Bad quality control12/15/2020 3:29:31 PM

Pros: Tempered glass. Spacious.

Cons: Bad quality control. You may get a lemon. Poor air ventilation from the front panel.

Overall Review: Overall, this is a spacious case with some nice features. However, two major issues with the case delivered to me: 1. Lots of paint chips inside, making it unpleasant viewing from outside. (And there are quite a few fingerprints over various places. Who would imagine this happens to a brand-new case!) 2. One of the two plastic HDD trays does not stay in position and slides freely without being locked. Comparing this one with the other one that works, one can see that it is somehow permanently bent. One cannot trust putting a mechanic HDD inside given that for sure it will vibrate a lot. Another minus point is that it has virtually zero air ventilation from the front.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We appreciate your review on our product. I certainly understand your frustration and please know I am dedicated here to provide a satisfactory solution. Please feel free to contact us at for assistance. Thanks for choosing Enermax, Enermax Technical Support Team
Get V2 if you can6/26/2020 12:05:43 PM

Pros: When it works, it is good.

Cons: When it does not work, you computer (with AMD CPU) would not even boot. Why? The design flaw could put the CPU out of position inside the socket.

Overall Review: To be honest, this thing is good when it works. The trouble is with its design. It is heavy, and if you clip it onto the AM4 brackets, it puts lots of pressure on the socket. If you do not move your computer case, then fine. But if you move your case, say, to install a new fan or replace memory, the heavy load onto the socket could in fact place the CPU out of position! It happened to me two times, after spending a long time figuring out what the heck happened. When the CPU is not in the proper position inside the socket, your computer would not start: no beep, no posting, nothing, as if it is dead. If you compare this one with its V2 version, you will see how different the design is and how V2 is far better to secure the CPU to its socket (for both Intel and AMD CPU's).

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Not running 3600 without BSOD4/29/2020 4:50:20 PM

Overall Review: Have used Oloy in the past and it has been working as advertised. Running ok at 2400/3000/3200. But when running at 3600 with XMP enabled, Windows would randomly crash. Memtest86 indicates tons of problems.

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Not able to install Win10 1909 smoothly4/29/2020 4:36:59 PM

Pros: Has some good features to OC. Enough fan headers.

Cons: The most annoying part is that to install Win10 1909, you need to first disable WIFI and BT adapters in the bios. Otherwise, installation failures again and again. ASUS should have informed customers of this potential issue.

Overall Review: A solid board with nice features. After several rounds of unsuccessful OS installations, it finally works.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Yong B., I'm sorry to hear that you were having trouble installing Windows to this system. I certainly understand your frustration. We do have an FAQ guide on how to bypass this issue available at the link below, but it looks like you have the system up and running. I will forward your feedback to the Product team for review. If you have any general or technical questions, please email me at and include case #N200489608 for reference. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best regards, Lane ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support
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Lock easily broken4/13/2018 11:41:39 AM

Pros: worked as promised.

Cons: The design of the lock is terrible. It was broken when the second ssd was put in, though it was in the "unlock" position.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the bad experiment. If you have any question, please contact our support at or call (909)548-7738. We can further assist you there. Regard Syba Customer Support -- TH -- 180917
Worst SSD6/20/2014 6:18:46 PM

Pros: Cheap.

Cons: Except being cheap, this SSD gave me all the trouble. First of all, it is so hot (37-40C) compared with my SanDisk (never beyond 30C), when Windows 7 could see it (as a storage drive, not a system drive). Then all of a sudden, it disappeared from Windows 7. I could still see it in BIOS, so decided to use it as a system drive. But windows stopped installation half way, and then it was permanently gone, not even from BIOS. I have owned other brands (Intel, SanDisk, Kingston, OCZ), and never had such a nightmare. I wasted hours on trying to get it to work, but it totally failed me! It terms of monetary value, it was not much, but again, it wasted me so much time to figure out that this was a useless junk. PNY totally disappointed me!

Overall Review: People usually complained about OCZ, but in my experience, this OCZ never failed me (I have in total 7 OCZ SSDs). This was my first PNY SSD, and it failed!

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Manufacturer Response:
PNY would like to apologize for the inconvenience our SSD has caused you. Please be aware that PNY offers a Warranty on all of our SSD products. Please contact our tech support at 1-800-234-4597 or visit for assistance and replacement of your SSD product. Regards, PNY Technologies, Inc.
Would not run at 160011/21/2011 7:02:11 PM

Pros: Cheap after rebate.

Cons: Would not run at 1600 without BSOD! Could not pass a single test with Memtest! I had many Kinston RAMs in the past and all of them were good. This is an outlier! How disappointing! Will RMS with newegg.

Overall Review: Do not Blu! Get other Hyper X series!

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9/14/2011 7:57:53 AM

Pros: Cheap after rebate.

Cons: First of all, very flimsy. Can easily bent if you are not careful. Second, the right panel is really hard to knock off. Third, my package did not arrive as a retail box! The case was wrapped in plastic and then put into two square plain boxes taped together (one on top of the other). The case was not arrived damaged. Yet, one wonders whether this is a new retail box or open box!

Overall Review: Called to RMA. The representative was also surprised to know about missing retail box. As always, newegg quickly issued RMA.

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Failed Memtest!1/23/2011 5:22:35 PM

Pros: Price was ok. Seemed to be fine to be OCed to 1600.

Cons: Yet, Win 7 was not stable. Did Memtest and it showed tons of errors without any single pass! Also, the heat spreader could easily bend or fall off. Quite disappointed! Should have bought name brand like Kingston.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are sorry that you are having issues. We will be happy to assist you with setting suggestions. Please visit our support forums at the link below and post in the memory section for assistance. Thank you
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