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Fallout 4 (Steam)2/21/2021 9:24:11 AM

Pros: Better than expected after having played "3" and "New Vegas". A wealth of quest options and detailed overall graphics.

Cons: With few exceptions, NPCs have somewhat bland personalities compared to previous releases. Loading times when moving from locations is horrible, especially from inside a structure to the outside. I'm not sure if this is related to Steam settings or my own hardware / settings. Acer Aspire TC-865 - Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Intel Core i5 8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz - 32.0GB Dual-Channel RAM - 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030

Overall Review: Highly recommended, despite slow location loading issue.

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Good for Gamers?8/23/2020 10:31:35 AM

Pros: Cleans up gaming audio. Small footprint.

Cons: Had to re-install software to get it to work.

Overall Review: I just needed an external USB sound "card" because my GT 1030 graphics card covered the PCI slot on my desktop mobo. Don't know why the slots were placed so close together! After re-installing the software a few times I got it to work (Windows 10 64-bit), but ended up just using the drivers as the sound was just too "muddy". It seems this product was more designed to be paired with Sound Blaster headphones, which I didn't buy. It does seem to do as advertised in that it enhances the audio when I play Skyrim, but for other uses like listening to music or watching YouTube, sound quality is widely inconsistent. Overall, probably a good choice for Gaming when paired with the recommended headphones, or for laptop use. I rated it a "3 out of 5" but would not recommend it for other than gaming.

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Love them5/25/2020 3:11:13 PM

Pros: Light and quite comfortable. Surprisingly heavy bass and good overall sound.

Cons: The head band slides open as you put them on and grabs a little hair sometimes.

Overall Review: Nice little package with good sound.

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Never received headphone jack extension cord.5/25/2020 3:02:48 PM

Cons: Ordered in mid-April. Gave up waiting and ordered through another vendor a week ago. According to the tracking number, the item was delivered May 22. It wasn't delivered here as far as I know of.

Overall Review: Obviously there was an issue with this purchase. Stuff happens. Thankfully, It wasn't an expensive item.

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Nice Design5/1/2020 2:14:06 AM

Pros: Nice design, good looks, clear printing on the case, comes with hole for key ring, shaped to conform to thumb pressure.

Cons: Smaller than I thought it would be - hard to tell from the catalog though. All plastic - we'll see how it holds up over time. Would like to see larger than 32GB capacity, but still very adequate.

Overall Review: Great price and would purchase again.

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Fantom Titanium II 500 gb7/31/2007 2:01:06 PM

Pros: A breeze to plug in to Firewire & format (NTFS). Ran quiet, attractive case, plenty of space for the price.

Cons: Copied compressed rar files from another external over a 3 day period (@ 165 gb worth) without a problem. On the 4th day, I ran Windows checkdisk on it. When that finished, the power light started blinking red & the drive was no longer accessible. Was unable to recover any data & have (since) returned the unit.

Overall Review: Perhaps it was just a 'bad unit' as it seemed to perform well & was a great bargain... too bad. I have 2 other 250 gb externals (a different brand) and have had trouble-free operation for nearly a year. Ordered another 500 gb, but resisted ordering this one again.

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