Great low-end card2/19/2013 11:27:57 AM

Pros: The card is great for a low-end system and a huge increase from my Dell insperon 560 (witch is still cpu bottlenecked by a PentiumDuleCore E5800) It can run older games at very playable framrates (30-60 average) I run them with a 1600x900 monitor resolution @60Hz I play a heavily moded skyrim with all the hd mods and i get 20-40fps with my cpu bottlenecked (trust me skyrim needs cpu power) (high settings FXAA, NO MSAA) I just beat Deadspace 3 at a steady 60fps (max settings SMAA) Boarderlands 2 (40-60fps max settings, Physx max, FXAA) (cant have super Physx unless you have a GK104 chip card like a 660 ti or better) Fallout3 and NewVegas run 40-60fps heavily moded (max settings FXAA no MSAA) (also a CPU demanding game) Minecraft w/Optifine x2AA (40-60fps ) drops due to bad CPU and chunk loading Leauge of Legends (constant 60fps max settings, Driver applied FXAA) keep in mind I use the stock Overclocking software (GigabyeOC GURU) to give my card better GPU performance and its super easy and safe to use I have no heat problems with this Overclock and I don't get driver crashes: +145 MHz GPU Clock +746 MHz Memory Clcok

Cons: GPU demanding games wont run well though Crysis 3 BETA (15-20fps medium settings) Farcry 3 (15-20fps medium settings ) Assassins creed 3 (30-60fps, 18fps in Boston on normal settings w/TXAA) Uni Engine Haven benchmark max settings, max AA, Extreme tessellation (7-13-23* fps) (*Its ok I guess but, I don't know if this is accurate because it was an old test)

Overall Review: I plan on getting a rig with an i5-3570k and a GTX 660ti so I can really Game but this is a huge upgrade from integrated Graphics and at a good price I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR A SHORT TERM SOLUTION AS IT IS COSTLY! IT WOULD BETTER TO GET A BARE MINIMUM OF A GTX 660 (preferably from newegg) FOR A LONG TERM GRAPHIC SOLUTION

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Its a cable?2/3/2013 8:57:54 AM

Pros: Its a dvi-d cable and it works flawlessly.

Cons: It doesn't make everything else about you computer better

Overall Review: If you wright a bad review about this because you got a defective cable then I feel bad that you were really unlucky

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