Full speed unstable4/28/2021 5:33:39 PM

Pros: RGB is great. No problems running at 3200mhz.

Cons: This is my third brand of 3600mhz memory; none are stable in this system. Works fine in ASUS TUF X570 with Ryzen 7 3800x but unstable in my new build with Ryzen 9 3900x 12 core; same mobo. There could be some tweaking needed due to different power requirements of the two cpu's but such adjustments are a little above my pay grade. Running them at 3200mhz. Both machines have Sapphire 5700xt display cards.

Overall Review: I wouldn't have purchased these had I known they wouldn't work with the Ryzen 9 and the 5700xt together with everything PCIe 4.0. Seriously, I don't know what the problem is, but they are great at slower settings.

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RGB!12/27/2018 7:51:04 AM

Pros: Rainbow capable. Works perfectly in ASUS ROG B450 MB w/ Ryzen 2700..

Cons: Auto set on speed only got 2933 Mhz. Manually set to 3200 Mhz and they work.

Overall Review: Just bought another pair.

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Excellent upgrade6/23/2017 12:19:42 PM

Pros: ASUS hasn't let me down yet. Excellent upgrade for my desktop.

Cons: Really, no cons.

Overall Review: Sticking with ASUS, you can't go wrong.

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Perfect compliment to my Ryzen build4/16/2017 10:41:16 AM

Pros: Low profile (compared w/ high heat sink units that get in the way of your CPU cool).

Cons: Really, no cons.

Overall Review: Next build I'm going faster.

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