one failed immediately, one smart error after ~6 months5/30/2018 11:42:06 AM

Pros: exist in physical space

Cons: one was DOA, replacement worked for 6 months but is now smart erroring - catastrophic "end-to-end error"

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Michael, We apologize for the problems experienced with your BarraCuda drives. We would like the opportunity to talk with you to find an available solution. A support case (#09362675) has been created that will reference your review and our response. Please contact us directly using the following link: Best Regards, Seagate Support
Works; rebate scams, useless packaging1/15/2012 3:34:45 PM

Pros: Works, seems sturdy and well-made

Cons: Why put everything in pointless bag? Who carries around a PSU separate from a computer? It's a waste of money and resources - seasonic is saying to their customers "here, you throw this away". 1) Rebate scam - after 3 months got a letter from them saying I did one thing wrong, but that they didn't know what it was. I was encouraged to cut out the UPC again and send it in (it's a one shot deal, seasonic. I can't cut it out of the package again). It's just an opportunity for the company to keep a bit of extra cash.

Overall Review: Newegg should never include rebates in their list prices, it's unseemly. You're paying the full original price, you just have a 50% chance to get a small amount of money back several months from now. Rebates are great when the company cares, but otherwise it's an artificial way to lower the price.

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Cool11/5/2011 3:09:13 AM

Pros: Great cooler, super low temps on a 4ghz overclock

Cons: Your Mileage May Vary. It's a huge radiator, so unless you're ready to make some rough-and-tumble decisions in your case, you're not ready for this cooler. If you've got a Corsair case, I'd imagine your job would be pretty simple. But I don't fault Corsair for the design of other cases. Has it's own on-board speed/temp control, which is controlled by a button ON the cpu itself (yup, inside the case). After firmware problems with releases, they actually suggest you cycle through the settings with your ear to the fan to see if it's going faster. Just give me an RPM control in bios, or a USB connection or something.

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eVGA, your name in reliability11/5/2011 3:09:09 AM

Pros: eVGA products are always expensive, but worth the premium. You know you're dealing with an American company that stands behind it's products, unlike some competitors. This motherboard continues my experienc with evga's exemplary design and reliability.

Cons: The on-board ethernets are on the cheap side, so teaming is done with a 3rd-3rd party utility culled from the internet that does a poor job. Unlike my ASUS boards, I'm artificially limited to 3mb/sec even teamed. Hence, less one egg.

Overall Review: Find reliable brands that work for you (with stateside support; nothing against foreign manufacturers, but when you're deep into BIOS you don't want a website that doesn't know their "theres" from their "they're"s). eVGA is mine.

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Overclocker-rocker11/5/2011 3:09:05 AM

Pros: Despite years of tech ownership, this is the first CPU I've overclocked, and what a way to start. Without breaking a sweat (of course not on stock cooler) I've overclocked it to 4ghz with no stability problems and a peak temp of 62 degrees.

Cons: doesn't stop bullets?

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Great!!10/5/2009 9:19:23 AM

Pros: Really efficient cooling (around 30-40 degrees C better than stock), solid construction (real screws!! screw tool-less junk).

Cons: A little too much pressure with the clamp piece - had to bend it a bit to get the tiny screws to thread correctly. Way too much pressure as it was shipped - screwdriver shot up and hit me in the tooth!!

Overall Review: Though it's a big time investment, especially in a fully built machine, I really appreciate the use of screws and hard tools. It really gives you a solid hold that isn't subject to user error half as much as those esoteric tool-less options.

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Great, crystal clear sound4/10/2009 11:51:32 AM

Pros: Beautiful, analog-out sound. Didn't even need to swap out the opamps - the sound is crisp, clear, full and rich. It's exactly the partner i was looking for for my monitors.

Cons: Can't say for sure, but I think this might cause some anomalies in some game sound. The trade is worth it in my mind, as listening to music at its full potential is much more important than game sound, which is usually heavily compressed anyway.

Overall Review: Bought this to soup up my studio monitors. Music sounds amazing, 10x better than what I was getting from onboard sound or my creative 5.1 set.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Works well, only a few kinks1/14/2009 7:49:33 AM

Pros: It's pretty plug and play, fast speeds. I wouldn't worry too much about wiring issues with this new homeplug - I'm in a 175 year old house and I can watch HD video over these connectors. No phase coupler required.

Cons: Couldn't (and can't) configure them unless they are directly connected to the computer I'm running the config software on. I had to plug them both in to the computer, set up the options I wanted and then set them up in the house.

Overall Review: The documentation hasn't been updated to reflect new firmware - the doc makes it seem that if the blue light is anything other than solid your connection is not good; however the blue light is flashing constantly with network activity for me. As I said, this has not affected my ability to stream HD.

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Good solution9/26/2008 2:24:15 PM

Pros: Easy to install, comprehensive instructions, well designed user interface, lots of options and control

Cons: poor english on website and in manual, initializing takes several days on multi-gig raid 5

Overall Review: You're not going to get super high speeds with this one due to the limitation of the PCI bus, but it's a good option when you've got an old comp sitting around and want it as a failsafe storage solution.

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Cheap and works well9/26/2008 2:19:17 PM

Pros: Easy to install, works

Cons: could use better documentation (almost broke it trying to put it in before realising you just close the handle)

Overall Review: The fans especially probably won't last forever, but I got two (for two drives always ready in caddy) so I'll have the other one to replace it with.

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Stylish but not heat-efficient9/26/2008 6:44:06 AM

Pros: Great looking, geek-cred, adjustable to fit many sizes, flexible, soft to the touch, fits perfectly on a standard, skinny build

Cons: a bit bad for air flow on really hot systems, awkward "so what's newegg?" questions from attractive women

Overall Review: This is really for those lan-party geeks out there who are more interested in style than substance. For a bit cheaper, you could get a piece of cheese-cloth that would provide both warmth as well as adequate air flow. But of course, this is going to be one of the most interesting parts of your build, so it's oftentimes good to just go all out. Installation was a snap - with an adjustable strap on the back, it makes fitting any standard form-factor simple and quick. It holds up to extreme benchmarking, including heavy rain and all but the windiest of days. The only downside is the lack of efficient air flow - we all know that in today's world driven for performance, inadequate air flow can mean an overheated build and lost opportunity. In some ways air flow would be better without it all, but then the possibility of dust contamination is too great.

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Great, good price9/18/2008 1:12:00 PM

Pros: Really robust product. Lots and lots of control over the inner-workings, but never too techno-babbly for non IT-professionals.

Cons: I dunno, wireless networking in general is pretty spotty, but this product has always been the rock in my system.

Overall Review: Great for gamers and enthusiasts who want to learn and tweak.

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Cool? Ice-cold.9/18/2008 1:10:08 PM

Pros: Quiet and keeps my CPU at around 35 during peak loads. That's nuts!

Cons: hmmmm.... a bit hard to get on the chip, but that's more an industry-wide thing I think.

Overall Review: I was only able to get 3 out of the 4 clamps to fit in, but it's been running a year with no problems and it's still cold.

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Ignore the Rebates9/18/2008 1:07:47 PM

Pros: Great power supply, quiet, consistent, good company rep

Cons: Just ignore the rebate - even though they talk in this forum like they are more than willing to discuss a denied rebate, try to find a contact number or e-mail on the postcard that denies it.

Overall Review: If you ignore the rebate you've got a great product.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are sorry for the problem. We use a dedicated rebate house for all rebates and they are who sent you the postcard. They do have a website as as shown on the rebate form. As you suggest, we are more than willing to look into any rebate issues and correct them. Please post in the rebate section of our support forums at the link below. We will see that all legitimate rebate claims are paid. Thank you
External Link(s):
OCZ Support Forums
Good case, if a bit tight9/18/2008 1:05:41 PM

Pros: Looks nice, easy assembly, great fans, quiet

Cons: Gets a bit tight with dual-SLI and all the power supply cords flapping around. Not sure how to fix that, though, in a mid tower.

Overall Review: Very happy with it.

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eVGA does it again10/22/2007 8:27:43 AM

Pros: Great card in SLI combination, stays cool under peak loads, good configuration options, fantastic performance (72fps anyone?)

Cons: really fat, with two in SLI it leaves only enough space for 2 PCI slots on my board.

Overall Review: Can't go wrong with an evga nvidia card.

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Nice10/22/2007 8:24:46 AM

Pros: Nice board - good bios options, fast efficient onboard sound

Cons: A bit of trouble getting things to fit - north heatsink was a bit big for my large CPU fan - also, couldn't get all 3 pegs of cpu fan in at the same time. Some more bios options would be nice

Overall Review: Fast and efficient so far.

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Good & Fast10/22/2007 8:17:05 AM

Pros: Works well, fast loading of config pages, lots and lots of advanced options for tweaking.

Cons: 4 stars due to my experience with D-Link's adapter crapping out after 3 months, not sure what to expect as far as life for this product....

Overall Review: Good for advanced users, nice broadcast speed and range.

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