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Best, quietest, and most modular case I've ever had.4/16/2019 8:06:03 AM

Pros: Incredibly quiet, but without sacrificing airflow or cooling. Roomy interior, with positively excellent cable management. Seemingly infinite customizability: can configure the case to be many different layouts and orientations. Side panels are extremely easy to remove, and put back on. "German Engineering" Just plain cool-looking.

Cons: Other reviewers said it would be 'complicated'... and it sure was. Tempered Glass panel is fixed rather than hinged. "German Engineering".

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this product to anyone interested in a full tower with clean and attractive (display quality) interiors. The features are also very nice (3.1 type C, Qi charge pad, dedicated RGB button, etc.) and I doubt anyone would find this case lacking. Prior to purchasing, multiple reviewers commented that it was a chore to put it together. At that time I figured—because I wasn't planning on doing much by way of reconfiguring—that I'd be OK. I'm a relatively intelligent individual with some experience with PC building after all... I was wrong. This thing is a beast... I mean... hundreds of screws. Still having nightmares of ALL the screws. Plus, there is at least 1 screw 'death-trap': an area of rolled metal which has only one way 'in' and that was unfortunately 'down'... this means that at least three separate times I dropped a screw, it happened to just find that butter zone, and drop down into an area of the case that is literally inaccessible. Had to pick up the entire case, turn it upside-down and shake out screws. Not awesome... But all in all, I survived and the case is amazing, so I won't even remove a point. In terms of the reconfiguring that I did for my build, I moved the mobo cage down 1 of the 2 notches available, so that I could fit a dual 140mm radiator at the TOP of the case, and still have enough room for a 140mm fan at the rear. I also completely removed the optical bay drive in order to add a third fan (case comes with 3 very nice bequiet! fans, so I put all of them together at the front for unparalleled intake). Many people complained about the PSU shroud, and while it is STUPIDLY affixed in several places of the case (I guess they were worried about vibration/sound?) I actually don't mind the PSU shroud, and it makes the case look very sleek indeed. Connecting the front I/O panel and all the RGB and fan headers was actually fairly easy, and one of the BETTER laid-out instructions in the manual. Last thing I'll mention is to address the issue of side vents many reviewers complained about. YES, there isn't a single fan in this case designed to pull(or push) air DIRECTLY through a screen to the exterior. Instead, bequeit! has created what is actually a REALLY innovative vent "chamber" around all sides excepting the back (so, top, front, and bottom). Many people were concerned that this design (which is clearly in order to cut down on noise, and which very much succeeds in this regard) would impact the cooling ability, but oh my goodness no. It somehow manages to have insane airflow while still muffling soooo much of the fan noise. And they're not really noisy fans to begin with, even when revved up above 80%. Throw in the fact that the front door literally opens up to have the front intake (in my case) fans directly open to the air, if I ever needed to get some unrestricted airflow, it's as easy as opening that front door. Haven't had to do that yet though. This is the first time in my life I've placed my PC case on my workstation rather than on the floor, and I was admittedly paranoid about the noise. I can say bequiet! ABSOLUTELY delivered on the quiet. TL;DR If you're looking for a top-of-the-line PC builder's case with excellent airflow, customizability, and unparalleled noise reduction, and you're willing to endure a NOT INSIGNIFICANT amount of frustration in the actual case reconfiguring... this case is fantastic. And it just looks so freaking cool.

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