Great!6/10/2014 8:34:57 AM

Pros: Great picture. Easy to use. Great Price.

Cons: Very long cables. For my application I cut all the cables and soldered my own harness.

Overall Review: Using it with wireless RC305 TX/RX pack over 5.8ghz.for airplane FPV display and works fantastic. I also take it to the rifle range for my target cam system.

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Great for the price7/19/2011 6:47:47 AM

Pros: Price! - on sale for $20 Allows my wife and I to watch digital over the air TV Small enough to sit on top of our entertainment center

Cons: Not free cable tv Doesn't pick up all stations Affected by whether =(

Overall Review: Before getting this antenna, we were able to watch about 4 stations without it being interrupted and garbled. Now, we get about 25 stations and almost all of them are watchable. For someone that does not watch much TV, this is a perfect solution. If you watch a lot of TV, get cable.

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Completely Awesome!5/17/2011 9:36:49 AM

Pros: Portal 2 is a blast to play! It has new features that the original did not (ie. bouncing goo, speedy goo, light bridges, etc) and you spend time figuring out the game instead of just shooting people. Most FPS are the same and get boring after time... not Portal 2! Co-Op is awesome. My newlywed wife and I played every night for 3 days straight about 4 hours a night and beat it. It was nice to play a game together without trying to kill each other. Single player is fun, but not as good as co-op because you think with your partners portals trying to solve the single player.

Cons: Never long enough! Not a fault of Valve, just to entertaining. They give you new "features" to learn along the way and only 1 puzzle at the end that uses all of them at once and challenges you. That was kind of annoying. (in co-op) The end of co-op left you feeling cheated out of another puzzle.....

Overall Review: When is Portal 3 coming out? (to portal developers) ... are you still there? Star Wars fans love the ray shields =)

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Excellent2/12/2009 10:56:41 AM

Pros: - Excellent Performance on fps games - No noticeable backlight washout - HUGE 24" widescreen - NON Glossy screen. (I hate the mirror effect on those things) - 1920x1200 display - VGA and DVI Imputs. - Price vs value ratio - Monitor is 6 months old and still going strong - NO stuck/dead pixels - Sleek design - Sturdy base (yes, with fingerprints...who cares) - Plenty of room on top for star wars figures =D - Need I continue?

Cons: - Speakers do indeed stink. I dont bother with them. - Gotta grab a $4 HDMI-DVI cable off fleabay (its not included) - Anti-dust technology is nonexistent. It collects dust just like everything else in the house. - Some games are weird when trying to play with different resolutions. Its the video card though, so its not the monitors fault.

Overall Review: I got one for myself when it was on sale through SAMS club. Paid $300 a piece 6 months ago. Since then, Ive bought 4 more for various friends and family members that saw mine and contracted monitor lust. Excellent product, no problems with pixels at all with 5 different monitors. No clue about SCEPTRE support, but who needs it when the product works so well? Will MORE than likely end up getting more. 2x24" monitors would be completely excessive and totally awesome.

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Excellent Board9/30/2008 11:04:54 AM

Pros: FRONT PANEL HEADER BRICK!!!! Its wonderful!!! Nice bios, HD audio support =), quad core support, price

Cons: Ribbon cable up to the cd drives is a bit funky. Routing was more difficult than it should have been, but it was in a fairly small case.

Overall Review: Got this mo-bo for a quad core build for a friend. Good price, good performance, no problems with drivers. The front panel header has a brick to attach everything to, then just attach the brick to the imputs on the board. It really makes life easy. Liked it so much, ive built 2 others all with the same board. Shipping must be slacking... took 5 days to get here both times I bought one.

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STAY AWAY!!!!!!5/7/2006 9:54:22 AM

Pros: If you have any other pain, this is a good way to take your mind of it and get a headache.

Cons: VERY cheaply made Power switch sticks when pushed in, so i used the reset switch. Motherboard fits nicely, however edges on back plate arnt folded and are very sharp. Drive bays are tight and scratch up your drives.

Overall Review: Horrible case, bought for home theater PC because it was black ad cheap, but would not sugest it to anyone. Have been a member of newegg for a long time, and this is my first review because of the terrible quality of this case. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

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