Not what I expected for the price4/15/2021 1:05:13 AM

Pros: * 5700u is a great mobile CPU* Really nice screen even if only 1080p* Feels of decent quality

Cons: * RAM Soldered on, so not upgradable* Power Brick that came with the laptop is faulty. Computer complains about it on boot* The complaint about power prohibits me from entering the BIOS on boot* Privacy blocker for USB cam is just a plastic slider and does not disable your web cam or mic (I can buy packs of these to stick on a webcam for a few bucks. HP/Asus have hard switches)* USB C charger is on the same side as the standard charger

Overall Review: The 5700u processor is amazing and exactly what I wanted for software development. However, I would have loved to upgrade the RAM like I could with my Azus VivoBook as 16GB is just barely enough for everything I have open for work. I was also a little bummed out that the switch to "disable" the webcam is just a plastic slide rather than a switch to terminate the cam like on the Envy x360. Once I booted the laptop plugged in to the wall, it alerted me the charger was low wattage for the laptop which is peculator as it is the official charger and rated up to 65w. I believe it is defective as it does not even seem to fast charge my phone. Luckily I have another charger that works for this laptop.For my work I tried to keep Windows Home installed and use WSL2 to run Linux but the bloatware that was installed with the laptop made me want to do a fresh install. Once linux was up and running I was depressed to find out the Bluetooth did not have stable drivers and the finger print scanner did not function at all; unlike my Asus VivoBook.In closing. The laptop isn't a bad laptop but does not really feel exceptional to an HP Envy or Asus VivoBook for the same or less money. Then deduct the lack of expansion for the ram it feels like a worse investment. Compound that with the luck of having a defective power brick found it hard to justify higher than a 3 star rating. Also for with my use case of primarily needing to use Linux (which I know is not common) I feel a decent amount of buyers remorse as I feel some of the competitors would have had better driver support out of the box

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Phenomenal board at a great price5/5/2017 10:28:21 AM

Pros: - Great overclocking potential - Memory speeds up to 3200 - 10 USB ports on the back panel - 10 SATA ports - Fan headers galore - Two RGB headers - Dual BIOS and Power/Reset/BIOS reset on the MOBO for easy benching and troubleshooting

Cons: - Do not like that the two NICs are not the same chipset. I see no added value in this but I guess it's options. - Don't care for the two soundcards. Since I have a SteelSeries Arctis 7, I have yet to use either of the soundcards and just leave them disabled.

Overall Review: - GSkill Ripjaw @ 3200 XMP profile works without manual tweaking. - Dual CPU fan points make setting up an AIO water cooler a breeze and can control pump and fans separately but still based on CPU temp. I am incredibly happy with this purchase.

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Caution for casual builders.6/25/2014 3:32:01 PM

Pros: Great performance for the price, quiet, and runs cool.

Cons: Suffered instable systems with this card; seems picky on other hardware. The power draw through the PCI-E seemed erratic. Would lock up on an Intel and Zotac ITX mobo but performed flawlessly on an Asus. Same results going between 450w, 600w, and 800w PSUs so I am assuming it draws the full 75w or more on the lane and the cheaper motherboards cannot handle it.

Overall Review: Fans do not exhaust out the faceplate of the card so you will need good airflow within your case. Height of the card is abnormally tall making it not fit in one of my ITX cases but unnoticeable in other situations. Tests for system lock ups were run with an i5-2500, i5-2500k, and FX ‑8350. Three ITX boards and two ATX. Results having the lock up seem to be consistent on "non-gaming" quality boards but the same boards ran stock XFX 7850s and 6950s just fine with the same setup. Technically this card should pull less power than either of the other two. I wish I had more time to figure this out.

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Better than I hoped for.6/25/2014 3:16:13 PM

Pros: Fast, quiet, and user friendly. DVD wizard will automatically set the printer on your network for you. So far has been better and more reliable than my HP printer. Eco Printing is fully customizable to whatever settings you want and some I never thought I could do.

Cons: Concerned that I should have just spent the extra money for a multifunction printer, but this is a speculative concern.

Overall Review: Before I purchased this, I was reading people talking about paper jamming and I was a little concerned. The instructions state you need to adjust the tray size in the hopper to letter or A4. If you try to shove the paper in the tray the way it ships, it will not fit and it will jam it up.

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horrible performance6/4/2013 10:03:17 AM

Pros: internal hardware is great for its price.

Cons: Internal antenna is weak for its class. HD Fuel can cause lockups or deny other devices access to the network. Noticed this using an iPad and a Samsung Nexus; my other devices could no longer use any network resource. Software is bloated and convoluted. Even the most mundane changes require to bounce or restart the device. Hardware is not compatible with Tomato or dd-wrt. May see if I can do a simple flash to boot off of the sd slot and try m0n0wall or pfSense but that may brick the device; I do not care at this point.

Overall Review: Palatable if you disable the qos and HD Fuel, then solder in some SMA Antenna Adapters and 3DBI SMA Antennas but the software is still lack luster. If you really want to give D-Link your money, buy a DIR-615 and flash to dd-wrt, it has a few MB of memory and a 400 MHz processor so its throughput is excellent. You just do not have the gig-E. If you need gig-E then spend the extra money for a DIR-835 I would not recommend any D-Link beyond one that you could flash from their stock software. The hardware is not bad but you can get comparable or better from Buffalo or Asus and their customer support offered no technical details of the device and only advised to reset to default settings which was what cause my devices to drop from the network every time my phone accessed the wireless.

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Incredible quality case.3/17/2010 4:34:01 PM

Pros: Great airflow, quiet, LEDs can be turned off for less ostentatious display, great space for cable management, and the back panel has extra space for extra cable management and anchors for zip ties. Extra components are incredible: Black screws, translucent rubber washers to minimize vibration and noise, mounts for 2.5" hard drives, air filters for the front panel grills, etc.

Cons: LEDs are red, which I like, but my mobo has all blue as well as many after market products. Handle is made of two different pieces of plastic which could leave room for integrity issues in the future but still seems sturdy. No fan speed regulation. Fans still use 4 pin molex which is harder to find and use on most high end PSUs.

Overall Review: Incredible value for the price and practically the most blissful system build I have had in a long time with all the extra room and anchors for cable management. I wish they sold extra side panels to get rid of the window; I do not need two 80mm fans on it nor do I care about people seeing the components 90% of the time and extra I would like to minimize the exposure to scratches. Compared to my friends Antec Nine Hundred, its a great buy, easier to build and upgrade later and seems to many to be more esthetically pleasing but the Antec has blue LEDs and a dial to control fan speed. After the first 30 days fo use, we both voted for the Storm Scout.

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9/28/2007 10:43:00 AM

Pros: Great value for the size of the hard drive. Sleek and whisper quiet with numerous vents for proper cooling to allow it to stay on and active for long periods of time.

Cons: Hard Drive died 8 months (of ever day work day going from work to home) into owning it. Last two months where shaky where a blinking red light would flash on the drive rather than post on some power on attempts.

Overall Review: Good drive but misrepresented as portable when it probably should just be considered external. The amount of stress mine went under was probably more than was intended. If yours does die SimpleTech does not offer any data restoration services.

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