Neat Little Projector5/16/2015 4:26:24 PM

Pros: Extremely small, relatively quiet, low power consumption, supposedly long LED light life, powers on and off quickly, reasonably bright for such a small projector -- could be used with some ambient light on its brightest setting, nice contrast ratio, decent amount of picture controls, built-in media player is very handy for playing videos off a flash drive or external hard drive, tripod mount hole is great for setting it up on the run, decent remote, and comes with a nice fabric carrying case.

Cons: No zoom lens, focus wheel is flimsy, not a fan of the glossy finish, slight RBE (rainbow effect) though not horrible -- at least better than some other entry-level non-LED DLPs I've seen, black levels aren't the best, though compared to my CRT projectors, I wasn't expecting to be amazed. The projector's diamond pixels result in pixel aliasing, which is especially obvious when viewing a dot test pattern or fine details and sharp text. It's not too bad for movie watching or viewing from throw distance, and it seems to still yield around the native resolution stated, though in the resampling from square to diamond pixels there has to be a loss in resolution. Perhaps feeding it 1080p would lower pixel aliasing versus feeding it 720p or 800p material. I haven't investigated that in-depth. I would have preferred square pixels and feeding it native resolution for a 1:1 mapping and no resampling. It's my understanding the diamond pixel configuration allows the projector to be so small, so perhaps that's the trade-off.

Overall Review: At $300 I think it's a good buy of it lasts as long as advertised or frankly even half as long as advertised. While it won't be replacing my CRT projectors for serious home theater viewing, it's a neat little projector to bring on the run. I was thinking of getting the LG PF1500, though decided the refurbished PB63U was a much better value at this point.

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Not cool, Cooler Master!5/28/2010 4:38:53 PM

Pros: Pretty good construction, nice mesh around the cables to keep them protected, decent weight -- doesn't feel cheap, decent price.

Cons: There appeared to be heatwrap from some internal components making contact with the cooling fan causing it to make a horrendous noise when powered on.

Overall Review: I can understand defects in the manufacturing process. What I cannot understand is Cooler Master's incompetent technical support telling me in broken English to take the fan off and clean it (the fan wasn't removable from the outside so they had the wrong model) after I spent a good hour documenting the problem, including sending them pictures. I got no reply to my second email from them. I think that was the last Cooler Master product I'll be purchasing despite having purchased a couple of power supplies and a couple of external drive enclosures from them and being happy with the quality.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for any inconvenience. If the power supply is faulty, we will gladly replace it under warranty. You can do so via the ERMA link below. Respectfully, CMUSA Customer Support.
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