6/17/2012 10:39:11 AM

Pros: @ (Cons: Might not have ALL the room to overclock that I would have had with the 2500K but totally makes up of the loss of 100-200 MHz by having the new architecture. Plus the HD 4000 graphics are an unexpected boon to my system.) LOL this guy doesn't know what he is talking about...... SB and IB are the same exact architecture. The only difference is that IB is 22nm rather than 32nm.

Cons: Price

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Asus's Bad!1/20/2009 9:12:41 AM

Pros: None, besides the few hours I was able to play and the 0% restocking fee. Not Ati, Asus messed up! Their forum has several pages of the same issues for this card and no solutions.

Cons: Unless you live in the North Pole, this card is not for you. The Glaciator heat sink is a joke. The fins are too thick and far apart. This card was getting up to 88c + @ load in the winter here in Phoenix. (I don't want to know what temps it will hit in the summer)

Overall Review: After receiving the card, installing, and booting for the first time there were artifacts through post, at the windows loading screen, and randomly at idle or load the card would crash. This problem was resolved by propping up the card with my wallet and cigarette box for 24hrs.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please contact our Technical Support Department at http://vip.asus.com/eservice/techserv.aspx and reference case number "NE303676" so that we may get more details about your system configuration and assist you in resolving these issues you are experiencing. Best Regards, ASUS Support Team
Don't be fooled5/8/2008 9:49:33 PM

Pros: This is an excellent laptop.

Cons: Keep in mind, laptop technology is changing so fast!

Overall Review: Someone doesn't know what they are talking about in regards to the last comment. 8600GT is better than the 8800GS hands down...

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Like a G7/23/2007 10:09:23 AM

Pros: G-Skill is very good ram as far as i'm concerend. I have never had a problem with G-Skill.

Cons: None at all...

Overall Review: A lot of people that write reviews are not very smart...

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