It's okay, for half off.4/22/2019 4:31:14 PM

Pros: Pretty comfy Great back support Good height

Cons: I've had it seven months and one of the arms broke off, I don't even use them, just to adjust myself. Which ties into the next problem, the arms aren't adjustable, so unless you're below average male height, you probably can't use them well.

Overall Review: I would buy this again if I wasn't willing to drop more on this type of chair.

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Garbage10/8/2018 9:29:46 AM

Pros: Might be better than some motherboards

Cons: Not enough power No software to customize the sound, only app specific and even that is severely limited.

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Great for the price10/1/2018 4:16:21 PM

Pros: Mostly good screen Good battery life Loud quality speakers

Cons: You can clearly see some detail lose with the screen.

Overall Review: There is a problem people have brought up with it corrupting SD cards, the first one I put in did die, but then I updated the tablet to current and tried a new one, Samsung EVO 32GB ($13), and it worked perfectly.

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Feels nice, looks nice9/29/2018 8:28:43 AM

Pros: Feels nice Multiple angles for setup Cover has a little pouch for various things Tablet fits snug, some other covers don't Comes with a little holder for a pen, plus a pen.

Cons: Can't think of any

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Lights work, nothing else though.8/28/2018 9:57:41 AM

Pros: Nice bright light, easy to set up.

Cons: Adhesive came off with the cover. Remote didn't come with a battery despite having one of those tabs you pull out to start contact. Remote didn't even work anyway. Battery holder got stuck and broke.

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