Work Great, Look Nice1/15/2021 1:26:32 PM

Pros: -Great performance (according to UserBenchmark, I'm getting 36 GB/s out of these, which is basically as much as can be expected from (now 4 sticks of) DDR4 3000) -Dark gray color looks really good against a black motherboard while serving as a good backdrop for LEDs

Overall Review: -These matched the RAM already in my system, so unsurprisingly, all 4 modules play nice together and they all look nice together

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Still Working Great Over a Year Later1/15/2021 12:56:02 PM

Pros: -Maintains good speeds after 272 days of being powered on according to SMART data (543 MB/s read/490 MB/s write with nearly 70k random IOPS according to Samsung Magician as of yesterday)

Overall Review: -I'm very pleased with this SSD. It has performed about as well as can be expected and continues to perform well

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Works for Charging Multiple Devices1/15/2021 12:38:24 PM

Pros: -All the ports worked on arrival -Able to charge multiple devices simultaneously -Cable is decently long, which was good for me

Cons: -There is a strong blue light that shines through the USB connections -The outlets should probably be flipped, as a lot of wall warts would prevent the use of the second outlet, but luckily I don't need to attach any wall warts to mine

Overall Review: -The pictures show a small LED indicator, which is fine, but I wasn't too happy to see that the light actually shines through the USB ports on the front. This makes it harder to block the light, which I do since I'm using it near my bed at night -Overall, I'm happy with this purchase, as it allows me to keep my devices within arms reach while they're charging without needing to attach a bunch of USB adapters to an old-fashioned power strip

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Thanks for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Sherry from ORICO customer care team. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Should you have any further problem ,please feel free to contact ME. Our E-Mail is ,we will try our best to help you. Thanks again for choosing ORICO as your preference. Best Regards ORICO Customer Care Team
Would Be Great If It Didn't Disconnect Regularly1/15/2021 12:29:41 PM

Pros: -I like the style/construction of the case -The USB 3.0 cable is nice and long -Reaches USB 3.0 speeds when connected

Cons: -At seemingly random intervals, the enclosure will disconnect and then reconnect, causing many problems

Overall Review: -It's bad enough that the enclosure disconnects at random, which makes using it to transfer large files or as an external enclosure for recording video impossible -When it disconnects and then reconnects, it actually interferes with other attached storage, which is just bizarre. I have another USB bay with 2 HDDs in it. When this enclosure has a problem, it also seems to disconnect those, as Windows Explorer will also open up their root directories and the Windows 10 drive disconnect/reconnect sound will be heard twice. I can't tell if it's a Windows 10 issue or a USB issue, but considering that it only impacts other USB devices, it may be causing a problem with the actual USB hardware on the motherboard, which is a quite worrisome possibility... -I debated about leaving just 1 egg, but I wanted to be as fair as possible. I like the enclosure itself, but something about the firmware or circuitry is clearly defective in the one I received

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. To deal with your problem and serve you well, could you please tell me the problems by email? My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. For the defective products within warranty, we can send you a replacement. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards
Works While Maintaining USB 3.0 Speeds1/15/2021 11:56:38 AM

Pros: -Works to connect a USB 3.0 device while keeping decent USB 3.0 speeds -Connections can be sustained for hours with no interruptions -Supplies enough power for 2.5" HDD and SSD drives to operate in an external enclosure

Cons: -Blue color may not be ideal, but it makes it obvious that the cable is USB 3.0

Overall Review: -I got this to effectively lengthen the USB 3.0 cable from a 2.5" HDD enclosure, and it does just that -I have an old laptop HDD that I use connected to this regularly now and have been able to edit and render video directly from off the drive without a problem though this cable for several hours -I also used that enclosure to clone the contents of an older SSD to a new one. The transfer took nearly 45 minutes and never once was there a connection issue -I benchmarked the new drive while it was in the enclosure, partly to test the cable, and it recorded sustained read/write speeds of over 450 MB/s, which is definitely USB 3.0 speeds -At this point, I trust this cable as much as any of the actual ports in my desktop

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Got 3 and They Do What They're Supposed to Do1/15/2021 11:39:15 AM

Pros: -No noticeable video/audio quality difference compared to just an HDMI cable -No noticeable delay in connecting compared to just an HDMI cable -Bought 3 cables on a sale, all 3 worked!

Cons: -White color isn't ideal -Marginally thicker than just an HDMI cable

Overall Review: -My computers have DP out, but everything around seems to have only HDMI in... My desktop graphics card only has 1 HDMI port, so the other monitor had to settle for a converter I already had. When these went on a good sale, I got 3 (2 for my desktop's dual monitors and 1 for my laptop). -The ones hooked to the desktop are now used daily and are working great. The picture quality seems slightly better than when I was using the old DP to HDMI converter chained to an HDMI cable for the second monitor, and it no longer takes the second monitor a few extra seconds to come back on from sleep. The one hooked to my laptop worked well when I tested it on an HDTV. -The cables are a bit thicker than the HDMI cable I was using before, but the difference is only really noticeable if I hold them up to each other.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Works Great for Repositioning a Router1/15/2021 11:25:11 AM

Pros: -Long cable -No noticeable dip in performance compared to my shorter Cat 5e cables

Overall Review: I got this to move the router away from the modem, which has to be - of course - off on the far side of the den nowhere near the center of the home because 20th century wiring. With a basic 6' cable, a difference in router placement wasn't even noticeable. With this cable, I was able to put the router on a small table in the hallway outside of the den, which gives a much better signal to the rest of the home, especially on the 5GHz band.

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Works with Linux11/12/2020 9:21:18 AM

Pros: - Antenna can be rotated, so it works fine in a vertical USB port - Compatible with Ubuntu Linux 18.04 - Decent range

Cons: - The antenna is gigantic, which isn't a big deal for me because I'm using it on a desktop, but for a laptop it would be awkward

Overall Review: - The picture doesn't really do the scale of the antenna justice - it is huge, so I would not recommend this for a laptop. Thankfully, I'm using it on an old desktop. If you want something for a desktop, this should do fine as long as surrounding cables are under control. - Ubuntu Linux 18.04 had no problems using it immediately - I didn't have to bother with getting proprietary drivers or any of that.

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It performs its designated function11/12/2020 9:10:58 AM

Pros: - Cable is long enough to connect at any angle - DisplayPort end secures very well

Cons: - The holes for the VGA screws aren't great, but good enough that it won't slip out unless you pull on it - I sometimes notice a slight fuzziness at certain points on the screen at 1080p, but that's almost certainly an artifact of the VGA connection itself, not the converter

Overall Review: - If you need an adapter to connect an older monitor via a DisplayPort port, this is a fine option

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Write Speeds are an Issue - Otherwise, I Guess It's Fine10/30/2020 7:28:37 AM

Pros: - Read speeds are very fast - Lots of storage space - Decently well constructed

Cons: - Write speeds for large transfers (>100MB) are bad. Not quite USB 2.0 bad, but still bad

Overall Review: - Compared to the couple of SanDisk 3.0 drives I have, this one is very slow on large transfers. We're talking 3-7 times slower, where the performance depends on the size of the transfer. The larger, the slower. There is an initial burst of speed for the first 100MB or so, but then it struggles for the rest of the transfer. - The limit for fast transfers seems to be approximately 100 MB. I ran a few tests with individual and multiple files and the write would stall when the amount became around 90-110 MB. - That said, once the data is on the drive, it works just fine. The read speeds are actually slightly better than my SanDisk drives. So, if you are mainly planning to read data from the drive, the one-time cost of the slow write speed may not matter too much in the end. Or, if you are going to be putting on data in small doses of under 100 MB per transfer, you'll probably not even notice a problem. -As for the physical drive itself, it's decent. The slide button works well, pretty much as good as my SanDisk drive, and while it is a bit larger than I'd expected, I wouldn't say it's too big.

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Wicked Fast, as I'd Hoped10/30/2020 6:30:22 AM

Pros: - Installation was pretty easy, all things considered - So fast that my mere mortal mind cannot comprehend it

Overall Review: - What does "fast" even mean? I understand that everyone's needs and expectations are different, so perhaps my opinion isn't right for you. I'll give you the numbers: using UserBenchmark, this drive in my system came in at a sequential read/write speed of about 1,400 MB/s. This is compared to 400 MB/s for the system's installed SATA SSD and 140 MB/s for the conventional HDD I have attached to it. To me, 10x faster than a conventional HDD in sequential read/write, and 3.5x faster than a SATA SSD is wicked fast.

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Impressive Docking Station10/30/2020 5:53:38 AM

Pros: - Incredibly easy to use - Works with both Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04

Cons: - The included cables are a bit short for my tastes

Overall Review: - Note: I have NOT tried to use the on-board cloning feature. - This docking station absolutely exceeded my expectations. The docking ports are fantastically well designed. They work easily with both 2.5" and 3.5" HDDs or SSDs. It's almost a shame that I intend to leave a couple of drives in at all times, as it was so easy to trade between them. - I was expecting something that felt really cheap, but the plastic actually feels nice. It also was able to take a decent fall with barely a scratch on it afterwards. (Whoops!) - It is definitely achieving its USB 3.0 speeds, as I noticed no real difference in performance compared to a SATA connection.

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SATA connection is slightly off12/22/2019 9:07:37 AM

Pros: - Lightweight yet feels decently sturdy - Decent speed for a SATA drive

Cons: - The SATA port isn't quite in the standard location

Overall Review: It required some extra effort to mount this drive as I used a 2.5" to 3.5" caddy adapter (the desktop didn't have a place for a 2.5" drive) Sadly, the SATA adapter on the drive did not fit properly into the caddy. I tested with another 2.5" laptop drive and the caddy worked fine - the issue is with the drive. Thankfully, I was able to finagle a bit and *barely* made it work in the caddy, but it was effort I shouldn't have needed to expend. It also means that the drive will not fit into my external hard drive case, so if something happens to the desktop and I ever want to transfer data from the drive, I'll need to use other means. Basically, If you are going to be putting this into a desktop where you can freely connect the SATA cables, you'll have no problem, but if you are going to put this into a laptop or an external case, you may find it unusable.

4 out of 8 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Sturdy, yet adaptable12/22/2019 8:38:25 AM

Pros: - Feels very strong - The SATA adapter can be removed from the caddy if needed

Cons: - The holes for mounting into the desktop are small. They would clearly work with the provided screws, and if that is how it is being mounted it's fine, but since my desktop has a screw-less mounting point, I had to fight to get the little pegs into the holes.

Overall Review: TL;DR - The fact that the SATA adapter is easily removable is surprising plus as not all 2.5" drives will fit perfectly. Despite the problems with mounting the caddy in, I'm happy. When I got this, I tried putting in the 2.5" drive and noticed that it didn't quite fit. I had read that that drive could have that problem (it is NOT a problem with the caddy - I tested with another 2.5" drive and it fit perfectly) but the caddy actually provided an easy solution. By unscrewing the adapter, I was able to seat in the drive in place and then I put the adapter back in and was able to lock it in place. Then, I GENTLY tightened it back in place and - presto! - the drive fit and functioned. At least, it functioned once I finally got it in the desktop... The desktop has one of those "easy" screw-less mounting things on the inside that flexes with little pegs to mount the drive. Sadly, the screw holes on the side were just slightly too small. It took several minutes of messing to get it to fit, but I did eventually manage it. In the end, the drive worked and the caddy holds it safely in place. It seems quite secure - I have no fear that it is going to come out. Quite the opposite: I'm not looking forward to removing the thing if I ever want to change out the drive. For me, it's definitely not going to be a "hot-swap" situation, as I'll be wrestling with the tower and wouldn't want it running while that happens.

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Sends audio and video well, being on a cable may be pro or con depending12/22/2019 8:22:39 AM

Pros: - Sends audio and video to an HDMI cable - I don't notice any lag when playing videos - The cable makes it a bit more flexible for use than one that juts directly out of the computer

Cons: - It came unseated once after I'd plugged it into the back of the tower. I'm not exactly sure how it came out, perhaps I didn't push it in all the way or I bumped it when messing with some other cables and just don't remember, but excepting that one time, it hasn't come out again. - The fact that it has a 6 inch cable that could get tangled in other cables could be a Con depending on the circumstances

Overall Review: Given that it has only come unseated once, I like the flexibility of the 6in cable, and has otherwise worked fine for a couple of weeks, I'll give this 5 eggs.

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They worked12/22/2019 8:13:29 AM

Pros: - Functional

Overall Review: They work to connect a hard drive to the motherboard's SATA connection point. Functional cables are what I was hoping for and are what I got, so I'm happy.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
It worked to extend a SATA power connection12/22/2019 8:07:41 AM

Pros: - Installed easily - Feels secure, like it won't disconnect easily

Overall Review: It works to extend a SATA power connection in my desktop so it will reach. There isn't too much to say about it besides that. Similar to the other StarTech products I've bought, it isn't anything fancy, but it does what it's supposed to do. That's all I ask for.

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Works and looks great11/28/2019 4:17:57 AM

Pros: - Installed easily and worked out-of-the-box - Nice-looking metal heat-sinks

Overall Review: These sticks doubled the RAM I had. I've seen a noticeable improvement, especially when engaging in heavy multi-tasking. I didn't realize how often I was overtaxing the RAM that came with my desktop these days.

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Good refurb for everyday computing9/12/2019 5:34:26 PM

Pros: - Solid state drive boots and loads applications quickly - 8 GB of RAM is enough for typical computing tasks - Battery life is decent - The aluminum case is nice - I've always liked the 14" form factor

Cons: - 128 GB isn't much space, but it is solid state - Touchpad doesn't seem to support scrolling, so I feel a need to use a mouse - The stickers put on in the refurb process are kind of ugly and feel a bit weird, which is a shame because otherwise I like how it looks

Overall Review: - Overall, a nice refurbished laptop. I wish the refurbisher hadn't felt the need to cover the keyboard portion with stickers - given the way the rest of the laptop looks, I'm sure whatever scratches they are hiding are not bad enough to warrant that.

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Works without being cumbersome9/12/2019 5:22:13 PM

Pros: - Decently small, so it stays out of the way - The screws on the side are reasonably easy to use as VGA/DVI screws go - I've used it for months with basically no problems

Cons: - Maybe a couple of times it was responsible for the monitor not working until it was taken out and put back in but I can't be sure as I've never used that computer's video card without this and didn't try switching the VGA cable

Overall Review: - Overall, I'm very pleased with this adapter. I like computer parts that I can plug in and forget about and this is basically that.

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Good enough for extended use9/12/2019 5:14:18 PM

Pros: - Comfortable - Decent sound quality - Good quality materials, nothing stellar but the plastic doesn't feel that cheap - Play/pause button on the 3.5mm cord is nice for use with a phone - The 6.3mm to 3.5mm cord is a nice bonus

Cons: - The cord does occasionally pop out of the headphones when in use if I yank on it when turning in my chair or using it with my phone outside, but it's not that often so no major inconvenience - Not very breathable so I wouldn't recommend jogging or lawn mowing with them on, but to be fair they weren't designed for that...

Overall Review: - I mainly got these for use with my desktop computer. I'm able to sit at the computer for hours without much discomfort. - They ended up mostly replacing my earbuds around the house with my phone as well. I can listen to music while reading and the headphones don't distract me.

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Comfortable, but not customizable9/12/2019 4:59:21 PM

Pros: - Comfortable - Good weight, neither too heavy nor too light - Plug-and-play - Works well even directly on the desk

Cons: - The light needs to be on at all times to use the scroll wheel - it's not that big of a problem, but sort of annoying - The buttons cannot be customized

Overall Review: - Overall, a decent mouse. I got this for my second desktop and don't regret the purchase but I prefer the gaming mouse on my main machine.

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Useful, Long-Lasting, and Easy-to-Use2/14/2018 6:09:42 AM

Pros: -Useful, versitile. It's worked with every compatible drive I've thrown at it to use for storage or to recover data. -Easy to change drives. Just flip the lock switch and slide to open, then slide out/in the appropriate drive. -Strong case. While the middle can be pressed in a bit, the sides are surprisingly strong for being plastic. I'm not afraid of damaging the drive when using it. -Two-color indicator light. The light turns green when connected to USB 3.0 or blue when on USB 2.0. Very useful if you are working on a computer with both types as you'll know instantly if you put it in the wrong port. -After 3+ years, still works.

Cons: -Short USB cable. The only flaw that I've found is that the USB cable is quite short, so I have needed to get creative about how to plug the drive into desktops so it doesn't dangle. -Only USB 3.0. At the time of purchase, this was great but, after 3 years, 3.0 is starting to feel a bit slow when transfering lots of data.

Overall Review: If I need another enclosure, I'll definately buy something similar to this one. Perhaps even this one if I wasn't too concerned about the transfer speed. It has certainly served me very well over the last 3+ years and is still going strong, so I have no complaints.

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Small, Fast, Lots of Space, No Indicator Light2/14/2018 5:15:39 AM

Pros: -Increadibly small. I've rarely encountered a smaller drive. -Decently Fast. The USB 3.0 is very fast compared to USB 2.0. Not blazingly fast like the newer USB 3.1 or C, but still good. -Plenty of Space. On Windows 8, it registers as having 111GB. I've ended up using it mainly as a storage device, rather than a mobile one, as 100+ GB is not insignifcant for me.

Cons: -The lack of an indicator light. I didn't think it would matter to me, but it turns out that feedback from flash drives can sometimes be important. Such as... -Sometimes I need to insert the drive 2 or 3 times to get it to register. It seems to be worse on older computers, but it occasionally happens on my desktop as well. This isn't unique to this drive, but the lack of an indicator light makes the problem worse. Not a huge issue, but annoying. -Easy to lose. While the size can be a plus, it prompt me to fashion a makeshift lanyard for the drive, as it was quite easy for me to lose it.

Overall Review: -Depending on the user, I could see this device as a good choice for always-in storage on a desktop (or possibly laptop or tablet). The small size and lack of an indicator light keep it out-of-the-way. I'm maxed out on USB 3 ports for my desktop, but if I had one to spare, I'd probably keep mine in 24/7.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works 99% of the Time10/28/2015 11:00:21 PM

Pros: It has worked now for almost a year, requires no special setup to use, and is inexpensive.

Cons: On a couple of occasions I have needed to unplug and replug the hub because my computer lost connection to something. This has always fixed the problem immediately.

Overall Review: Considering that I have used this USB hub for almost a year, and it is constantly plugged into my computer, I'm pleased with the fact that it hasn't suffered more than a couple of hiccups. I have just placed an order for two more. One to let my desktop connect to even more devices (I'm always surprised by how many USB ports I use...) and the other for a family member's laptop.

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