Asus takes on 'Air-book' and wins - with one big warning4/12/2014 10:19:42 PM

Pros: Targeted to the user who wanted everything in one device, the Taichi is ASUS design creativity as its best. If you have accepted Windows 8 as your tablet platform then this ultrabook with satisfy your desire to do away with a separate tablet. The Taichi is a beautiful combination of power, versatility, efficiency, posh, and utility. Specifically: - Both screens offer vivid color and brightness - backlit keyboard is well executed and sized - touch pad is huge and very responsive - Sound is outstanding! Better than anything I have heard from a notebook. - cooling design is not only visually pleasing, but quiet and effective. No hot laps here. - styling is very upscale. Compares admirably with an 'Air-Book' - touch screen is atypical tablet responsiveness. - storage, ports, extras are all what you expect at this caliber product. - Tablet mode- laptop mode switching is as simple as closing/opening the lid. Switching performance is not instant but quick. - VIP support was responsive and knowledgeable. For what you would pay for a Surface Pro or Pro 2, this is an excellent way to go.

Cons: The below list of cons are nitpicky suggestions for improvement, accept for one which I will address in the 'Other thoughts' section. - SD card slot leaves card sticking out about 1/2. Not ideal. If you want to expand storage get one of the USB drives that are the size of a Bluetooth dongle (virtually flush) - I find myself hitting the touch pad with my palm occasionally when typing. But there is a function key to disable it. - No touch screen on interior. Having well known this at time of purchase it is not a deduction. Do I find myself touching the screen occasionally? : Yes. But, I have learned to use the touch pad swiping very effectively as well. . - Screen switching : See pros for tablet mode - laptop mode switching. Other modes require the ASUS desktop app to launch which ASUS supplied a dedicated key on keyboard for. It works fairly well, but would be better served by being able to toggle through the modes without the app. - Weight : For an ultrabook this right on par and not heavy at all. My only reason for mentioning it is for those of you looking to use this as a tablet first. You will not be holding this in one hand, like an e-reader, for very long. With this in mind I find it very comfortable to use as a tablet and especially like the large screen. - Small design flaw: Bottom of laptop has four decent rubber feet. However, when in laptop mode (screen open) the hinging of the screen causes the edge to protrude past the bottom of the laptop, so that it is longer resting on the back rubber feet, but rather the screen edge. Asus did recognize this and put to very small rubber dots on the screen edge but I fear this is not adequate and I will be curious to see how this wears over time. -Case options : I haven't found the nice ASUS case they designed for the Taichi21 available for the 31. Without that you are out of luck aside from a slip-in case.

Overall Review: WARNING : Do NOT upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 update 1 without preparation. These updates from MS do not play well with the 'dual screen' of the Taichi. IMO, ASUS has yet to publicly address the issue because given the 'VIP treatment' this product is supposed to receive I have not found any evidence of a announcement saying this was resolved. There are numerous posting about this issue but no conclusive solution. Unless you a tech savvy and patient, I suggest you wait on this upgrade. Having tried this upgrade without warning, I spent over an hour with ASUS VIP support trying to resolve and ultimately return my Taichi to the factory install. I have yet to prove that it is possible until I can hook up a backup drive to get a full backup of my current configuration. (I don't want to have to go through installing my apps and all the windows updates again). I will say VIP support was excellent. - My Taichi is not my workhorse, given I have a nice Lenovo from work. I do use it for frequently for everything personal though aside from the most demanding gaming and it performs flawlessly. - Battery life : so far I am well served having only to plug it in overnight to charge for the next day. Someone using this as an 'all-day' device will likely have charge it sometime midday.

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Beats not having to pull out the vacuum so often12/12/2013 1:07:40 PM

Pros: - Value : less expensive than most - Effective : Effective replacement for frequent manual vacuuming. - Charging base : beats having to plug it in. - Quality : Build quality is good. Unit has held up and shows no signs of stress/ware. - Maintenance : Moving parts are easily removed for cleaning/maintenance.

Cons: - Dumb : This has little intelligence. It just cycles thru patterns which on a whole provide effective area coverage. Easily confused by obstacles - Poor Collection Design : emptying collection bin requires multiple steps and difficult to avoid getting contents on hands. - Poor Exhaust Design : 50% of the vacuum exhaust is straight out the back which tends to spread dirt, dust, etc that it hasn't yet picked up. - Noise : Running noise is very good, fairly quiet...equal to light fan noise. Unfortunately, obstacle avoidance is accomplished with a bumper that when pressed in by running into obstacle, wall, etc. it makes a loud plastic banging noise. On the order of someone cycling a shotgun but with the more the plastic sound of loud keyboard typing) If this was softened or eliminated the unit would essentially run unnoticed. As it is now, I run it at night when I go to bed, and fall asleep to the sounds of it clunking into things around the room below. - Not suited to multiple room roaming: Because of the random pattern coverage vs. battery life I have found it is best suited to block it in section of house and let it run.

Overall Review: 4 egg rating : For what it is, and what I paid (refurb from NewEggFlash) this unit earns 4 eggs on the following reasons: - I live in house with two shedding dogs. Without upkeep several times a week, my floors would be covered in furry tumbleweeds. Having this unit reduces my need to manually vacuum considerably. - I have all hard surface floors with low area rugs, door mats and it gets around fine. As added benefit I have learned to reduce my obstacle footprint (read as : put things away instead of leaving them laying around house/floor) - My routine is twice a week, once for each half of 1st floor, I move it to desired location, turn up chairs (for say kitchen/dining table), turn it on and go to bed. The next morning, I just grab unit, empty dispenser, put on floor and tell it to dock (which is located in sight of trash can). For this, my floors stay 95% visibly clean and free of fur. For that I am satisfied. - Clock program is useless for my routine as I have to place it location anyways. Never used. - Other than the convenience of not having to manually locate unit to various locations in house (because I assume a smarter unit could learn entire floor), I see no value in the extra cost of the more expensive competitor Shortcomings/Recommended Improvements: - Collection Bin/Dispenser is of poor design for emptying. It requires two hands to hold and remove two (yes two) covers. Then it often needs to be brushed out (brush is included) as in my case, fur/hair is caught and doesn't just dump out. A Dyson push-button-to-open design would be much preferred. Volume of bin could be bigger as it fills with fur quickly. - Bumper : as mentioned in Con section, design needs to be improved to reduce noise. - Fur optimized option : I have taken the roller brushes out which is very easy to do to clean them of clogged fur. Would love to see 'kit' to upgrade unit to optimize for fur collection. - IR base detection is easily confused by shiny surfaces. I had to relocate chromed water dish so unit could find its base. - Low clearance improvement : This unit is sufficiently low to get under just about everything. Unfortunately I have a few pieces of furniture with arches that this unit can find a way to get stuck under. Instead of activating the bumper the arch gradually pins the unit so the bumper will not activate and there is stays. I have remedied this by strategic placement of a few large books as part of the cleaning routine.

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Solid a server4/23/2013 11:08:20 AM

Pros: - Compact design - Just add HD and OS is simple. - Quiet

Cons: - would love some server freebies like monitoring or stats SW but thats just greedy.

Overall Review: I have been running WHS 2011 on this non-stop for over a year now. This is a nice compact platform with space for 4 drives. Power consumption is well managed. It certainly gets a workout as WHS is busy most of each night backing up the various computers. It also working serving up all recorded TV to media devices.

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Great Value, Quiet4/23/2013 11:03:36 AM

Pros: I'm running a Phenom II 955 extended to 6 cores in a Thermaltake Armor A90 case. Front and back case fans with this cooler mounted on side panel. Runs supper quiet and cool idling now at 26C CPU Temp, with room temp at 65F Stress of BF3 at high res brings the GPU fan up, but CPU stays constant.

Cons: I did have to remove MB to install, but that isn't cooler's fault.

Overall Review: Great deal on sale.

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Very Satisfied4/23/2013 10:37:56 AM

Pros: - Performs as described. - Has all the features of the top Keurig with a more appealing appearance. - Storage door for auxilary ground coffee filter assembly is a nice plus. - Brews drinks as expected, to desired heat and amount. - Newegg value. promo code price can't be beat.

Cons: - inserting water storage container takes a steady hand and getting used to. - no telling how long water filter will last. Not sure how much replacement filters will last.

Overall Review: I was considering the Breville version, but it was much more pricier. My mother has the Keurig equivalent and I like the appearance of the Cuisinart better. Internals are essentially the same. Time will tell how well this unit holds up. We make about 7 cups of coffee a week...more with company Be 'Green' with K-Cup Containers: As someone who is trying to be 'Green' conscious, I was concerned about the k-cup disposal debate. So, I purchased a couple of four-pack ground coffee 'k-cups' at CVS. They are reusable containers the same shape a k -cup, but open so you can place ground coffee in. The Benefits: A)These give me the added benefit of 'cheaper' coffee purchase as I can by a bag or ground versus the k-cups. I still keep a variety of k-cups around for guests. B)I fill them up all at one time and keep them in z-lock bag in fridge. No inconvience of having to fill one at each use. C)These go in the brewer just like any other k-cup so I don't have to swap out the k cup holder, as with the provided ground coffee filter. D)I'm Green: much reduced k-cup disposal, and used coffee grounds are going into my compost container.

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Unbeatable value as refurb.4/23/2013 10:13:49 AM

Pros: I am using this TV in family room. I have a top end Samsung in theater room that is 6 years old now. This TV easily rivals the Samsung in picture quality which is a testament to improvements in tech over the years. - Good quality picture - Online Apps interface is fast and understandable. - Decent remote with handy keyboard - Fast input switching time - Decent channel switching time (direct line in, no cable box) - Respectable sound - Setup options are plentiful and not complicated - 3D viewing a bonus at this price - wifi convenience.

Cons: Only the strictest techno-files will find fault. - Can't find an Auto-Fill Screen setting. Some channels that appear in 4:3 don't get automatically 'stretched'. Fortunately 'wide' setting is easily assessible from remote. - Remote design could be better and no backlight. I appreciate a remote where the most frequent buttons are big and accessible with 'one-hand' use. - App usablity can use a little work when it comes to using the remote keyboard to navigate. Some apps don't accept keyboard input. - TVs still put out noticeable heat to my surprise.

Overall Review: Unless you are someone who is looking for the top notch in specs and will scrutinize the fine details of picture quality, then this is a sure buy. In full disclosure, I AM one of those people, but chose this TV based on price/value first for a family room application. I can't be more pleased. To be able to experience 3D at this price is amazing. Yes, there is always a chance taken with refurbs and I lucked with success. A shipping company other than the 'mains' was used and agreeable. Our first 3D viewing was using VUDU app streaming and it worked without a hitch. I have a direct wire network connection...did not use wifi. Unless

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Does the trick nicely1/21/2011 8:13:09 AM

Pros: Well designed, portable and efficient. I really like that is compacts up nicely for travel. So far the amount of water it holds seems to be adequate. One can always use it longer, but it is easily to fill. Pressure is effective and comfortable. Dentist approved the results.

Cons: I haven't figured out if this is a con or not yet. I just find myself wishing it had an on/off trigger as opposed to a switch. I've found myslef a couple of times wishing I could turn it off quicker (as in just letting go of a trigger).

Overall Review: This is the first we've owned so really don't have a comparison to others. That said we are satisfied. I originally bought one for my wife, but after seeing how effective and easy to use it was, I got a second for myself.

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It's Okay but not satisfied12/21/2010 8:18:34 AM

Pros: I use it for work to switch between laptop and development machine. - The switching itself is instantaneous, which is very welcome. Previous model I had to wait seconds which got tedious. - The remote button for switching is really nice considering my keyboard requires a function key to access the Scroll Lock. - Included wires were just long enough to reach from laptop on desk, to desktop underneath and at opposite end of desk.

Cons: - I am unable to use the monitor switch. Fortunately my monitor can accept two inputs and has its own switch. For the desktop, the screen would turn on/off, getting more frequent until it just stayed off. For the laptop, my Lenovo's included 'Presentation Director' which controls configuring the display had a hard time recognizing the monitor type (digital,dvi,analog) correctly half the time. Note I'm using this to switch 3rd monitor between the two systems so I can have dual monitor on which ever system I working with. Desktop is implementing Nvidia DualView mode, Laptop implementing Lenovo Presentation Director dual display. - I use a Kensington trackball, and the control software cannot detect the device through this KVM which renders the trackball customization features useless. - See Customer Support dealings below. - Given I can't get monitor switching to work, I could have done with a much cheaper solution.

Overall Review: - I contacted IOGear support about my issue with the monitor switching via their online support form and was very detailed. Response was prompt but not very helpful. They asked me to try disconnect/connect and then reset the 'monitor id capture'. If that didn't work then I could RMA. "Canned" answer if there ever was one. Well I haven't RMA'd it yet because I spent an hour snaking it into my cable management behind the desk...a hassle I'm not prepared for let alone the down time of not having it...maybe over the holiday.

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Just what the doctor ordered11/30/2010 1:09:15 PM

Pros: - Well designed ergonomics. - Love the implementation of the scroll ring. - Wrist rest is positioned well for me as I work with the trackball far enough in front that I rest arm on desk and wrist rest builds a nice slope to device. - Movement of ball is smooth and precise. - Buttons well placed for my medium sized hand, and click is distinct. -price is reasonable.

Cons: -wrist rest doesn't attach, so moving trackball requires repositioned rest as well....annoying for someone who switches between trackball/mouse depending on application (i.e work and play) -ball doesn't free spin. Not a big con, but if you were a click-lock scroller and wanted to get to the top of a long document from the bottom, you can't just spin ball once and let if fly. -scroll ring can be touchy. With no 'notch' scrolling like many scroll wheels, it can be bumped. Precision scrolling takes getting used to. My Logitech MX/VX Mouse has a switched notch off/on feature that is nice. - TrackballWorks software couldn't recognize device thru my iogear KVM. Likely not Kensington's fault, but an annoyance none the less, since I can't tailor settings. - Only 2 buttons. All pointing devices these days should have at least 4, in my opinion. I reeeally miss my 'Back' button.

Overall Review: Having used several Logitech and Kensington trackballs I can say this fits the bill very nicely. This the first from Kensington with the scroll ring that I have used and that is a sweet addition. I'll be putting the Expert version with the scroll ring on my Xmas list. Docked one egg for the minors cons.

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This works well...when used with new top shelf batteries.11/30/2010 8:35:41 AM

Pros: It does work as advertised. I have been able to get multiple uses out of many AA and AAA batteries. Smart Technology and good value for the price.

Cons: I've had several batteries leak/corrode while charging or after charging and put into devices for use. This is a messy result. Therefore, I suspect the advertised technology to detect and not charge old or damaged batteries needs a little work. That said, the instruction manual does outline very clearly what to charge and not charge (i.e. don't charge old or bargain batteries) so I only took off one egg. Besides...who keeps track of how old batteries are?

Overall Review: All said, the pros outweigh the cons. Just keep a small piece of sandpaper handy for any corroded terminals. Also, I suggest storing a charged battery for a couple of days before placing it in a device just to make sure it isn't going to leak.

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Works well, installation was a pain6/25/2010 7:54:27 AM

Pros: Newegg Capacity-to-price value. Quiet and cool. Performance is fine for my HTPC.

Cons: Installation was a royal pain. I am running 23-it Vista. I installed this in an SATA external enclosure and it would not recognize. Tried a USB enclosure and it would. I did all kinds of swapping and rebooting to confirm it was the drive and not the enclosure. I even initialized and formatted in the USB enclosure, moved it to SATA enclosure and still not recognized. Finally, after reading forums I decided as a last resort before RMA to try using jumper on pin7=8. Reboot...there it is..but had to initialize and format it again. So much for Advanced formatting being a breeze on Vista. Btw..I called WD tech support and they would not help me with external enclosure.

Overall Review: I was worried this wouldn't perform given the lower speed for my HTPC. That said, I don't have a lot of HD recordings yet. So far, no hiccups in playback. It is definitely Cool and Quiet. Had I not spent the extra time researching forums and tried an unadvertised solution, WD would have lost a customer. Installation should not be this hard...all my other drive purchases were play-n-play in the same enclosures.

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Strong features and versatility, average sound quality12/28/2009 10:53:36 PM

Pros: This is my first try with BT stereo headset in a segment that has limited affordable options. Plenty of features, and one of the best complement of accessories included I've ever seen. Decent sound quality unless you like it loud or are an audiophile. It doesn't compete with a comparable directly plugged in set, but is fine for all typical listening accept high quality music. The included transmitter alone is worth the price being able to plug this in to any audio device. Clarity is solid when walking into other rooms and upstairs from transmitter. I've used them to listen to TV (via amplifier headphone jack) when wife is asleep, gaming when wife doesn't want to hear it, and in the office for radio/music.

Cons: Instructions could be better. 'Pairing' instructions are missing step where you should start from a state of 'off'. There is a definite amount of hiss. I've tinkered with modifying player volume output and then the headset volume and came up with an acceptable combination that reduces hiss. i.e...if player volume is too high, then audio get distorted, if headset volume too high, then there is a lot of hiss. Find the right balance and it is acceptable.

Overall Review: I haven't yet tried connection to other devices via BT. Over ear format can get tiring after a while. 3 eggs is a satisfactory review for me. Takes an exceptional product to get 5 eggs. In this case, my having to experiment with volume settings to acceptably limit the hiss cost an egg. Then the impact this has on overall sound quality (effectively eliminates low frequency response) and usable volume range combined with poorly reviewed instructions cost it the second egg.

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Perfect fit for price point6/5/2009 11:53:42 AM

Pros: Not much I can add to all the good people have said other than to agree with them. For what you pay, (I paid $369 with a discount elsewhere) it handles browsing, video watching, simple office tasks very well. The keyboard is well done, and the feature/software list is great. Wireless does a good job of picking up connections. Multi-touch pad works well for most things. Drive is large and comes partitioned for those who want to explore a dual boot situation.

Cons: This is a netbook so consider this with your desires. Quality video playback is only possible with the highest performance setting which will cut down on your battery power time considerably. That said, the battery life is still more than enough for an entire movie and then some.

Overall Review: Considering a watchful person can find a full-sized, well powered laptop for $400-500 the only reason to get a netbook is because you want the small portable size. I love that I can carry this around all day, its lite, and the battery lasts. If you have desires for gaming, HD video, a netbook is not for you. I purchased an external DVD drive which runs off the USB port which completes the package for me. Although, at times find myself wishing it was built in, but now I'm just dreaming. My wish list would also include either a keyboard light like on Thinkpads, or a backlit keyboard like on the new macs which would help finding keys in low light situations. Lastly, take the loud click out of the buttons for the touchpad.

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Acceptable11/28/2008 4:44:25 PM

Pros: Plays everything. Installed with ease. Quiet operation. A great entry into the HD video media world for PCers. I added this to my HTPC primarily to watch Blu-ray and HD DVDs. Very nice to have the combination of an everything DVD Player/Burner, HD DVD Player and Lightscribe in one drive. Handles scratches/dirt on DVDs very well.

Cons: Cyberlink is one of the better players but I've had to make a few updates to it, and things still seem a little glitchy. Cyberlink player isn't intuitive for those moving from regular DVD to Blu-ray ....simply, I don't know how many times I and others have tried to access the main menu through the Cyberlink UI to find it is not available (the option is grayed out) and to finally realize Blu-ray menus are only accessed 'in screen' with the movie. Cyberlink needs to accomidate this better. HDCP is a major pain. Recoveries from HDCP errors get as extreme as hard reboot to recover video display. Gotta love the neccessary evils. When playing regular DVDs the time it takes to go from the main menu to actually playing the show is long. I don't know if this is a firmware problem or Cyberlink issue, but it is annoying.

Overall Review: 3 eggs because, while my review does focus more on Cyberlink shortcomings, inclusion of competent software is critical to any DVD drive sale/purchase. More HDCP information should be provided. Novices be advised, HDCP compatibility is an issue. To watch HD movies you must have a Monitor/TV and Graphics Card that are HDCP compatible if using HDMI or DVI connections. I was also hampered by an HDMI switching A/V Receiver that is not compatible. Also, my receiver, which is only, 2 years old, tries to auto-recognize the audio format. While it does support Dolby Digital and DTS, it doesn't recognize the newer HD Audio format. I can still decode the surround so all is well, but I have to set the format manually. This is my first push into Blu-ray and I was surprised that I haven't experienced a noticeable difference in viewing quality over regular DVD resolution. I'm viewing this on a 52" 1080p LCD TV. However the improved interactive content is a very nice pl

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HD is well....WOW11/5/2008 6:34:45 PM

Pros: Installation and setup was a breeze. Didn't really have to do anything. There was some surprises I'll describe below but once it was running I'm happy. HD Movies look amazing. I can't get over the detail. Works fine, I just gave it four eggs because it took a lot technical knowledge and investigation to get all things working. I feel LG could have done a better job bringing this to my attention.

Cons: HDCP compatibility caught me by surprise. I figured I get a Blu-ray drive, now I can watch Blu-ray....not so fast. HDCP brings many limitations. First your display must be HDCP compliant..that means monitor or HD TV. If you don't have this you will only be able to watch a low res picture (i.e. via S-video or composite cable). Second, if you are like me and have an AV receiver/amplifier that you use to do video switching, it too has to be HDCP compliant. Lastly, your video card has to be HDCP compliant as well. It is not LG's fault for any of this, I just wish they called better attention to it.

Overall Review: The included software is from Cyberlink. It works well but I went through some hoops with it as well as required getting an update. Cyberlink has a tool called BD Advisor that is free to download. Running it tells you how capable your computer is for viewing HD movies. Useful to check out before you make the investment. I have yet to figure out how to use it with my MCE Remote and SageTV. Also, just a note to be aware of: Some of the Blu-Ray media I've tried already encodes the audio in Dolby TrueHD. My 2 year old receiver didn't auto-recognize this new format and incorrectly set the processing to 2-channel. After much investigation into assuming it was a computer problem I finally figured this out. Just something to note.

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Rock Solid11/5/2008 6:09:32 PM

Pros: Using a pair of these as recording space for my HTPC. They perform well. I have them in external closures, so they don't get to hot and are fairly quiet. Great value for the space at $99. Thank you NewEgg.

Cons: Really the only con is waiting for them to spin up. Since I only access them occasionally to watch some TV I've recorded, they rest in a standby mode. So I have to wait a few seconds for the spindles to spin up for access. Once they are running though it is smooth video playback...HD as well.

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Excellent Value!7/24/2007 9:51:44 PM

Pros: - Sturdy Construction - Well thought design - USB and SATA connections - Included PC slot adapter for SATA

Cons: - Plastic construction is not conducive to cooling - cooling fan only has exhaust port so air circulation is nil.

Overall Review: I purchased this enclosure along with the all-metal: PPA 1936 Aluminum 3.5" SATA External Enclosure. I ouldn't decide which was better so decided to try both. I put indentical drives in both. This enclosure runs luke warm to the touch, but the drive inside is on the hot side. The PPA is warm to the touch which tells me it is conducting the heat out. Therefore, I am concerned out the longevity of the drive in this Beyond Micro enclosure. That said, all other features and design are excellent and make it a great value. I've decided I'll use this as my portable backup storage that will not be running all the time. This enclosure fits that task perfectly with its solid design and USB plus SATA connections. Even the powersupply is small and portable.

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