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brand to get7/16/2011 9:27:56 PM

Pros: with 5 comps and 9 DVD burners different brands and firmware never one single coaster

Cons: none

Overall Review: hope they stay the same way for that price at least for a while

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mild upgrade7/16/2011 9:14:58 PM

Pros: Installed on Optiplex desktop, working fine, not that much better then original chipset video but it does give more options on resolution and refresh did improve, not a game card, not expensive, well built. If you don’t need VGA it is mild inexpensive upgrade for business and browser. One will get DVI and HDMI output cheap.

Cons: Low profile use makes it into 2 spaces card; it means wasted PCI slot and then on Dell desktop for example VGA has to be flipped over to the back then cable is almost too short for that: 1/16 inch less and would have to send it back or get your own VGA cable. Heatsink is rather crude – built with finer more ribbed element would be way better and smaller for no-fan card.

Overall Review: I did not ever bother with rebate – too many people fighting it. I figured I just save that postage and not get annoyed. Consider that and short VGA cable I would never buy MOBO from ASUS if this how they plan ahead. Magic word - "competition". Thereof - who needs whom?

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works well7/8/2011 5:42:47 PM

Pros: Installed on Optiplex 745 desktop Pentium D used for business, runs very well on 32-bit Vista and 32-bit Linux

Cons: none so far, no errors, no problems

Overall Review: Could have aluminum heat spreader yet is not really required

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get them when you can6/23/2011 10:37:17 PM

Pros: Installed in 2004 A-Open MOBO, system set it up at 2,2,2,5 in auto, it is working good so far, running constant 48 hours and did some reboots just to see if it does not get goofy. Heat spreader is from aluminum, I would prefer heavier copper like my 2 sticks of PMI before in this system, but as they say “they don’t make them as they used to”. I set it up in 2 original slots; POST is fine every time, system became most definitely relaxed now with these faster chips, especially with dense graphics information, slapped 20 pages of firefox junk on it and no problems. I did not run any games – have none, I suppose licking jam through the jar is not my forte, but I did run Edius 4 in HD and some ADA custom nav apps, which came out fast and in full glory. Happy with it and will stay so if it lasts. PMI at 2.5,3,3,7 did worked for years with no a single fail or thermal. This pair of G.Skill chips surprised me and I got them without having to mortgage my bass boat. Thank you NewEgg again!

Cons: I hope none

Overall Review: The junior engineers posting here and there having problem with bus speed at 400 need to check again how processor and ram talk – DRAM speed is no modulation tweak on 10 meter radio, cannot crank it up just because one would like to and can, because if so desired and missing data what will happen, is that the results will not be so cool. Thank heaven core of BIOS is written in machine code and mostly hidden or there would be burned out MOBO's piling up like diapers every trash day at the curb.

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Good flash drive12/13/2007 11:35:22 AM

Pros: I’ve got under 14 MB/sec write and 19.96 MB/sec read on single 599 Meg ISO file. Then copied 2.1 Gig folder loaded with small files including CBT material and it took less then 7 minutes. No noticeable temperature change - Gizmo stayed cool to touch, which tells me that actual chipset should last. It has small blue flashing tail LED during activity, cap is snap-on, and loop for neck strap is there if one needs. Price for the capacity is very reasonable and free ship from NewEgg just sweetened the deal.

Cons: None so far for what it is designed to do – store 8 Gig of data in your pocket and get it out at reasonable speed when you need it. However, it does not bark when touched, no rotating light is built in and it will not survive direct shot from 44 magnum. .. Just kidding, of course. There is no write-protect switch but I would say it is only letting dust in if installed. Security / encryption maybe needed for some but since there is plenty of room to install your own I myself would not consider that to be con thing.

Overall Review: Unit is well built, small, smooth candy-like finish and somewhat plain yet cool looking. It is definitely designed for durability but with dress shirt in mind. Not for storage in a back pocket next to screwdrivers, crimper and that stick of gum used for emergency repair of broken RJ-45’s (please forgive the sarcasm). This one is simple high capacity flash drive with no fancy software or special drivers, and can be used as bootable if so desired. I have few other flash drives but I needed 8 Gig right now and am glad I bought one. It plays VOB files without a glitch, you can store ridiculous number of picture or MP3 files from those downloads done at work, and there is still room for actual work stuff. Love it! NewEgg definitely rocks.

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Useful3/13/2007 9:24:42 PM

Pros: RocketFM will work for you if you do not expect this to be Hi-Fi quality radio station. There are things that you need to consider, like frequency response 50HZ to 15 kHz and range 10-30 feet. When I hooked it up to desktop comp, I was able to get OK reception to 20 feet through the wall and listening to gapless Vocal Trance was just fine. It is not manufacturer’s fault thou – those transmitters are limited by rather strict FCC regulations. Nice spec: this thing can be set to transmit between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz ( but only for XP, so if you have W2k you can only use 88.1 MHz and you need generic driver from MS website or SP4).

Cons: Frequency response 20 – 20 and 250mA output would make it real nice, but this would get you into situation of “not authorized broadcasting” with FCC and there you go to Gulag for unpaid vacation ! (Just kidding,, I think….)

Overall Review: Gizmo actually looks good too – kinda Buck Rogers yet cool. If you need something for dorm room, one bedroom, office cube; this will do. It does stereo as well. Do not expect to plug it in and enjoy Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in e-minor over your jogger radio when mowing grass around your house. Ideal for presentations emergencies thou – plug microphone and this FM transmitter to your laptop and use any boom-box as amplifier. Also: it has 3 feet of cable - get USB extension cable from NewEgg.

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well built with a twist2/26/2007 12:12:33 AM

Pros: Very well made drive but it comes with a booby trapped upgrade to Nero that will trash your DVD shrink standard settings with no return unless you have full HD backup. Check DVD geek sides before you touch the CD that comes with it. You have two choices: either upgrade your Nero and then shop around for DVD shrink patch giving you another option for rip or break the CD that comes with this drive in half and use shareware version of Light Scribe for few bucks. There are about 4 available now. To be more specific, new Nero is doing what Vista will do with many wares you have. It is certainly fun to watch. Anyway, the drive by itself is well built, and when running test read it gave me 60% better read speed then top liner Plextor base unit.

Cons: CD Nero upgrade DVDshrink trap

Overall Review: not allowed lol, but I would like to see this drive in silver color and available.

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Very good value1/13/2007 5:23:21 PM

Pros: Solid case with frosty finish gives good grip and no fingerprints, bottom flat on HD circuit board side lined with thick clear foil, one end has rubber foam inside keeping drive in place, the other end held with two machine screws, fits Western Digital Scorpio WD800VE 80GB 5400 RPM like a glove, updated version which I received comes with quality zipped well padded sturdy case size 6X7 inch provides storage for enclosure and cables, but I have seen the other smaller case with a snap and it is nice too, had no problem formatting the drive in it which benchmarked at 30 Mb/s average transfer over double USB cable, on some computers will run on one USB connection with no problems.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Considering the quality and finish of this thing, still don’t know what I paid for – the enclosure or the zipped case. Anyway, I just ordered another one since it comes with free shipping tonight.

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Excellent flash drive5/24/2006 7:32:43 PM

Pros: This flash driver goes 19 MB/s for Read and 14 MB/S for Write in Dual Channel mode and 10 MB/s for Read and 7 MB/S for Write in Single Channel mode, no driver needed except for Windows 98 and 98SE and then driver is included, it comes also with excellent quality cable (about 12 inch) for those situations where USB ports are tight next to each other. Partitioning software is included if needed. Installation in W2k and WXP took me about 30 seconds – just plug it in and that is all. Stick itself is in nice jet black shiny finish and has chrome plated smooth metal flip – it fits nicely in shirt pocket like a pen or one may simply snap it over a neck strap if so desired. The read-write protection tab is sort of difficult to access (need a pin to switch it) which actually makes sense because it can not be switched to off position by mistake. Protective cap is part of the casing and it flips 180 degrees then locks in. Bright activity light, professional look and finish, very affordable and 2

Cons: none

Overall Review: choice of colours? :)

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very good value2/10/2006 3:07:41 PM

Pros: Many other manufacturers and resellers will bill you 3x as much for a 1Gig of DDRII. I bought 2 of these, one stick dropped dead after about 10 hours, I did RMA and received replacement - total cost was only small inconvenience and couple of bucks for postage. It works very well now for days, few hours at the time, no problems, even log all smooth. This is installed on Acer 9500.

Cons: Reliability for first couple of weeks maybe questionable.

Overall Review: Regardless of memory type and price, after replacement or upgrade, turning off quick boot in BIOS for a week or two will save you a headache in case module fails. One must realize that memory sticks do fail most likely when new (because You are the one who does true and realistic “extensive testing”) but if manufacturer and the dealer are friendly about it then all is good: for 3 to 1 price I’ll take my chances. If you don't care how much it cost or somebody else will pay for it, then get something that was tested for days and you will not risk RMA.

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Very cool UPS2/7/2006 10:33:31 PM

Pros: After I received one of these I tested it and specs match manufacturer claims, no problems there. Outlets are spaced well and have tight connection – a good thing. Also, you also get standard serial and simple USB connection to equipment if you feel you need that – no RJ45 LAN-like plug requiring special cable like some competition units. Surge rating and backup time over twice of similar UPS from some other manufacturers. Physical finish is smooth and solid ( you would not want to drop this on your foot, trust me), main power button is small and deeply recessed so chance of accidental turning unit off is minimized yet still can be comfortable reached.. If you do not connect it to additional interfaces you get quality USB cable and coaxial cable with gold plated connectors (plus HD vinyl phone cable). Unit I received came with battery installed already so there was no need for nothing else but to plug it in – many times you have to install battery connection yourself when you buy UPS

Cons: none

Overall Review: You may pay for the name or for the value. I like value much better. This UPS is exactly what this means.

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Excellent UPS2/3/2006 3:44:28 PM

Pros: I bought this model from NewEgg about 2 years ago. Unit never failed at power surge, never hesitated during power loss and survived many electrical storms and power line spikes and brownouts in Central Florida. Heavy all metal construction, replaceable battery, non-nonsense nice looking unit. Shipping cost is not that much at all considering this is over 30 lbs shipped.

Cons: none

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F-150 of color laser11/3/2005 1:07:41 PM

Comments: Samsung CLP-510 is very decent value for the money and not just that. Setup is simple, consists of 4 cartridges and one so called “transfer belt” which basically looks like and installs like standard top loading LaserJet printer cartridge. You just need scissors to cut black plastic bags open, there are no toner release tape tags to pull, just remove foam cushioned paper safety wrapper and install staying away from bright sunlight. Whole process takes 5-10 minutes including software installation. Print quality is good, color print is nice as well and will depend on you picture or graphics resolution. You may find opinions that this printer color output is not as good as that or the other color laser of “such and such”, but after very careful examination under magnifying glass one will notice a reason - this seems to be more of a software / firmware issues then printer components shortcoming as common practice for color printing is to blend toner artificially creating smoother transition effect, when CLP-510 is somewhat less forgiving and prints what it gets. Printing photographs on color laser is not there yet anyway, mostly because of paper, but you can get pretty close and for business presentations, brochures, school work, etc., this thing is ideal. Photographs, for best results at this time, should be printed on photo paper using dedicated printer built just for that anyway. In next couple of years this may change, but not now. CLP-510 Sleep mode timing, color saturation, double sided printing – are all user defined. Printer is quiet when printing and there is absolutely no noise when in Ready Mode. Warm up from Sleep Mode takes only few seconds. You must give it good circuit access because when warming up it takes as much amps as small blow drier, therefore do not plug it into wimpy power outlet or you are going to get continuous data error beeps. CLP-510 can be fed manually directly with envelopes just like standard B&W laser, imaging system is inline, not 4-pass. This makes big difference in printer durability and noise factor because cartridges stay lined up all the time instead of rotating inside with every page. Size and weight of this Samsung is substantial, as you are going to need 20 inch square strong surface to set it on, but this is a matter of preference – would you buy all plastic noisy, ugly, table shaking 4-pass or would you rather get this CLP-510 workgroups style decent strong traditional frame-based yet modern machine for your home office or kids school work printings. Now, considering the cost per page and price of replacement cartridges, do yourself a favor and make simple calculation (in case your wife or girlfriend tells you there is no need to buy this color laser): Printer comes with color toner good for 1500 pages, and you can get replacements for up to 5000 pages. Prices will vary and will be dropping with time. Now, calculate how many Inkjet cartridges you purchased and for how much, then how you have used them and how much of that ink dried out before you used it all which made you go and buy a new Inkjet printer because it was cheaper then buying reloads. Logically, if you keep buying Inkjets for occasional printing of color, you just keep milking your wallet and end up spending ridiculous amount of money per page. At this point, you might do yourself a favor, buy this Samsung and then spend some money for all-in-one inkjet if you must, so when its cartridges dry out you will not feel so bad still having scanner and fax. NewEgg has those too and prices are cool. This Samsung CLP-510 came from NewEgg in 3 days, manufacturer packaging is good and strong, every corner, top and bottom is protected and there was no damage. If you have a bad back, consider help in unpacking it, because it is heavy. Manual comes in pdf format on the CD, but since printer is so easy to set, you will not need to read it unless you are the Chairman of the Bored. Also, considering this item price and low deliver

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1/14/2005 4:32:02 PM

Comments: This flash drive is flat, small and very reliable. Comes with clear dust cover/connector w/clip and clear wallet case, which stores 2 of these, so you can carry it like a pen in your shirt pocket or simply keep it in your wallet. Works with USB 2.0 or 1.1. Win98 software on mini-CD is included. For newer operating systems like W2K or XP you just plug it in. Tiny yet bright activity light is part of the casing so you will not notice it at first until data transfer begins. It may look fragile but is not - clear plastic is one of those tuff new semi-polymers which are difficult to crush or break. Connector on the chip itself appears to be gold plated and overall finish is very smooth and esthetically pleasing. Transfer rate is decent. 1Gig formatted becomes 999 Meg. Transfer of huge files between computers is a snap and for those of us who carry utilities software: two of these chips in a wallet case will hold almost 3 CD’s worth of data. NewEgg sells these at excellent price point. Thanks NewEgg.

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very good drive8/5/2004 12:15:51 AM

Comments: This drive is like 3.5 floppy - just plug it in and forget it. No problems, no errors, no mistery reboots with some DVD's. You have to <font>I</font>nsert a CD or DVD upside down to get read/write error with this one. Comes plain and simple - jet black OEM wrapped in bubble wrap. NewEgg somehow knows what good and dependable hardware is supposed to be like. I still don't know how they can ship all this so fast and either free or just for a few bucks. Whatever! I am not buying from any other places at this point anyway. Thanks NewEgg.

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solid and stable8/4/2004 11:58:15 PM

Comments: This board is well made, has additional plate reinforcing CPU socket (fun holding springs will not be able to bend the board), BIOS flash is available from Aopen site if needed. Utilities on CD are usefull and chipset behaves very well. If you think that 865G is not as good as 865PE - check Intel data (and find out that 865PE is neutered 865G). Having onboard video makes very good no-brainer troubleshooter if your video card quits without warning. Over-cloaking is there, but I did not find it usefull since benchmarked 2.4GHz CPUchecks at average close to 3.2GHz level already. I used 2 PMI memory sticks in Dual Channel and have no problems. One thing - onboard 1394 was said by Aopen to be no hotplug. I did not want to risk finding out if this is truth and installed 1394 on PCI card by Lucent (same Agere Chipset as Aopen) - 14 bucks / 3+1 Fire-Wire.This is not Aopen fault - 1394 headers and channel performance are close related at one point, so you have one or the other. Back-plate installed in Antec case with a snap - perfect fit. Cables are marked, documentation is good. If my cat were into computers, she could install this board herself in time between naps. To get solid comp now without applying for second mortgage for extras - buy this one. Today's board for xxx bucks is going to be worth xx cents 5 years from now and you know it because you've been there already! And for NewEgg? I don't buy my personal comp parts from anybody else, cause I have no time for xx, price games and fine print reading. NewEgg says what it does and not the opposite.

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excellent deal6/19/2004 1:45:58 AM

Comments: I've been in music business for many years and I wanted simple speakers for editing some audio files remixes, without blasting too much and yet with nice full spectrum I can adjust. Buying these speakers was more of a curiosity, because Creative Labs was one of the first folks to make good sound cards - days when people were asking : "what do I need a sound card for ?!". I was quite surprised. With bass bost on sound card driver and full up on highs (on these speakers), they do play very decent and intelligent, not boomy however clean and saturated. Listerning to Vocal Trance on 18 bucks a pair comp speakers!!,, yeap, it can happen. These are connecting to line-out and mike-in. Do not plug them to speaker-out generic big label system, cause they are not made to be OEM for HP and alike and they will fry. And besides all the reviews you may see, just think about it: NewEgg would not sell you garbage, because is too much hassle with RMA's and they want you to be happy repeat customer not a disappointed one. Nough said.

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Heavy-Duty Cooler6/17/2004 11:33:56 AM

Comments: This one is machined out of solid chunk of aluminum, heavy-duty design, fan grid makes perfect sense, copper <font>I</font>nsert is big enough and perfectly inlayed, heat dissipation is very good, and price is unreal low for vary-speed cooler. Now, Fed-Exed for 4 bucks to your doors in no time can only happen at NewEgg.

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Professional case6/12/2004 12:02:02 AM

Comments: What you may not see on a picture: all accessible edges rolled-up to smooth finish - no sharp edges inside, heavy-duty rubber feet, double-fan power supply, R-hand side panel (one with keyed lock) has thumb-screws - one needs no tools to open the case when unlocked, washable nylon lint filter at front (all you people with cats and dogs in a house will appreciate that, as much as I do), extra-long wires for front USB's and Fire-Wire (which you may want to use now or later for your digital camera or other toys), heafty bag of high-gloss finish screws and solid brass stands for any mobo or drive you can buy. If you are looking for a Pro case, this one will do quite nicely. And pertaining NewEgg? Well, I am at work behind a console at one of US of A major label for 8 or more hours a day with Internet connection active all day long, and I am yet to find one comp hardware place for my personal needs that's better, faster, safer and more honest then

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5/28/2004 2:08:39 PM

Comments: Cool - near dustproof enclosure with off switch, 3.5 mm audio female connectors for speaker and mic if needed, serial Y cable (supplied) is DB9 male/DB9 female/DB25 female. Standard basic drivers for all Windows operating systems provided (on CD), and for those who want to play all day with Voice-over-IP, Answering Machine, etc.etc., there is whole collection of such programs supplied with it (in 2 dozen languages), and they do work fine. Perfect second modem or backup for your DSL or cable modem in case high speed connection is down and you just have to pick up your emails, plus consider that for 30 bucks you'll get it delivered to your doors. Also for those who have to free one PCI slot from analog modem (which is why I bought it), getting external COM port connected one is an instant solution, and as for Newegg, yes, it's true - it rocks!

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