Very Disappointing WiFi Performance10/7/2015 12:15:41 PM

Pros: Intuitve configuration interface, adequate feature set, good wired performance, relatively inexpensive.

Cons: WiFi performance is awful. It repeatedly drops connections and even when the connection stays up, it quits passing traffic altogether. If rebooted, WiFi service comes back up and starts passing traffic again....for a while. I have to reboot it daily or we have no WiFi coverage. The wireless range is average, at best, for its price range. The 2009 model Rosewill garbage router I had previously provided better throughput and better stability. I used multiple site survey tools and Wireshark to ensure that the ES6100 wasn't suffering from spectrum interference. I wasn't. Both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands suffer the same anomalies. I am very disappointed. I bought another product to replace this one. I am done with Linksys (even though I suspect this model is actually a re-branded Belkin device).

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Stephen, We appreciate your time for sharing your experience through this product review. We're hoping you'd give us a chance to help you figure out what's causing this challenge. May we know the steps you've tried so far? Based on your statement, it looks like you are experiencing wireless interference and changing the wireless channel usually helps in stabilizing the wireless connectivity. Feel free to email us your feedback at together with your full name, phone number, location, and the link to this post. Sincerely, Linksys Support
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Good Value12/19/2008 10:15:38 AM

Pros: Cheap, reads all four makes/models of cards that i tried.

Cons: None

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Another solid Weber product3/31/2008 7:57:17 AM

Pros: Overall manufacturing quality and the use of durable parts, specifically the stainless burners, the welded frame, and stainless steel fasteners. For the same money, other manufacturers offer more features and/or all stainless exterior. Weber, on the contrary, traded some extra features and shiny door panels for built-to-last, bullet-proof guts and frame. This grill is a tank that will last for many, many years. It cooks just as well as it is built. The cooking surface heats quickly and evenly. Add in 24/7 support, easy-to-follow instructions, and Weber's comprehensive web site and I have absolutely no regret about buying the Genesis E-320.

Cons: I looked at many competing models (locally and online). At the price, I only found one con. As many others have mentioned in online reviews, the control knobs on the right-side table top greatly reduce the usable area. In fact, there is no room at all to place a platter. I simply moved my grill near an outdoor table so I had some space to work. Other than that one item, I would really have to split hairs to come up with another con on this grill. I value ease of use, durability and product support more than bells and whistles so the Genesis grill best filled my needs.

Overall Review: In this price range, you can definately find grills with larger cooking surfaces, though, there is nothing deficient about the Genesis' cooking area. I comfortably fit eight healthy rib-eyes on it. You can also find models with more features and all stainless exteriors (I happen to like the black/grey/chrome exterior on my E-320, though). In the $600-$800 range, though, I don't know if you will find a better built, better performing, and better supported product. ...and it's built in the USA.

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