Great Card/Great Price6/21/2010 3:12:16 PM

Pros: This replaced my 4850. At 100% fan speed (manual control in CCC) it is still quiter than my old 4850 at idle. Teamed it with a W2486 LG LED monitor, runs all my games at full resolution 1920X1080 in High and Ultra settings. This includes Crysis. Not only is it about double the frame rate, it also runs below 70 C when overclocked to 775/1125. Although it can be overclocked further, I seriously doubt I will. Some say it is flimsy, it is no more flimsy than the 4850 that it replaced. Besides, what are you going to do other than seat it and shut the case.

Cons: Was going to get a 5870 but it is to big for my case as I have one of the old Lian Li cases with a top mounted power supply. This places the hard drive wrack right in front of the PCI-Express slots. This 5850 fit with no issues.

Overall Review: Got a good deal, plus an 8gig thumb drive and free shipping. Lifetime warranty. Plan on buying another soon to run a crossfire setup.

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