Great Router, Better Price12/29/2008 2:58:33 PM

Pros: The low price quite possibly makes this one of the least expensive DD-WRT routers. While I was initially unsure about purchasing an Asus router to replace my aging router, I am completely glad I did. I was very familiar with Asus's history of quality motherboards and similar components, but their networking products were foreign to me. The router is attractive and quiet. I almost immediately flashed to DD-WRT, but what I saw of the GUI the menus are very plain but functional. I saw a significant improvement in range and wireless speed with this router. The router has a second internal antenna which likely helps this and does not bog down or heat up with significant traffic over the LAN. While it really is an aftermarket enhancement, the router really shines with DD-WRT. Advanced users can enable the USB port for attached network storage with DD-WRT. I don't believe the factory GUI allows this (only printers).

Cons: The router does not feel very heavy-duty. It's a very lightweight router and is easily pulled off your desk by the weight of network cabling. I set something heavy on top to hold it in place as a solution. It does not feel cheap--just light. The included documentation and associated Asus website seems a bit on the lacking side when it comes to detailed information. For example, this router has features such as "BroadRange" and "High Speed Mode" but I never did learn what exactly these technologies are. When flashing to DD-WRT, it's impossible to know if these are enabled or disabled since they seem to merely be Asus marketing terms. They could actually be passive enhancements, however, so this ended up not being a concern to me.

Overall Review: The external antenna is detachable. Most of the routers I've used have permanent attached antennas. While I haven't done this (or needed to), you could attach a larger antenna or even an amplified antenna in place of the factory one for increased range. On a similar note, the factory antenna has little notches to prevent it from falling down. The hardware in this router allows it to be multifunctional and somewhat upgradable. I plan to purchase another soon to use as a wireless bridge.

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Fantastic!8/21/2008 12:26:17 PM

Pros: Fantastic keyboard--especially for the price. It has excellent build quality and feels very solid. The keys have a nice level of resistance when you type and don't feel "clicky". It's a very quiet keyboard when typing. Normally I'd say you get what you pay for, but with this keyboard you get much more than you will pay for.

Cons: None!

Overall Review: Only comment is the unusual design to the "Windows" key. Does not impact function.. it's just odd.

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