Paired with a 5600X11/26/2020 1:41:18 PM

Pros: - Easy to flash the BIOS without an actual Ryzen CPU using only a USB drive. * - XMP profile works flawlessy with my Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200. - Fan curves are easily configurable for any headers and can react to any sensor (CPU, System, etc..). - Had no issue for far for the VRM temps (Like some YouTubers pretend there is) ... Maybe it's only if you do a major overclock ?!

Cons: - We cannot modify the RGB patterns from the BIOS. Only from Windows using their application. (Coming from an ASRock MB which was only in the BIOS, I prefered the ASRock, because I only set it once). - Says we have to plug a 4-pin CPU power too, but after searching on the web, this is only useful if you do extreme overclock (with liquid nitrogen and stuff).

Overall Review: First AMD board coming from an Intel i7 7700 and so far, no issues ! You can see a preview off temps in the attached screenshot. Please note that my setup is inside a Fractal Meshify C with 2 intakes fans and 2 exhausts fans (one on top of my CPU cooler and one on the back of the case) with custom fan curves for the CPU and chassis fans. CPU cooler is a Corsair A500. Temperatures where tested while gaming (Warzone and Black Ops Cold War) and benchmarking with Prime95 using 12 torture test threads on Blend (Tried Small FFTs too and results didn't change much). * Flash process without an older Ryzen : You'll need a USB 2.0 drive (there's reports of USB 3.0 not working). 1. Download the latest BIOS from the MSI product page 2. Unzip it. 3. Rename the file to MSI.ROM (Be sure to have extensions enabled in file explorer). 4. Put in on the USB drive (formatted in FAT-32). 5. Plug the 24-pin power cable and the 8-pin CPU cable from your PSU (No CPU/RAM/GPU/Drives). 6. Plug the USB Drive in the USB port next to the Flash BIOS Button (the one on the lower-left). 7. Connect/turn your CPU switch power to ON. 8. Press the Flash BIOS button with a screwdriver or pen. 9. The board will start flashing red for about 5 minutes (if only a few seconds, that means it failed). You can see the flashing light from the antenna port. 10. Wait until the lights stops flashing after about 5 minutes = Process complete. 11. Unplug the PSU and continue installing the components.

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Simply amazing !11/26/2020 1:19:46 PM

Pros: - Runs fast. - Can support streaming on x264 easily while gaming (Tested with Warzone and Black Ops Cold War). - Does 70c max* (Paired with a Corsair A500). - Plenty of headroom available (Running about 35-40% in Warzone and Cold War even when streaming on x264 fast - 6000 bitrate).

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I'm coming from an i7 7700 so the difference is night and day regarding the CPU. I was near 100% of usage just playing Warzone before, now about 35-40%. However, I did not see a major FPS bump, but that was expected, because I only have a GTX 1060 6GB for now. * : Using the Corsair A500 cooler in a Fractal Meshify C with a configuration of 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans (one above the A500 and one at the back of the case) + custom fan curves, I keep under 70c even when the CPU is maxed out at 100%. This was tested using Prime95 and while gaming.

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