2 months in...7/29/2013 4:53:12 PM

Pros: It's small. For something this size, it sounds great. It will take a USB flash drive, so their really is a purpose for all those old 512mb/1gb sticks. I limit it to that because you can't navigate the file system. You just can't get to the music halfway through the stick without some manipulation. So with USB sticks, you make a mix stick, plug it in and leave it. Same with SD/microSD. If you want control, you use your iphone/android with aux cord and have at it. I use it in this config most of the time from my Android phone running power amp. I've used it at the beach, while working (building out attic), while hanging out on the back deck. In a small room, it is surprisingly loud... loud enough to have to turn down to talk over. I haven't had any of the problems that other folks have (internal connectors breaking/etc), but I took head and treat it with kid gloves. I live the aux patch cord on all the time, and don't worry about unplugging/replugging. I paid 19.99 shipped.

Cons: Well, it looks and feels cheap. There is no real navigation of devices, and I I haven't found any hacks or writeups as to how this thing does navigation. It appears to be top level file only, directories sometimes read (magic, I guess), and uses alphabetical or other order. You need to have the aux device up and running before you switch the unit on, or it may not pick it up (it does some kind of device scan, but that too is magic).

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It's a cable... works ad described2/14/2012 6:43:55 AM

Pros: I use it to connect LG Optimus T to my computer for data transfer. Works fine.

Cons: None

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Good, probs with USB connection10/27/2010 7:46:55 AM

Pros: Nice to look at, eSATA and USB cables included

Cons: One screw to hold the hard drive in USB cut out in front plastic panel was too small eSATA gives appx 3x USB 2.0 performance

Overall Review: I expected a bit better performance. According to SiSoftware Sandra, I am getting about 3x the performance on eSATA as USB2.0. Better, but not great. Further, the cutout in the plastic front panel was not large enough to allow the USB connector to seat properly. I was ready to RMA (had already received the RMA #) when I realized this. I needed to shave the top and bottom of the cutout very slightly to allow the USB connector to push all the way in. Only then could I actually use it as a USB drive. I am sure that some of the other reviews that say "non-functioning USB" had this problem. Finally, I got two screws to lock in the drive, but only one hole to put one in! Overall, a good drive for $13.. better than a plain-jane USB2.0 drive for 6. Fit and finish is better than the cheapies, too.

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Love it... so far....7/24/2008 1:58:49 PM

Pros: Lots of inputs ( I am using the component, Svideo and DSub). Screen is viewable from a wide angle, works as a wide screen monitor or a Hi Def video display, Looks nice. Price was great ($300), and there are no other monitors with this quality and these inputs at this price.

Cons: Setup buttons along the side are terrible Sound is terrible A remote for on/off/volume/input change would have been nice.

Overall Review: I got this monitor for use with software development, and as a 2nd HD display for my DISH HD receiver. It does both wonderfully. I bought mine at Sams with an extra 1 year warrant (two years altogether) after reading some reviews.

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