Good price for 1 TB7/13/2021 1:17:31 PM

Pros: The price, cloning software download included, easy installation

Cons: The link for the Acronis True image for Crucial given in the documentation will not get you the page you want. I had to go to the site map (for Crucial) to find it. But the download was easy and quick from there,

Overall Review: This is the second Crucial MX I've installed. The first was a couple years ago in a friend's machine. Installation was easy. Acronis cloned the old drive in very little time. It took less than 10 minutes from the time I started the program to the completion -- the source drive had been a much smaller Samsung with a clean install of Windows 10 on it. It is worth the price and I'd recommend it to a friend. Update: I still have this drive installed in my machine and it has done very well. I just installed one in a build for a friend and hope it serves him as well.

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so far, a good PSU7/13/2021 1:15:22 PM

Pros: Fully modular, Consistent power good price the motherboard cable was long enough to actually use the case's cable management.

Cons: the cables might be a bit stiff, but were not overly so.

Overall Review: I would recommend this PSU to others. It ran out of the box. It has plenty of connectors for most basic, budget gaming computers computers. One of the most annoying things is the 24-pin connector cables are often too short to effectively hide the cable in cases with a cable management capability. This one was long enough for a mid-tower case. I went with this PSU because of the price, and brand. I have an old EVGA PSU that is more than 10 years old -- closer to 15+ -- and it still works. I think this has a 7 year warrantee. For the price it's a good deal.

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happy with this CPU2/1/2021 11:17:46 AM

Pros: Good performance for the price. Runs on my MSI B450 Max motherboard well

Cons: None that I can see so far.

Overall Review: This replaces the Ryzen 5 2600. Eventually, the motherboard will be upgraded. I did update the BIOS on my mobo before installing this CPU. I tend to do this when ever I upgrade the processor but not yet the motherboard. I had no problem with the installation at all. My current computer build: Ryzen 5 3600, MSI B450 Tomahawk Max, 16 Gb Crucial 3200 sport, Gigabyte Radeon RX570, WD Black SN750 NVMe M.2 2280 1 Tb SSD, Corsair MX500 1 Tb SSD 2 Blu-ray drives.

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Good monitor for the orice6/19/2020 1:29:13 PM

Pros: This replaces an old Dell that was maybe 20" The screen is clear and easy to look at, great for old eyes. It tilts nicely and sits the right height on the desk for my husband. He is very happy with it. The price was good, and set up was easy. It also had all the cables included.

Cons: My Sweetie is happy with it so there are no cons here so far.

Overall Review: I consider this a good buy and would recommend it to others.

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Nice video4/15/2020 11:04:40 AM

Pros: Easy installation, 4 GB dedicated memory, 256 streamers, deep rich colors.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I bought this card to put in my husband's computer. It had an 5670 HD 1 GB card in it. We are planning to upgrade from an FX 6300 based machine in the next couple weeks to a Ryzen 5 . So am looking forward to seeing how well it performs then. For the price and the improved performance, I'm happy with it so far. Definitely would recommend this graphics card for someone who is not a hard core gamer.

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Nice board for a good price4/15/2020 10:56:12 AM

Pros: Full ATX format, easy driver installation. Did not need to update the UEFi BIOS for my Ryzen 5 2600 CPU. Comes with some nice utilities that include a controller program for the RGB LEDs on the board. It was also pretty easy to navigate the UEFI settings in both easy and advanced modes.

Cons: None that I can see so far.

Overall Review: I have used mostly ASUS and MSI MOBOs in builds over the years. I am pleased to see the improvement of the UEFi. I am running this board with a Ryzen 2600 CPU, GeForce 950 graphics (maybe the next upgrade), and 16 Gb Ballistix sport 3200. My machine is running very well with this board.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI motherboard! If you would like further technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Did the job with only a couple hiccups3/24/2020 11:17:55 AM

Pros: I have used the online Turbotax the last few years. Last year it cost more than a hundred bucks for their "free" service. But the taxes were well prepared. This year I thought I would try to pare down the cost by buying the package. In that I was successful. It was easy to use. I didn't buy the state option because my state has a site that allows you to fill out the forms needed free and file free of charge.

Cons: If you have royalties from an invention patent, it was not easy figuring out exactly how to report that income ... I did quite a bit of research before so was able to get that right in spite of the software. When the information was compiled and it was time to check things for accuracy, the software had me looping back through some responses without quite knowing why or how to clear up the problem. Turns out it was still trying to see whether to go with the standard deduction or not. Had I known that, it would have saved lots of time. Other than these issues, I was satisfied.

Overall Review: Pretty good, easy to use software for most taxpayers. It could be a bit less cumbersome at some points. It does help to research, before you start, any differences in your income that might change how or what you must report this year.

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Reliable product,10/18/2019 11:45:10 AM

Pros: I have used WD drives in almost all my builds for years. The drive worked, with no issues installing software. I bought this for an upgrade for my sister-in-law's computer. The upgrade includes a Ryzen 3 3200G, an ASRock B450M Pro 4 mobo, and 16 Gb crucial ddr4 2400, and a 650 W EVGA PSU. The drive was a good buy at a good price.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I would recommend this drive to others.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
worth the money and effort5/21/2014 11:36:59 AM

Pros: We used this cooler to build a computer for a friend so thought I might try it in my own machine. It keeps my AMD FX - 6300, mildly overclocked to 3.8 GHz, running between 27 and 46 degrees. The range of variation in temps by activity: 27-30 email, music, and a few utilities including disk/file scans at same time: 40- 46 during 2-3 hours of GW2 or other game. This cooler can be mounted in 2 different directions (for AMD users), is lower profile for narrower cases, and is quiet.

Cons: The documentation installing the thing might be better with illustrations one could actually see. The printed directions were adequate though.

Overall Review: The cooler may be lower profile, but does take a lot of space. It requires removal of the cpu bracket and replacement of the back plate so it's not the easiest air CPU cooler out there. But if you need to remove the cooler to do some work in your rig, it is a piece of cake putting it back into the unit.

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I like it!3/17/2014 11:33:13 AM

Pros: This is perhaps my 5th ASUS mobo. It installed easily, set up was easy. The UEFI BIOS is easier to switch from easy to advanced mode than others I have used. USB 3.0 header for case front panel. I used this board to help two teenage friends build the their computers for the first time. It is a good board for first time builders (and experienced builders too).

Cons: The Turbo EVO in the AI Suite (on support disk) does not install. The installer says it is not compatible with this model. Sadly, I really thought that to be handy for those of us who don't want to spend incredible amounts of time overclocking, or don't know a lot about it. Running this program helped me overclock my Phenom II x 6 1035T to as high as 3.4 GHz on the old board. Usually, I ran it at 3.2. Stock is 2.6 GHz. Otherwise this is a solid board and I am happy with it.

Overall Review: The board is a bit narrow for an ATX board, so supporting the edge while plugging in PS power and such is advisable. Has no eSATA port on rear of board if you need it. This board replaces an M4AGTD Pro/USB3.0 which showed signs of imminent failure. I tend to upgrade my computer incrementally so a new CPU for this board is due next, I think. Current set up: M5A97R 2.0 Phenom II X6 1035T CPU 8 GB PC 1600 DDR3 ASUS HD 6670 video card Samsung 840 EVO 250 GB SSD 2.5 TB Storage (WD 1.5 & 1 TB black drives) 2 optical drives and a hauppage HDTV PCI card.

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good enclosure1/26/2014 6:02:46 PM

Pros: inexpensive, easy to install, directions actually didn't read like gibberish (a rare thing these days), no unnecessary software.

Cons: Not really a con: If you plan to use it on an eSATA you may need a power adapter. This was not included, but for the price, I did not expect that.

Overall Review: I was a little unsure about the "tray" as it was just a frame. But the drive fit into it perfectly and once the drive was secured with 2 screw (included), it seemed solid. Also the heat dissipation is better with this enclosure than two others I have owned.

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good board for the money11/19/2013 5:10:28 PM

Pros: inexpensive, has internal connector for USB 3.0, fast, EUFI, expandability, was easily installled

Cons: Not sure yet how I like the EUFI bios on the the thing. Not really a con, but I have been building my own and family computers since 2002. And I am pretty comfortable with the old style BIOS setups. Board is a bit narrow for an ATX, (and seems "thin") so there is no support under the 24 pin PS connection.

Overall Review: This is an upgrade from an ASUS M5A78L-M LX Plus for my husband's work computer. I will be tracking performance for a while to see how well it does in a lab environment.

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works well11/19/2013 4:54:55 PM

Pros: nice heat spreaders, works as advertised, seem solid, good price

Cons: none I can tell as of now.

Overall Review: I bought this for a build for my mother. I have only just tested it as I haven't had it up and running for any length of time. But it was recognized instantly. It installed well on the test board.

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worked for a while11/19/2013 4:25:55 PM

Pros: Looks great, the downloaded program allows some customization of the LED flash sequences, fast at first, recognized by ASUS motherboard, and an MSI board.

Cons: I purchased this for my husband's work computer in April 2012. Until about a month ago, it worked very well at 1600. The computer crashed after testing everything from mobo to video card to drives I was able to find only that the machine would run with the full 8 gigs of ram if it was set to 1333 MHz. I was able to narrow down which dimm was bad.

Overall Review: I helped a friend build a gaming computer using the the Blue/orange version. The memory worked well for about a month, then one dimm died. I have used crucial memory in many builds since 2002, and have never had any of their stuff fail before. This memory was never overclocked, so I would not expect a faiilure of this sort from crucial.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Thanks for being a Crucial customer. We're very sorry to hear that our Ballistix Tactical Tracer modules let you down at all or caused issues. If you still need help, contact us at 1-800-336-8896. All of our memory product have a limited lifetime warranty and we're here to help. Regards, Crucial
Happy11/5/2013 3:32:34 PM

Pros: Price, 2ms response time, matte finish for screen with slick glossy frame, mutiple settings for brightness, 2 HDMI ports.

Cons: None so far, unless you need a DVI port. It does have a D-sub if you need it.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace a 20 inch Viewsonic that finally died. I paid less for this than that old one. This is a very light monitor so setting it up where it won't be bumped is a good idea. Settings for internet, reading documents and gaming are pretty easily set. No dead pixels.

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Impressive9/15/2011 2:51:19 PM

Pros: A six core CPU for $125.00. It arrived on time, in great shape -- no bent pins. This CPU rates a stock frequency of 2.6 GHz. It is running stably at 3.3 GHz with air cooling. I am using a Thermaltake cooler that I probably purchased for $30. Under full load the temp got as high as 55. I really like this CPU and would recommend it to anyone building on a budget.

Cons: It didn't come with chocolates.

Overall Review: I have been an AMD fan for quite a while. This is the 3rd CPU I have successfully overclocked, and is by far the most successful. Even a black edition Phenom II 555 didn't oc this much. This is my current config: ASUS M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 mobo, ASUS HD 6607 Video Card, 8 GB DDR3 (1600), WinTV-HVR card, and a 650 W PS. And this CPU, of course.

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