Solid but thin gaming laptop10/24/2016 11:22:52 AM

Pros: The is the smallest, lightest, full featured gaming laptop available from all of my research. Here is what I mean by that. It has a desktop level GPU, full voltage & cache notebook CPU, 2 replaceable DDR4 RAM sticks, 4 storage slots (2x 2.5" and 2x M.2) or you can use one less 2.5" and leave the optical installed. I put a blue ray burner in mine so I can do everything from one machine now. It plays games great with no noticeable throttling from what I can tell. I do think it will throttle under certain conditions, but it is not so bad that it causes and FPS drops or game play issues.

Cons: Not as good of cooling as the thicker gaming laptops out there More expensive than some similar laptops

Overall Review: This is my 2nd P35x, I had the V3 with the 980 a couple years ago and loved it. These are thin and run hot, but that is the price you pay. As long as it does not affect my experience I am happy. Getting 5-6 hrs battery on light usage is crazy awesome for a gaming laptop, especially one so small & thin as this.

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Near desktop performance that's portable!1/28/2016 6:05:27 PM

Pros: -keyboard is great, I love the feel and sound of it and I didn't realize how mushy membrane keyboards feel. Nothing better than a solid "click" when typing or gaming<br>-Screen is only 1080p (I use it with a 4k display when at home) but the colors, brightness and viewing angles are great. The 18.4" is nice too, since I am used to using smaller ones<br>-512GB ssds are very fast, about 6x faster than my desktop was for seq reads (over 3k MBps compared to 500MBps)<br>-connectivity is great, plenty of ports and the placement is good too<br>-CPU is very solid performer, clock for clock it performs better than anything else I have used. Mine undervolts very well and overclocks at the same time. It runs much cooler than previous gen CPUs I have used.<br>-GPUs are great, I'm using them at stock but I did fiddle with overclocking a bit for benchmarks.<br><br>-stock 3dmark FS over 16k, first attempt at overclocked was 17.5k, my best was 18.2k<br>-stock 3dmark11 over 18.5k first attempt at overclocking was 20k, my best was 21.2k

Cons: -Cost, it is expensive, but if you really want or need the portability you can't beat it. Lugging a desktop between rooms of your house or trips to friends or work, is just not possible, and if you could actually do it you would spend far more with custom everything to get it even close to as portable fitting inside a backpack.<br>-Power. You are limited to 330w which is the single biggest limiting factor in performance. While overclocking does show improvement, I am sure the system is going past the 330w adapters ability. It would have been nice if MSI offered a larger (say 400w or 500w) adapter that you could leave at home and only use the smaller 330w adapter when away. This thing "may" work with the dual 330w adapters out there (clevo?) but I have not tested. That would also be acceptable.

Overall Review: -I didn't want to list above, because depending on your viewpoint this could be a pro or con. The battery lasts around 2.5 hrs for my use, that was with sli enable and just surfing. I bet I could get 3-4hrs if I disabled one GPU and disabled some things. That is crazy good for a desktop replacement notebook in my opinion. I would guess for more intensive tasks you would only get about 2 hrs, and I would not recommend playing games on battery as that would only last maybe 30 mins to 1.5hrs depending on the type of game.<br>-The GT80 will be approximately the same performance in games as a heavily overclocked 980m SLI machine, so if you really don't need or want that little "extra", 980m SLI will be close enough for most folks. I would not recommend upgrading from 980m SLI for most users, as they just aren't that far apart to warranty the expense.

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Great budget gaming laptop9/7/2014 3:37:36 PM

Pros: Great GPU nice styling and not too flashy Has all the features a gaming laptop needs (1080p, GPU, options for more memory, backlit keyboard)

Cons: SSHD it comes with was lacking (took 3 mins to boot up every time, i never could figure out why) Only one 2.5" slot and no mSATA slots Screen not great quality, only fair

Overall Review: This is an awesome gaming laptop when you consider the price point. I got it for $889 at the time I wrote this but I see it went back up. I went from a top of the line monster (SLI, RAID SSD and RAID HD and 4 memory slots, $4.5k) to this to save some money. I had to change out the SSHD, I thought I could deal with it but I just couldn't. Once I put an SSD in the whole machine was fast and boot time went to 7 seconds (Win8 fast boot). The screen I can deal with, and with an SSD it flies in day to day tasks I am finding most of the games I play I can play at 1080p ultra or maybe dial down to very high. Honestly it outperforms what I felt a sub $900 laptop would do.

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