYS without movement (Origin Post is Preparing Shipment USPS). Find items that are shipping from inside your own country instead! I don't think the $5 difference is worth it if you're going to receieve it a FULL MONTH from purchase date. I hope my package does arrive soon eventually, but I have already purchased another adapter from a different supplier located in the US.

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