Great laptop for the price3/22/2013 9:34:46 AM

Pros: Looks Great - Simply put the laptop is beautiful looking. It is prone to fingerprints though, but honestly it's not difficult to wipe them off. Powerhouse - The dual GT650's are amazing. I crank Skyrim, Borderlands, Civilization 5 all on high. I suggest a cooling pad due to the heat, but I've experienced no crashing or skipping after hours of play. Anyone who has played through a full game of Civ knows how resource intensive it is when managing hundreds of units and dozens of cities. Backlit Keyboard - I've seen other Lenovos with a light on the top of the case, near where the webcam is. This one has the backlit red keyboard with two brightness settings. Speakers - The JBL speakers are great. I couldn't ask for more with a built in speaker system. Ultrabay - Being able to swap the extra card out for a DVD/Bluray burner is an amazing feature.

Cons: Windows 8 - It's not that bad, I just find most of the new features unnecessary. Though it does seem to have a fschk built into the OS now. I've not investigated that much further though. Battery Life - Wish this was a little longer, but running the dual cards can't expect much.

Overall Review: I've had this laptop for a month, and I personally wouldn't base your purchase off 'Dude1022's' review. First off, I've had minimal problems with the GT 650M drivers; it crashed Civ5 the first two times I loaded the game, but had had no issues since or with any other game. I can play Skyrim, Borderlands, Civilization 5, GTA4, all on high. No blue screening issues. The hard drive is listed as 5400rpm. Don't have SSD expectations for the drive. Personally I will eventually swap it out for an SSD, or you can get an SSD ultrabay drive. The wireless card works as it should. I've gotten 2.5MB/s download speeds off a wireless DSL using a basic WRT-54G Linksys router. I'm not sure what he is basing his Intel driver update from. Good luck buying an HP, Toshiba, etc... that doesn't come with some bloatware. The Lenovo wasn't bad, easy to remove the e.B.a.y. shortcuts and remove the bloatware applications. He gets this one right on the head. Fingerprints will cover your pretty laptop after a while. But if you own a paper towel and some Windex, you can solve this issue in about 15 seconds. I've no touchpad issues, but I normally use a mouse plugged into the USB 3.0 port.

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