Review of ABS Computer Technologies Desktop PC N Series Basic B5467-410/21/2016 3:25:24 PM

Pros: I've been looking to get a basic yet current-ish PC to replace my parents' 10 year old tower, and this fit the bill exactly. It has all of the basics needed. - An SSD with decent storage (no HDD necessary for our needs). From power up to desktop is a mere 15 seconds! - Slim profile, allows for greater functionality. Can rest on the ground in your office, or simply on your desk, horizontally or vertically. - integrated graphics that play youtube videos with no problems or stuttering. Basic gaming possible as well. - Solid performance from a good intel i5 quad-core processor, and 8gs of ram make multitasking easy. - Lightweight tower, and the build quality looks good. - Windows 7 Professional comes included, as well as recover disk. - Very quiet fans. The hum of our speakers are louder than the tower itself!

Cons: The mouse/keyboard that come included are a little cheap, and the cables are a little too short. Small gripes as we didn't end up using them anyways.

Overall Review: This isn't a gaming rig, but a low-profile card could be added if necessary. Still, the integrated graphics play games like Dota 2 and Hearthstone just fine. For my parents, they care more about reliability and solid performance for web browsing, watching videos, and office software. This fits their needs exactly. Too many major competitors like Dell and HP don't offer SDDs at this price. Got ours on sale for $540 after shipping and tax and felt that was only maybe $100-150 more over building the PC myself. Worth it compared to the cost of time and labor.

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Not Upgradeable Office Workstation7/14/2015 8:26:18 AM

Pros: Purchased this tower for what I hoped to be a budget gaming PC. I didn't want to go the full build route, and just wanted a prebuilt that I could add a few components to. Now, the PC worked fine as delivered. Quick boot up, and windows ran well, but now we get to the negatives:

Cons: You cannot upgrade the components in this tower, specifically, the power supply. The power supply is a proprietary size and the motherboard uses proprietary connections, so you are stuck with the small (350ish) PSU. Anyone who is interested in adding a video card will be sorely disappointed when they realize they can't power it. Basically made this PC unusable for me. Also, had a lot of trouble setting up an SSD. Doesn't come with a windows install disk, and copy/mirroring the drive to the SSD doesn't work well. Had to use an install disk to set up the SSD, and still had partition issues.

Overall Review: Basically, this is an office workstation, not a consumer grade PC. Its meant to work out of the box, and not ever be opened, because you really can't upgrade it. It would be an OK purchase for those that are looking for that. I was disappointed however that this information apparent based on the description. No language stating it's a workstation, and no interior pictures to see the inside of the case.

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Disappointed. Poor speed7/10/2015 9:17:18 AM

Pros: Micro size, which I was looking for. Easy install/setup.

Cons: Performance was terrible. I couldn't understand why my 15 mb/s connection was only going 1-2 mb/s with this adapter. Plugged in my old adapter, which is 10 years old, and works like a charm. This new one couldn't keep up. Literally only 20 feet from router and this adapter simply cant get nearly the speeds it advertises.

Overall Review: It was so cheap I didn't bother returning it. I could see it being useful on a laptop that doesn't have a wifi adapter.

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Inexpensive case, first time builder7/10/2015 9:08:22 AM

Pros: Purchased this tower for several key reasons: Front facing USB 2.0 input, pre-installed fans, intake and exhaust, and cheap price. cared less about the color, style, or the blue lights, but they aren't negatives by any means. This was my first build, and things went rather smoothly. Comes with most of the screws you would need for your components. Both sides are removable for cable management. Fans are very quiet and there is a good amount of room to install multiple components. Worked great for just a basic gaming build.

Cons: Had a dent in the case out of the box, it is pretty minor. Doesn't come with any instructions, but this is a budget tower, so I can understand there were decisions made for cost savings. Had trouble getting some of the screws through the motherboard and HDD to secure to the case. Screw holes can be stripped if your screw goes in crooked.

Overall Review: Overall I'm very happy with the purchase. Some of the negatives are understandable considering the budget nature of the case. However, it was pretty easy to install everything. Again, great for basic builds, but bigger builds with more extensive/expensive components will probably want a higher quality case.

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Long Time User - Great Set6/30/2011 2:53:23 PM

Pros: Great sound quality with good range. Very comfortable while staying snug on your ear, I have no problems wearing these while exercising. I experience little to no discomfort from these, even if I wear them for several hours. Blue or silver cap color options available.

Cons: Little ticky tack stuff, like the cord can be a bit long and occasionally gets tangled, but some might see the length this as a plus. The cord can be put into your pocket or ran through your shirt if necessary. I would prefer the headphones to be split from the central cord in a Y fashion, as opposed to the current set up, but not a big deal.

Overall Review: I have owned these headphones since 2008, and I am currently on my third pair. I wear these extensively and primarily when exercising. Walking, jogging, running, lifting, etc, they stay snug around my ear while also being very comfortable. The only reason I am on my third pair is the pads begin to wear out over time, especially if you get sweat on them repeatedly like I do. Regardless, these are the most comfortable portable headphones I have ever owned, as I find earbud headphones to be very uncomfortable. If you have similar problems with earbuds, these work great!

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