Runs hot 🔥9/12/2021 8:51:33 PM

Overall Review: Make sure you get a good cooler for this thay can handle over 300 watts it boosted about 300 watts tdp don't let the 125 watts tdp fool you but this thing is a gaming beast if you can keep it stable at 5.3

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No good for the i7 11900k9/12/2021 8:49:18 PM

Overall Review: Cooler was bought for the i7 9700k worked For very good for that the mounted system is so easy very beautiful rbg but I upgraded to the i9 11th gen and this thing can't keep up with it I have to down clock to 4.8 to be stable it says 125 watt tdp on the core i9 but it boosts about 300 watts so you'll need a cooler that can handle 300 watts tdp or better

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