Great Buy - if you can manage to get one4/12/2008 6:51:48 PM

Pros: The price was actually cheaper than the Q9450 that has been out of stock for a while. I have been waiting for months to get a Q9450, but saw this Xeon Thursday morning. Ordered it then and got next day air and had this puppy installed and running Friday afternoon! This LGA775 Xeon is pretty much like the Q9450. It worked out of the box without any problems with my Gigabyte X38-DS4 Rev 1 (this version I have is deactivated on NewEgg now). I have 8gb of the G-Skill ram (N82E16820231122) and have not had a single problem. I used a simple bio feature to move the speed to 3.2ghz and it raised in temp only by a few degree celsius. Then again, I do have a stronger heatsink so your mileage may vary. I got this cpu to replace an E8400 I just got in January, which was a temporary hold over from an AMD 5200+! I'll wait a bit until the 45nm motherboards get cheaper before I build a second one to reuse that cpu. You gotta admit, the "Xeon Inside" logo *is* pretty hot.

Cons: Limited quantity just like the Q9450! If you missed out on this one, who knows the next time you will be able to get a quad core from NewEgg! :'( I was never a fan of the LGA 775 stock heat sink, so if you plan on running a quad core, I'd go ahead and get something a bit beefier for when you decide to overclock some. Most bios nowadays make it terribly easy to up the mhz a bit without having to deal with a lot of changes. I am using a Tuniq Tower (N82E16835154001).

Overall Review: New Egg is the number one online retailer for computer parts. I've been a proud customer for over 3 years now and trust no one else with my money or business. Thanks for the great service New Egg!

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Great ram out of the box2/13/2008 6:35:25 PM

Pros: This ram worked right out of the box without any problems or errors. It was correctly detected and working in a GIGABYTE GA-X38-DS4 LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX Intel Motherboard. Remember that if you want to use 4GB, any 32bit OS will only support up to 3.5GB, so this is not the Ram's fault. You can try adding the /PAE switch (Google the term) but I've noticed that made things a bit more unstable at times with other Windows versions, so I left it off on non-XP systems.

Cons: None

Overall Review: As always, great service from NewEgg! This ram looks nice and comes in an above the average package case. You will not be disappointed with this G.Skill memory.

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A good Lian Li product2/13/2008 6:13:53 PM

Pros: * Lots of fans! There are 3 on the front used as intake. One out the back and one on top. Blue leds all around so if you are not a blue person, you might want to pass this one up. * Mobo tray is removable from the side, it does not SLIDE out the back like the older PC-60 does. The back of the mobo tray comes with wire clips to hold the case cables behind the mobo tray, excellent feature. * Slide in PSU unit from the back of the case rather than having to put it in from the inside. However see the Cons about the top fan and the PSU slot. * Made by Lian Li!

Cons: * As the other reviewer mentioned, the top 12cm fan will block most higher wattage power supplies. I have a Rosewill 850W that will not fit properly due to the fan. It hang outs about a centimeter from the back of the case, a real disappointment. * One usb port on my top front panel is damaged so I cannot fit the usb connection into it. I am trying to bend it back into place without damaging the USB slot. 3/4 USB ports is fine with me though. * Reset switch does not work either. I wanted to unwire it to make it work, but I had already put together my PC, so I am not going to take it apart for that. (Test this first!) * The security features are bad. The lockable front panel only stops people from opening CD drives. They still can turn on/off the PC. The left side door has a security lock hole that prevents opening, but the right one does not. This means someone can remove right panel, cut some wires and kill the PC. * No 3.25 bay (need a converter) * 3 HD max in hd cage

Overall Review: * Honestly, this case is not worth the current price. While I do love Lian Li's products, after having a PC-60 silver, this case did not seem to justify the cost with provided functionality. It has some really nice ventilation, which can be hard to get in a case nowadays, but the placement of the top fan hinders a lot of power supplies. * The biggest issue that has not be mentioned in the reviews is the hard drive cage. It is quite an interesting design. You put 4 screws into the HD holes of your HD first. Then, the screws fit into a rubber groove in the HD bay, so it's a slide in slide out design. Really hard to describe but understand that you have to put in your HD's FIRST, then your video card if it's a longer card (38XX or 88XX series). * Either way, this is a good product, if you are looking to try something new from Lian Li, definitely consider it. As always, great service from NewEgg, thanks, you are #1!

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Average motherboard.9/27/2007 12:22:14 PM

Pros: 1. 2 x IDE ATA100 Ports (Getting harder and harder to get a mobo with 2 nowadays) 2. Parallel, Serial, and Floppy, all of the older connections that are slowly being removed from modern PCs 3. An adapter for the front panel control wires (power, light, those small annoying wires). You plug all the wires into the adapter and then the adapter goes right onto the mobo. Very nice Asus! 4. I bought from NewEgg! Main system components work well: - Corsair Memory: N82E16820145034 - X2 Cpu: N82E16819103759 - Video: N82E16814150182

Cons: 1. Takes -10- seconds before it starts to post. No joke or exaggeration. I've removed everything and refitted, checked connections and everything. Everything else works, so not sure what it is. 2. Audio chipset is horrible, Google CMedia6501. Long record of problems. I just used a retail sound card in place of the integrated audio, which would send two channels of sound to only one ear in headphone. 3. Overclocking AI is not that efficient. Tried using a present 5% OC increase and system is not stable. The 3% works fine. 4. USB Keyboard does not work in BIOS, you can enter BIOS, but cannot move around. I have a G15 keyboard. Latest bios that is stable as well. 5. Bottom right corner of mobo gets really cluttered with sata wires and long PCI cards. 6. A single transistor on the top portion of the heat sink. Check the pictures. Might not seem bad until you have to put on a larger heat sink and watch out for knocking it over.

Overall Review: The biggest problem I have with this mobo is the boot time. It takes mine at least 10 seconds before it even posts. The audio was not the best chipset either, there are lots of problems with it. It is still a decent mobo, but for the price it is at, I would consider finding another one, unless you just needed the features this one has and cannot find another one. As always, NewEgg provided great shipping and a satisfactory buying experience as always. Can't say thanks to NewEgg enough, my -only- retailer of online electronics.

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Worked fine for me12/9/2005 10:49:56 AM

Pros: Standard old floppy drive.

Cons: None

Overall Review: As what others said, it's a floppy, and when you *need* one, this one sure works well. I had to use it to let WindowsXP see my Raptor SATA HD when installing for the first time. Floppies still are useful!

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The *BEST* Case12/9/2005 10:45:42 AM

Pros: * Smart design, you have access to all part groups in your case and don't have to worry about removing other components as in traditional cases. - PSU is out in/taken out from the back of the case rather than from the inside - HD rack slides out - MB Tray slides out - Front face panel easily comes off (uses advance system of snapping, so don't think it's going to just fall off) - After removing the fron face and main side, you can easily add optical/flppy devices (although there are no sliding guiders for them) * Beautiful aluminum case, you can tell the quality. It's not a flimsy case either, really sturdy * Good, quiet fans, the front two have a speed controller on the fron case (small black switch under LEDs). The two front ones also have an air filter and blow onto the hard drives, a smart design. Oh and the hard drives can be mounted vertically or horizontally. You could easily replace them with higher CFM fans if you really needed it or don't care about noise.

Cons: * As the last poster has said, the led lights up front are *extremely* bright. You may need to cover them up if those bother you or are sitting where you are directly in front of your case. * On motherboards that have the IDE connectors going out the side of the board, rather than facing you (take a look at the "AN8 Ultra" if you do not know what I mean), the hard drive bay that slides in and out will end up pressing against that connection quite hard. More of a MB issue really, but thought that should be brought up since I didn't see that in any of the reviews. * My last issue, which some of you might count as a blessing, is that it is actually hard to press the restart button! That means there will be no 'accidental' presses of it, by you or friends. It's rather small and you do need to push in more than the average one. It does not really bother me, since I'm not a heavy hard restarter, but I didn't see that in any of the reviews either (unless I missed it).

Overall Review: Overall this is the best case I have ever had in my life. It has a smart design that will leave you thinking what's wrong with all other case manufacturers. I'm telling you this case is worth every penny, if I ever build another computer, I will buy another one. If you want the version that has a side window, go for the PC-65 though, I didn't want that feature and saved a bit. There are no really bad things about this case, just a few technicalities that you can get easily around, it is a worth investment for your PC. ***You will not be disappointed!*** My System: - AMD 64 3700+ San Diego (Socket 939) - 2 x 1GB DDR400 Corsair Value Select - WD 74GB Raptor - MSI 128MB Radeon X800 PCI-E - ABIT AN8-ULTRA - Rosewill RP550 ATX 550W PSU - Optorite DD1205 - Thermaltake CL-P0200 Silent 938 K8 Cooler - Floppy Drive

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