Great Cooling Solution, Easy Install2/22/2014 7:15:18 AM

Pros: This is a great liquid cooling solution.It hits the sweet spot when it comes to cooling performance, low noise, ease of installation, and price. I hit low 30's when idle with my i7-4770K. Mid 40's-50's when gaming OC'd or doing other cpu intensive tasks.

Cons: - The warning sticker on the CPU cooler was difficult to remove. - You can't connect the USB header until after you install the software. After I had the rest of my system built and running, I had forgot that I needed to connect this after installing the driver. - Not really a Con- but I wish I could connect it to my video card as well. I'm going to look into the KRAKEN G10 for that.

Overall Review: This is a fantastic liquid cooler. Take your time installing this cooler, don't rush it- I'd estimate it took me around 30 minutes to install. The directions are quite good, but I watched a few YouTube videos because there are considerations not covered in the directions, such as how you want to mount this in your case. I installed this in an NZXT H440 (top mounted), with the cooling tubes towards the front of the case. Tips: - Mount the fans to the radiator before you put it in the case. - Pay attention to the orientation of the logo on the cpu cooler. - The thermal paste included on the cooler works well. No need to use something else.

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Great motherboard for a very nice gaming build2/21/2014 5:25:01 AM

Pros: I am a big fan of MSI mother boards because of value and ease of overclocking. I was thinking about going to another vendor, because the last MSI board I built on had some over heating issues due to the south bridge. However, I read the reviews here on NewEgg, and decided to go with this board- it seemed to be the sweet spot for features and overall value. I'm glad I did. Fresh after building my system, here are some thoughts: Pros: - The overall layout of the components on the board is visually appealing. - The caliber of components seems solid (ie, "Military Class"). - Has plenty of Sata ports (8) - Overclocking capability is great via BIOS or software - It detected all my components without any issue, including PC 2133 RAM that I was a little concerned about - Plenty of USB 2 headers - Easy to install a water cooled solution over the CPU - Good layout- most of the jumpers are on the edges of the board, so it promotes good cable management

Cons: - It would be nice to have a few more USB ports on the back panel. Many gaming keyboards are using 2 ports now days. I also have 2 USB 3.0 drives that I need to connect. - Not really a con- just something to be aware of. The USB 3.0 header was difficult to connect due to the 90 degree angle. I recommend you connect this before screwing down your motherboard. - I had to download the Killer Ethernet driver from MSI, because it wasn't included on Windows, and another reviewer said to get the one from MSI's site rather than use the disk.

Overall Review: System Built: MSI Z87-GD67 I7 4770K Kraken x60 NZXT H440 Case MSI GTX 780TF OC Video 16 GB GSkill 1.5v PC2133 RAM SAMSUNG 840 EVO 256 GB SSD I think this is the best MSI system I've built to date. MSI is listening to gamers. I am very happy with the quality and feature set and will continue to buy MSI.

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Great bang for your bug...7/29/2012 12:13:11 PM

Pros: Great price, slim profile, compatible with Mac. I was considering other burners but this one seemed to fit the sweet spot of good features, known brand, Mac compatible, and of course the great price. If it weren't for the Newegg reviews I probably wouldn't have purchased- glad I did.

Cons: Doesn't come with Mac software (but who can blame them- Apple doesn't officially support Blu-Ray).

Overall Review: Worked right out of the box. I recently upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion and had no issues whatsoever. I am using Toast Titanium 10 for burning the Blu-Ray discs. So far I've only burned the 25GB (Single Layer) and it's been fine. I also verified the data disc worked on my PC without any issue. Many reviewers have stated this, also why I decided to get this drive over others- only a single USB port is needed, at least for my 2011 Macbook Pro. You can't go wrong at this price. Other comparable drives seem to be well over $100.

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Great power supply!11/25/2009 9:17:38 AM

Pros: A high quality power supply with a TON of connectors. This is undoubtedly the best quality PSU I've ever purchased. Installed perfectly, and I still have a lot of extra connectors.

Cons: The cables are high quality, but that also means they are thick and take up a lot of space. If I had more drives I don't know how I'd fit everything in my mid tower case. I wish it had a blue LED light to match the rest of my system.

Overall Review: Plenty of power for all my components: Core i7 920 6GB OCZ DDR 3 1600 Memory ATI Radeon 5770 (HIS) LightScribe DVD DL RW Two mirrored external USB 1.0TB drives 640 GB WD Black 4 system fans 2 fan mods for extra cooling 8+ USB devices NZXT Apollo Case MSI Pro-E x58 motherboard

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Seems to be working now...11/23/2009 12:53:14 PM

Pros: - Decent price - 6GB- plenty of memory, and Windows 7 x64 can use it all. - Seems to perform well once it is configured properly

Cons: - Worked out of the box without tweaking, but a week later I was getting blue screens and cryptic event logs. - Ran memtest and it said I hard errors, and recommended I replace the memory. Started to do RMA with NewEgg, but I thought I'd check the manufacturers website first. I searched for my motherboard (MSI Pro-E X58) and saw that you need to tweak the bios a little bit with some custom settings that include changing the timings manually, along with the voltage. Once I updated per the site's recommendations, I re-ran the memtest and had no issues. System hasn't blue screened since. - Took off 1 egg since I had to go through a little hassle configuring it, but otherwise this seems to be fine memory.

Overall Review: - Seems like good memory once you get it tweaked. If you are having problems, I recommend you check out the ocz site and do a search on your motherboard to see if you need to do some bios configuration like I did. - Keep the packaging for a bit just in case you can't get it working and need to do an RMA. - Flash drive is a nice bonus.

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Meh.11/14/2009 9:12:30 AM

Pros: - This came bundled with my HIS 5770 (free) - I'm sure I'll find a use for it

Cons: - I was trying to use it initially to assemble my computer and it was aggravating so I switched back to my normal screwdriver. - Battery for led light didn't work (I removed plastic guard). - The screwdriver bit fell out easily. - The magnetic screwdriver bit didn't work very well.

Overall Review: Nice thought, but you will probably not want to use this when assembling a computer. The screwdriver bit doesn't hold a screw on the tip very well, and they tend to fall off easily. I'll keep it in the junk drawer for an extra screw driver when needed so it will get some use, but I won't mind if I lose it.

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Great board but IOH runs HOT!11/14/2009 9:04:29 AM

Pros: - Lots of great features - MSI... known for ease of overclocking - 3 USB headers - Nice layout of board in general - I love the easy reference motherboard diagram it came with - Power button on the mboard - nice touch when first getting your system up and running - Led diagnostics on the mboard makes it easy to figure out if something is wrong

Cons: - IOH Heat!!! I saw the negative reviews about the IOH running hot. I thought surely MSI would have fixed this by now.. but nope! Mine ran at 83 celcius out of the box, running idle. That is almost hot enough to cook on. According to MSI forums the best solution is to pull off the heatsink and scrape away bad MSI "gunk", and then re-apply thermal compound. This requires a lot of patience and time, but seems to lowers the temps to 30-40 C. I haven't done that yet, but was able to get a small 50mm fan and stick it on with some aluminum tape I had laying around. This lowered the temps by 10 deg celcius, so now I'm running in the 70's. Still quite hot! Not sure how long this board is going to last me with those kinds of temps but Intel says it's within spec so long as it stays under 100, so maybe I'll be OK. (removed 1 egg) - The SATA connections are on the edge of the motherboard and face 90 degrees. Makes it tough to plug in cables when adding components later.

Overall Review: I've been running MSI boards for years. Have always been happy with the support and quality, and capability for overclocking. Even with the heat issues I'm still glad I bought this board, I think its better than the competition.

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Decent Case but some cheap plastic11/14/2009 8:53:35 AM

Pros: - Great overall look, reminds me of a cylon (from BSG) - Cool and Quiet (two good case fans) - Easy to install drives with toolless design - Plenty of room, decent price.

Cons: - Cheap plastic "toolless" design on the PCI slots. Easily broke when I went to install my Radeon 5750. I couldn't get the card in without removing them, and they broke and left small holes above the case which I had to tape up to cover. The pieces broke off into microscopic bits that ended up who knows where in my case. None of the screws that came with the case fit the holes that bolt down the card. (removed 2 eggs for this) - I've spent less money for sturdier cases with toolless designs.

Overall Review: It's a good case to get but be really careful when you are installing PCI (especially graphics cards). I spent over $1100 on components to build a new i7 machine, and it was a bit of a downer to have issues (this was the only thing I had problems with). It's possible there is something in the manual about how to avoid damaging the plastic pieces above the PCI slot, but it's not intuitive if so. I'm slightly regretting that I didn't spend a little more cash for a better case, but that's where I chose to scrimp.

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Good drive for the money11/8/2009 6:30:39 PM

Pros: Purchased this drive a while back when my Seagate drive (a 7200.10 500GB) started getting SMART errors and I needed to copy off files. This drive came through for me and offered a fast USB copy though I couldn't get all the files off in time (but got the ones that mattered). recovering a disk with a physical issue costs $1500 on the low end. With my particular setup I get around 30MB /sec copy speed. I purchased an additional drive so that I could mirror it (using a simple xcopy batch file script to do nightly backups).

Cons: The drive takes a little bit to spin up sometimes. The second one doesn't seem to have that issue, and the blue LED light is slightly brighter. Makes me wonder how good the quality is, and how long my drive will last.

Overall Review: Seems to be a pretty good drive overall, no issues so far. I would recommend it, but buy 2 just to be on the safe side- you don't want to depend on a single drive for all your data. Don't learn the hard way like I did!

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Great card, great price3/11/2008 11:39:52 AM

Pros: - The best priced 3850 I could find. - Very silent fan, card seems to keep cool - Handles HD video very well - Scores a 5.9 on Vista Experience for video, now my highest score. - I am not a PC gamer, so I can't comment on game performance. However, there are plenty of reviews from PC gamers on here- check those out.

Cons: - HUGE board. It was longer than my motherboard was, luckily I had enough room in my case. It also takes up two slots. My case had a "screwless" bracket I had to remove to fit in, but I was able to put the bracket back in after installing. - Says it requires a 450 W or higher power supply with a 6 pin connector. I got it working with my 400W, and it comes with an adapter if you don't have a 6 pin connector- as long as you have two free "normal" power cables you can get it working. This is probably not ideal- I plan on upgrading my PSU soon. - The fan on the card makes it ugly- but if you don't care about aesthetics (as I don't) that's not an issue.

Overall Review: I went from a GEForce 7300 LE to this card for the purpose of viewing HD on my Dell E248WFP 24" monitor at 1920x1200 native resolution. Probably overkill, but the card works great for that purpose, and displays the video without any issue, whereas the GeForce could not. The board has an onboard "Unified Video Decoder" that decodes HD DVD / Blu Ray that also lowers cpu utilization. It doesn't seem to do anything for MPEG2 decoding, however. My cpu (core duo 1.8 ghz) hovers at about 30% when watching a high-def MPEG2 encoded video.

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