free is not always free8/24/2014 12:37:57 PM

Pros: the computer will work well for video editing. Lots of hard drive and super fast

Cons: The computer was going to come with a free game. Watch Dogs. But then newegg charged me $59.99 for the FREE game. They don't even send a disk.

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Free is not free @ newegg8/24/2014 11:24:24 AM

Pros: The computer is a good computer for video editing. I'm not going to use it for games. 4 monitors are a great way to go.

Cons: Haven't found one yet.

Overall Review: Newegg sold the computer with a "Free" game. Watch Dogs. OK fine, I don't care about the game. But then they charge me $59.99 for the FREE game. Not only that, but you need to download it. That is not worth the price of FREE. Oh I'm sorry $59.99 then when I try to resolve the problem newegg rep tries to push off the problem on to the game manufacturer. Sorry but the contract is with Newegg and me. Be sure to look at your invoice and check that they don't charge you for free.

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3/2/2008 10:23:59 PM

Pros: Pros: Drives are good. NOTE. if you install these in a RAID, DO NOT USE JUMPER on pins 3 and 4. PUIS mode. If you are concerned about power draw like I am then this is your drive. See below. I now have 150 terabit of video storage for very large cctv system. 106 cameras. I can't tell how load they are, too many fans running in server room. Would run SCSI if I could afford to. Current Requirements Power Dissipation Read/Write 6.00, Watts Idle 3.3, Watts Standby 0.97, sleep 0.97

Cons: No cons

Overall Review: Wish they were as fast as SCSI drives. Some day they might away from the head cluster configuration. SCSI has 5 independent heads.

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3/2/2008 9:46:23 PM

Pros: Sharp picture, BUT see cons:

Cons: Cooling fan takes up the space of the next card slot. This is a problem if you need to install lots of cards. I used it for a enterprise video surveillance server. The unit can accept up to 1024 cctv cameras. Will use other board next time. Takes up to much valuable card space.

Overall Review: Description on web site says it incorrect. Comes with HDMI adapter. S-Video port, and an S-Video to component adapter. ..IT DOES NOT HAVE COMPOUNIT OUT PUT..

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2/26/2008 7:10:48 PM

Pros: Looks to be a good system. Power cables are good and long. Will reach every corner of the I-Star 4U server case. Has plenty of power plugs.

Cons: It comes with 3 LED's on pig tails 1 green, 2 amber. The only draw back is the status LED's don't have any markings to tell you what supply they go to if one fails.

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First build with this case2/25/2008 3:57:31 PM

Pros: Well built. Comes with extra hardware. Drive back planes look to be sturdy, but will they stand the test of time? If they are like the early versions that are around then it should holed up well. Hard drive cooling fans have high low switch. Improved from using jumpers. Can combine power between 15 pin and 4 pin with out damage to drive, or so they say. I won't test that on my dime.

Cons: manual is translated, but who cares. You should know what you are doing.

Overall Review: Wish it came with filters.

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