This is a great monitor !7/10/2020 9:21:20 AM

Pros: There was a total of 6 things I needed this monitor to do : 1. A size of 27 inches. 2. A resolution of 2560X1440. 3. A refresh rate of 75 hz or higher. 4. IPS technology 5. Lots of ajustment (height, tilt, etc.) 6. Vesa compatible The ASUS PB278QV has them all. Image quality is even better than I had hoped.

Cons: Yes, it is a bit massive. Yes, the bezel is quite thick. But I knew that when ordering. If you are looking for "border less", as Ben would say : "This isn't the monitor you're looking for"...

Overall Review: For my needs, this is the absolute best monitor I could buy. I highly recommend !

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Great Budget GPU for Light Duty7/8/2020 9:32:52 AM

Pros: Great performance (for my need) in 2560X1440. Nice looking card. Only one 8-pins connector needed. Nearly silent. More than enough connectors for my 2 monitors set-up (2 DisplayPort and 2 HDMI). Great image quality with my main monitor, a ASUS PB278QV.

Cons: No driver CD or DVD included in the box. Not really a problem since there is always a newer driver on AMD's site. Just be prepared for a big download (424 mb). There was a problem with shipping and it arrived 10 days after purchase. I had paid extra for express shipping. it was supposed to get here within 2 to 4 days. After a chat with Newegg they offered to reimburse ALL shipping charges. I gladly accepted. I rarely have problem with Newegg, but, everytime they make it right. I knew there was a reason I always buy my tech from them.

Overall Review: Highly recommended if you are looking for a budget GPU.

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Good splitter at at good price2/4/2020 8:17:34 PM

Pros: Works as expected. Was on sale at the time of purchase.

Cons: Tracking of the shipment was not to be trusted. Item was delivered to my door while tracking information said it had not left the store yet...

Overall Review: Very happy with my purchase. If only I could have tracked the package...

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works correctly12/15/2019 8:08:03 PM

Pros: Not too expensive and works OK

Overall Review: If you need one, this one will do the job

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Good RAM at a decent price10/13/2019 6:37:42 PM

Pros: Bought a second kit so I could up the RAM to 32 GB. Works flawlessly.

Cons: Nothing to see here.

Overall Review: Works as expected. The price of RAM has finally come down. About time!!!

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Great NVMe drive10/13/2019 6:34:13 PM

Pros: Very fast. Good capacity.

Cons: Can't think of one.

Overall Review: Works as expected!

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Works Great4/30/2019 3:34:32 PM

Pros: Bought this for a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). The card I had before (don't remember the model) gave me errors from time to time. The errors mentioned something about the speed of the card not being fast enough when taking pictures. This one (being class 10) seems fast enough as I don't get the message anymore.

Cons: No problems what so ever!

Overall Review: Very happy with my purchase.

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Will not transfer data4/20/2019 11:44:18 AM

Pros: Will charge your phone or tablet using an older USB to micro USB cable.

Cons: Will NOT transfer data from your phone to your PC. At least not from a Samsung A5 (2017). I've tried using 4 different cables and none worked. The adapter included with the phone will...

Overall Review: I suggest you buy this only if you are looking to charge your device. Otherwise, stay away!

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Great board from Asus3/31/2019 6:55:31 PM

Pros: Arrived in 48 hours. Works as expected right out of the box. Box mentions that it will recognize Ryzen 2000 which it does. Coupled with a Ryzen 7 2700 and a Samsung 970 Evo Plus. Installed Windows 10 in 9 minutes flat. So it's super fast. Most comparative reviews of X370 and X470 find that performance are almost identical. Very happy with my purchase.

Cons: Disappointed that it does not have Bluetooth. Can't blame Asus for my mistake. I forgot to check for that...

Overall Review: Was a bit worried when ordering as there are quite a few review of DOA boards. Luckily, mine is perfect. Purchased the board and a Ryzen 7 2700 as a bundle for 434$ (cdn). As a bonus, got Tom Clancy's THE DIVISION 2 for free. Almost forgot to say it has nice rotating RGB which makes it go faster...

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Highly efficient heatsink and fan4/7/2018 8:42:28 PM

Pros: - Great price - Super easy to install (lots of videos on Youtube) - Very efficient - Has nice Red LEDs (if that's your thing) - Among other sockets, my package included an AM4 bracket for the new Ryzen line of CPU

Cons: It's quite large and tall. Make sure you mesure your case before purchasing. It might not fit... I'm using a Fractal Design R4 so no problem for this setup.

Overall Review: I was using an i5 stock fan on a i7 2600 LGA 1155. I never had a problem, but I was aware that the CPU was running a bit hot. I tested the system with Intel Burn test and found that the temperatures were hitting the low 90s. After installing the Hyper 212 LED and retesting, the temperatures are now in the low 60s. A drop of 30 degres c. Very happy about that!

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All you need in a small package1/14/2018 3:59:01 PM

Pros: Bought this board and built a system with a Rysen 3 1200 CPU. Build was painless and booted without a fault. This board has pretty much all you could ask for and more. Even has WIFI (which I am not using) and an M.2 slot on the under side (which I hope to use as soon as the prices come down a bit). This the first Asrock board I used and I am very impressed with the quality. Final cost will be 117$ once I receive a 30$ mail-in rebate.

Cons: If you are using this board with a Ryzen CPU, you must have a dedicated GPU. Those two HDMI port will NOT work with this family of CPUs.

Overall Review: Waited some time before making the move. AM4/ITX board are scarce and choice is very limited. Had I known that Asus was on the verge of releasing the ROG Strix B350-I, I might have waited. On the other hand, it is pricier and, right now, there are no stock anywhere... Oh well...

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Very good performance for little money1/14/2018 3:37:16 PM

Pros: Recently built a system with this CPU and a Asrock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac. Paid only 130$ Getting a performance test of 5636 from the PassMark software, so am very happy with that. Comes with a very good fan and Heatsink. System is super quiet and barely can't hear it. Installation was easy and trouble free. System booted on the first try which is always nice...

Cons: Ryzen CPUs don't support integrated video card. Even if your motherboard has connectors, IT WILL NOT WORK. You should be aware that you MUST install a dedicated video card. It doesn't have to be expensive, but one it is mandatory! This was not a problem for me as I always use a dicreet GPU.

Overall Review: If you are building on the motherboard mentioned above, make sure you orient the AMD logo on the fan AWAY from the RAM sticks. Room is a bit tight there.

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Good sound... And a good price12/29/2017 3:43:48 PM

Pros: Sorry to say I'm not a gamer... Ordered this on Boxing day 2017 (99.99$) and just got it today. I needed something that sounded very good (I'm somewhat of an audiophile), but that was also very comfortable as I'm losing my hair on the top of my head. Wore it for a couple of hours and it is indeed extremely comfortable. It is so light, you almost can't feel it. Listened to many of my favorites CD's and the sound quality is great! THE CABLE IS SO VERY LONG...

Cons: The design aspect is somewhat Meh, which is not a problem for me. THE CABLE IS SO VERY LONG...

Overall Review: Very happy with my purchase. Wonder why I waited so long to get one. Have not tested the quality of the microphone as it is not important for me.

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